Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10 Months Old


I still can't believe you are two months away from your first birthday. How can you be 10 months old already! We just brought you home from the hospital not long ago......

Weight: 17.7lbs (17%)
Height: 29inches long (80%)

You are one long, skinny girl! You wear 9-12 months clothes depending on the type of clothing and size 3 diapers.

 You are a busy girl! Crawling is your new favorite thing to do all. day. long. You're pretty fast too! I used to be able to put you down and get something done but you now follow us where ever we go. You're so close to pulling yourself up. You sit on your knees and have pretty good balance. I don't think standing on your own and cruising is far away.
 You love to clap, for us to sing songs, take baths, and STARE. You will stare at everyone and everything, just taking it all in. Strangers aren't too great for you. You really have to warm up to people before anyone new holds you or touches you. I like that quality, that means you're cautious like Mommy!

 You may quite possibly be the happiest baby ever. You wake up happy and pretty much stay that way all day long. Although, being so busy and all, sometimes you get cranky about naps because you don't want to miss anything. You still take two naps a day and they usually last anywhere from 1.5-2hrs each.
 We are moving you to strictly table food. The transition has been good, but we do still feed some purees. You like pretty much everything except peas and squash. We will eat waffles, toast, oatmeal, yogurt, donut holes (don't judge!), but your favorite thing to eat are puffs (good since they offer no sort of nutritional value what-so-ever). You also like goldfish, eggs, cheese, and lots of other fun things you get to eat at Jenn's house.

I must say, Jenn (your sitter) LOVES you. She says you brighten her day with your smile and easy go-with-the-flow attitude. When I keep you at home sometimes, she gets sad because she says her day doesn't feel complete without you there.

 You are usually in bed at night about 7:30pm and sleep till around 6:30ish. But you can play in the morning time for awhile before we have to go get you. You love to talk and sing. Sometimes Mommy just listens to you because it makes her smile.

You can say Mama, Dada, ba ba, and hi. You also say Awa a lot. We have no idea what that means but Daddy thinks you just happen to know about the blue people in Avatar and their "Tree God". Mommy isn't sure about that one.
You are such a fun, loving baby and we just love you so very much. I still can't believe you're ours! I thank the good Lord daily for you Colbi Morgan!

Daddy & Mommy

Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Fun

I love three day weekends. Mainly because Dave gets off and that's one more day we get to spend together!

(This is what our Monday Memorial Day morning looked like. Are they not twins?!)

 Because I hate the new Blogger and how it uploads pictures, this is completely out of order. Oh well.
This made me happy, happy, happy!
I've been doing really well still with my "lose this last ten pounds goal" I've set for myself. I haven't seen a huge drop in my weight, which is typically the first few weeks of working out, but I have seen a huge difference in how my clothes are fitting. Now, if I could just stay away's my weakness.

Now, back to the real stuff.

Dave worked really hard trying to get the whole fence replaced this weekend. He did well, just didn't get to finish the whole thing. With on and off rain Saturday and a break Sunday, he woke up this morning and almost got finished. Hoping to get the other side replaced finished by next weekend. Until then, our HOA can deal.

A few cute pictures of us and Colbi. Have I mentioned lately how much fun she is and what a happy little person she is? No? Well, she is! My favorite little person!

We celebrated part of our Memorial Day weekend at my parents. Mom made the best chicken wrapped with bacon and brown sugar pieces. Yum-o! We always eat good stuff with them.

We tried to get this cutie patootie in the water.

She is in this take everything off my head stage. It's not making Mommy happy at the moment. Sunglasses are a great accessory Colbi!

It was a little chilly still and she wasn't exactly sure what to think. She cried some and got out shortly. But, we did get her in the water and I think she will like it this summer.

And then it was time for a nap!

Hope your weekend was filled with family, fun, and you took a moment to remember what Memorial Day is all about!

 Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I've learned thus far in my Mommy journey...

I decided to link up and share what I've come to know in the past 10 months as a new Mommy.

I really like this Build 'Em Up series Kelly is doing. And I really like this topic. 
{I also realize this was suppose to get posted yesterday. Oops!}

The topic is being confident in your choices as a Mommy. I'm not really sure I'm the best to talk about confidence as I research almost everything. HA!

I will say, when Colbi was brand spankin' new, I worried. A LOT. It wasn't so much worried like, I didn't know what to do, it was more worry about outside factors. You know, people not washing their hands before they held her, her getting sick, her crying/being upset and me not being able to calm her down. All the normal stuff first time moms worry about I think. I was (or still could be) super OCD about my kid. I'm okay with that. Because I'm her mother. Not anyone else. And, I have to give a shout out to my sister for always listening to me in those first few months about silly things and not making me feel like looney bird. Thanks JP!

Before becoming a Mommy, I never really understood how mommies just "knew" what their kids needed, what their cries meant......but, obviously, now I understand. I can be a bit of a control freak. My husband laughs at me. Some people might judge me. I don't care.

On one hand, I'm a total must-be-in-control kind of mom and on the other, I can be a roll-with-the-punches type of mom. I think it depends on the environment and people. I think you are more comfortable with certain people around your child than others. I try to not worry about the "what ifs". It's really hard though.

My point is, I'm not always confident that I'm acting the right way or always doing the right thing.....but, I am confident that I'm the only one who loves Colbi like I do. Like a mother can. Dave and I try to make decisions based on what we think is right. We ask for advice when we need it. Sometimes we take it, sometimes we don't. And, that's okay.

I think it's all about what's right for you and your child. I really try to not judge other people's approaches or parenting styles. Not everything works with every kid and it's not always easy. CIO works for some, other's not. Some can nurse for a full year, some can't. Some swaddle, some don't. Pacifiers, no pacifiers. Awwweee, the choices!

I've also been SO much more sympathetic to the mom of the child screaming in the grocery store. Funny how babies can change that for you!

I think as long as you, the parent, feels good about how you are raising your child that's all that matters. Pray about it, research it, and stick to your guns if you're passionate about what you decide.

By the way, have you seen 'Parental Guidance'?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fitness & Hair

This has become my favorite new app.

I'm sure a ton of you use this app. I've used it before in my weight loss journey, and I got really serious about starting to use it again.

I have 10lbs I want to loose. That's it! But, as I've found, once you have kids it's ten times harder to find motivation to exercise along with the time. Before I had Colbi, I could go spend two hours at the gym a day and it was awesome. Now days, I'm lucky to get in a 30 minute run. Your priorities change. I'd rather spend my spare minutes with her. Sleep outweighs a workout. Mainly, I'm not comfortable with taking her to the gym and leaving her in the daycare, she's too young still I think. It's just the fact of life.

BUT. I'm tired of these last 10lbs. I want them gone. GONE. Gone.

I'm a firm believer in goal setting. I think it's a healthy part of life to have something to work towards. It gives you focus. Discipline. If you aren't moving forward in life, you're never making progress to grow. Whether it be a goal to loose weight, finish school, attend a bible study, whatever it is.

So, bottom line is I'm really excited to be at my goal weight again. Hopefully within the six weeks.

(BTW, I realize I wrote about this same thing when I talked about the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred awhile back. While it's a great's kind of boring, to me, to do the same workout everyday. Just didn't work for me. But, it is an awesome workout if you need something that's 20 mins and you can do at home).


On to other news! I'm thinking about doing something like these two cuts to my hair..........

I'm just a short hair kind of person. I'd LOVE to have long, beautiful locks like's just not meant for my hair texture. I have fine hair so it's not super thick and doesn't look amazing long. I'll have to find a picture to show you. I've had short hair for about nine years now. Maybe longer. It's crazy.

I'm also thinking about changing my color. Us hairstylists usually have the worst hair because we get bored and want to change it alot. I'm hoping I find time within the next two weeks to do it.

What about you? Is there a certain cut or color you are loving right now?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Colbi's baby dedication

We had Colbi's baby dedication last night at church. It was bittersweet for me. I just kept thinking about the day she was born and how much she has grown in the past nine months. Time goes by so quickly!

They had us all turn in two pictures and write a little something special that they read out loud. I held back from crying but it was definitely an emotional presentation for me.

Baby dedications are really just a time for parents to promise to God, family, and the church that we are going to strive to raise Colbi in a Godly home. And, Dave and I really are striving for that. We want her to know the Lord and have a place to grow up in with a safe environment.

I grew up in church and some of my fondest memories involve weekends at Disciple Now, church camp, and fellowships after church. And, I'm glad we found a place to attend that we both really like.

By the way, Colbi was the most entertaining one up there. I think we may have a performer on our hands!


And I want to say a special Mother's Day for my mom!
Thank you Mom for all the wonderful things you do for my family. I love watching you as a Gigi with Avery and Colbi. I now understand the love you always talked about you had for us and I'm so incredibly thankful for such a great mom! You are such a blessing to me!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thirty One

Another birthday has come and gone.....and I am now thirty one. Say what?!

Yesterday was a good day. I got to spend the morning with Colbi snuggling up in bed for a bit and then headed out to conquer the day. By conquer, I mean run errands, get a pedicure, and clean my house some. I love days like that.

We went out to dinner at Babe's Chicken (it has become our tradition every year for our birthday) and had a photo shoot before we ate dinner.

I love her so much!

Birthday girls!
(Does Leslie not look amazing. Tan and skinny. Aweeeeee, working back towards those days!)

Colbi LOVES her Daddy. I mean, obsessed with the goofy, fun, adoring Daddy she's got.
I'm a lucky lady to have such a great husband and father for my little lady.

Cousin love! Colbi loves her some Avery!

This is when I told Avery she couldn't have any of my cake. Don't worry, I shared :) 

And this is what Jenna would look like with another baby. Looks like fun, huh?! HA!

We had good food, cake, and we were all together. What is better than that?

Looking over the past year, it's crazy to see all the wonderful blessings that I have been given. 30 was a great year for me and I wouldn't change one single thing. I'm so thankful for everything God has given us.

I wonder what 31 has in store?!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finally! Colbi turned 9 months (on April 19th!)


It's hard to believe we are three (almost two) short months away from you turning one! I just want to cry thinking about it. You make me so happy my heart may explode.

You've started army crawling, which is pretty funny to watch. You like to get up on all fours and rock or sit up. You haven't quite figured out that you can move on all fours yet. I'm okay with that. I'm not rushing you!
 You LOVE to clap. You clap all. the. time. You clap when we sing to you, you clap when you do something funny and we laugh, you clap when you see something you like. It's the cutest thing.
 Everyone always says how beautiful and happy you always are. While that makes Mommy's heart warm and fuzzy, I want you know that no matter how beautiful someone thinks you are, it's what's on the inside that counts. I hope you know that being a kind and loving person is much more important than how you look and that you can see that in me and the other women in your life.
 You are sleeping thru the night (woohoo!), you love your ABC singing cow, and you love bath time.
Puffs and cheerios are your favorite food, but you like pretty much everything except peas and squash. You're still pretty much eating pureed foods, but you can eat stuff you can pick up. This morning you found a piece of dog food and got it in your mouth before I could stop you. Evidently, it wasn't too bad. You were very upset when I took it away.

You have two teeth and I think the top two aren't far behind.

You say Mama, Dada, Baba, and Oh. I think that's your favorite word, Oh.
 You weight 17.2lbs. I'm not sure how tall you are. We go back to the doctor in two weeks. We've been at the doctor a lot the past month. You have been fighting a nasty cold and ear infection. Hopefully, it's gone for awhile.
Mommy and Daddy love you so much Colbi. I look forward to waking up every morning and see your beautiful smiling face looking back at me. I can't tell you how much happiness you have given me. Just watching you grow over these past short nine months reminds me how precious life is and how good God has been to me. You are a true blessing and I know I have done nothing to deserve the gift of you.

We love you to the moon and back!

Mommy and Daddy