Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Colbi turns ONE!

Colbi turned one this past week, and I still can't believe it has been a full year since she came into our lives!
We had such a great time celebrating her birthday. We mainly had family there (except for a few close friends) because, let's face it, she had NO clue what was going on. And when you put our families together, it's quite large. HA! 
We worked really hard planning and getting things ready. A HUGE (and I mean, gigantic) thank you to my mom for all the help and work she did to make it so special. And another big thank you to my parents for letting us have it at their house!
A few pictures to document the day.....

This was the biggest success in my opinion. Our friends own a snow cone stand and let us borrow a machine to have snow cones! Everyone loved it and there were a few red, purple, and blue mouths running around during swim time. We even had wedding cake and pina colada flavors. Yummy!
Have you figured out the theme yet?!
(Finding know, Just keep Swimming, just keep swimming)
 Memaw and Dave's Aunt Karen even drove in for the event!

One of Colbi's favorite things to do is empty out anything! I figured she would have loved present time, no such luck though. She was way over stimulated.

And she wasn't quite sure about the cake thing either. Daddy finally did a karate chop with her hand into the cake and she dove in.
Nothing I can say could EVER explain the amount of love we feel for you. You have brought more happiness and joy into our lives than I could ever have dreamed. Your smile, laughter, curiosity, and sweet spirit fills my heart with so much love I often think I couldn't love you anymore than I do. But then, you do something else and my heart just continues to grow.
On your birthday, I took a few minutes to just reflect on the day you were born. I couldn't wait to meet you, neither could your daddy. He was beyond ready to meet you, hold you, see your face, and just love on you. We were scared, happy, and excited all at the same time. Neither one of us ever imagined our lives could be as wonderful as they were once you entered this world. The pure miracle of your birth is something I will forever be grateful for and thank God for daily. He has blessed us beyond measure and I hope you know that he made you just the way you are. He gave you special gifts and talents that suit you and your personality and as you discover these, I hope you use them in the way he intended.
My wish for you is that you stay true to yourself and always listen to that little voice in your heart that tells you what is right. That little voice is so very important. You are unique, beautiful, and hold great value. Never ever let anyone make you feel less than what you are. Always be kind, love yourself, and know your worth (your worth can not be found in any man, friend, or material possession). Live your life for the Lord and the rest will fall in place, it always does.
We love you Colbi Morgan. You will always be that little baby who entered this world at 1:06pm on July 19th. I can not imagine my life without you. This has been the very best year of our lives and I look forward to so many more wonderful memories in the future.
Love for ever and always,
Mommy and Daddy