Friday, October 25, 2013

Being a kid is so fun!

The innocents of a child is so freeing and pure. I wish life could always be as carefree and happy for Colbi as a Friday morning stroll.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A weekend outside

It has been beautiful weather the past few days, so we decided to spend some time outside. Colbi loves to be outside (like pretty much every other child) and luckily, we had a few activities to do.

Our city was having a fall festival, and I scored some awesome new necklaces for pretty cheap. Colbi rode around in her stroller and was happy as could be. I was going to take her the park, instead we stopped off at a nice little scenic place downtown. 

Flashback! Last year she was just 3 months old!

This was across the street from a firehouse and they had a call while we were taking a stroll, so she got to watch the fire truck and ambulance light up and ride off. She wasn't sure what to think. 
I also took her along for a stop at Hobby Lobby and Ross. She was so thrilled. 

And then, this morning we got up and went to the State Fair!
I'm so glad we woke up early and went because it got SO crowded.

We saw lots of animals.........
And walked around........
"Hey, that guy is really tall!"
Is it just me or does Big Tex look tanner than before? 

We ate some, but not a ton.  We mainly went because we scored some free tickets and Dave hasn't been to the fair in over twenty years. Can you believe that?!

We went to the fair every year almost growing up, so I'm hoping we keep that tradition going in the Petty household. Although, we by pass the rides.Not because they are a waste of money (in my opinion), but because they make this Mommy WAY to nervous! 

Hope you got outside some time this weekend and enjoyed this awesome Texas weather!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thoughts for Tuesday

I don't know any women who read blogs who do not follow Kelly's Korner. She recently did a post about being Faithful. Did you read it? If not, go here.

I find it interesting that she hits on so many different points about what God calls individuals to do that don't seem "grand" or "as important" as the things other's do. It's definitely true. I find that labels, even in the church, happen all the time. 

There seems to be a new wave of thinking among women lately, mostly encouragement, which is a good thing. I often find myself comparing my life/talents/gifts to other people in my life (friends or co-workers). I think it's natural. We look at other people and say "if we were only like this" or "if we dressed like this" blah, blah, blah. It's Satan at work and pulling at our hearts telling us we aren't good enough. 

I've decided, on days where I feel indifferent about being me or feeling insignificant because I don't volunteer to do anything and everything, I remember that God gave me my own sets of gifts and talents. I may never make a million dollars doing hair because I simply do not find it important to charge an arm and leg for a haircut. I value experience and people more. I look at opportunities to build relationships rather than just another client. And you know, that's OK.  

I'm pretty much in a transitional season of my life. Finding out what my 30's is all about. I will tell, I'm learning that true friendships rise above the "just for show"  ones, that looks and how you dress says nothing about who you are as a person, and that the most important thing in my life is my family. 

Sometimes, showing grace and compassion is way more important than earning a quick dollar or ignoring those in your life who need it the most. And, bottom line, God uses us all to make the world go round. 

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."
-The Help

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pops babysits

Pops came to spend some time with Colbi Saturday while I was working and Dave was moving his parents. They had a load of fun (I'm quoting him on that!). She is a busy bee lately! She is everywhere all the time since she has started really walking. And, we are working on saying 'Pops' but she is close!

Right before I got home, she had crawled up in his lap and surrendered to her inability to play anymore. Its moments like these that fill my heart!

Thanks Pops for watching her!!