Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hair Show 2014

I got to spend a few days away in New Orleans last week for a hair show. It was SUPER fun
I was gone four days (that's a little long for me), but it was a great time with some of the ladies I work with! 

We left Saturday morning ready for some education and to see all the new hair trends!

The show started Sunday (really early!), so Saturday night we ventured out to check out the city. Let's just say, there was a lot of walking, good food, and Bourbon St. I'm glad I've been, but I probably won't be visiting NOLA anytime soon. It's a little too crazy for me! 

I was MOST excited about seeing Guy Tang. He is the newest "hot" thing in the hair world. They call him the Ombre Activist because he does the most BEAUTIFUL color I've ever seen. I mean, amazing work. But, most of his clients sit in his chair anywhere from 6-12hours at a time. Could you imagine?! Check out his Instagram, you'll be blown away!@ Guy_Tang
The man on the right does Jennifer Aniston's hair and he is REALLY good looking in person!  Oh, and did you notice I'm still wearing my boot. Grrrrrrrrrr.

The lady on the right is the salon owner and I truly love and respect her. She is one of the most generous people I have ever met. She has been such an inspiration for me and I'm so glad I get the chance to work with her!
My favorite part of the whole show was the celebrity panel they brought out to answer some of the biggest questions stylists have. It was very cool to be reminded that they too have clients that seem to not love what they do, or to hear their color doesn't always turn out how they'd like. Sometimes clients don't understand hair is a process, and these guys are not any different from the daily struggles stylists experience. But, it's so amazing to hear their success stories and how they grew to where they are right now. 

I had a great time and learned a lot! It was back to reality this past week, and I just now feel like I'm getting back into my routine! I'm off to rest a little before it starts again! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Another one bites the dust

Labor Day weekend we traveled to Ohio for Dave's brother's wedding. Erin, my newest sister-in-law, grew up there. The weather was gorgeous (except the last day was a little on the warm side) and we had a good time. FOUR WHOLE DAYS without Colbi. We almost had withdrawals, but she was good hands with my parents. Honestly, it was too expensive to take her and we had too much going on to drag her here and there. It just worked for us and it was a good break. For all three of us. I don't think she even noticed we were gone! 

I scheduled our flight at 7am Thursday morning. Eek!

This is Corey's signature look. 
The first day we spent helping them to do wedding stuff, but the next morning we got to go to the Football Hall of Fame. Dave was in heaven!
This was my favorite part, to see all the heads of everyone in there. Crazy! 
Because I love the Packers.
We found Dave's favorite place in the whole wide world to eat. 
We even sat OUTSIDE in August and did not sweat one bit. Kristen even had her sweater on! Who wants to move up north?!
Friday night was the rehearsal, and that was fine. Kristen (Chris' wife), Jenn (Dave's sister), and myself went out a little bit afterward while all the guys went out. This was fun because the three of us haven't ever gone to do anything just us three. In NINE years. That's pathetic. 

My handsome date.
The wedding was in Erin's parents' backyard. It turned out to be very nice, minus the heat. Everyone from Ohio kept complaining about the weather, us Texas people thought it felt great. We did need a little breeze under the tent though. THEY HAD THE BEST WEDDING FOOD I'VE EVER EATEN. I mean, THE MOST DELICIOUS BBQ. It was amazingly awesome.
We had a REALLY good time at the wedding. Who would have thought the Pettys' would have been the life of the party at an out of town wedding, but we were. We even got invited to attend another wedding in June. We'll see how that one goes! 
We were ready to head home. Three take-offs and three landings per way were a little much. 
And, someone REALLY missed their daddy. We kept saying, we left a two-year old and picked up a little girl. Colbi was just chatting away and it seemed like she learn just a ton of new words!

this happened! Boo. Walking, looking through your purse, and not paying attention to the pavement is not a good combo. It's a small bone fracture with some torn ligaments. I could have saved my money I guess and just continued to ice it down, but I was making sure it wasn't broke. It was quite swollen. All is well and I borrowed my mom's boot, so here's hoping it heals quickly!