Thursday, March 31, 2011

Supporting our Troops TONIGHT!

Y'all come visit Texas Roadhouse tonight in Grand Prairie!

“Support Our Troops”


Order our legendary cheese fries and tonight we will donate a portion of the sale to 82nd Airborne Division for the Family Readiness Group. This group helps families with deployment, sends care packages over seas, and holds activities for children with parents in the service.

We are holding this in honor of one of our very own who is being deployed in a few weeks! Everyone will be dressed in camo and it should be a great time. AND, you are supporting a great cause!

See ya there!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Breakfast, baby, and questions

Dave got up early Saturday morning due to a breakfast date with friends so, I decided to get up and make my own delicious breakfast. I made myself some yummy french toast (healthy style of course!)

After, I got ready to head over to my parents to attend a wedding shower with my mom, which was perfect because this little cutie was over there too!

Oh, the life of a four month old! Mom and Dad were watching Avery for the night so my sister and brother-in-law could celebrate their one year anniversary. Avery is one spoiled little girl! She gets held all the time and enough kisses and hugs to last a lifetime. She did have a few episodes where she was like "Where is my Mommy?!!!" (Dad thinks she was upset because she had bows and headbands on...........he may be on to something). HA!

Any who, I saw this survey on another blog and thought I'd participate too:

Favorite time of the day: Early morning. I love to wake up early, have a cup of coffee, eat some breakfast, and enjoy the morning!

Favorite Season: Fall. I love it when it starts getting cold. Scarves, leggings, and tall boots are my favs!

Favorite Month: November to December. I know this counts as two months but whatever. I love it right after Thanksgiving when Christmas is around the corner and everyone starts getting in the spirit!

Favorite Holiday: Christmas. Duh!

Favorite Subject in School: History. I love history. Anything to do with it. Learning about it, hearing stories about the past, anything.

Favorite Channel: TLC, Food Network, Fox News, anything that plays chick flicks, NBC on Thursdays

Favorite Color: green, brown, black, really anything nude. But, sometimes I do like to do bold colors.

Favorite Song: Too many to choose from!

Favorite movie: Again, too many to choose. I'm a movie lover and have seen WAY to many.

Favorite Celebrity: Dave Matthews, Amy Polar, Bethenny Frankel, Carrie Underwood, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Gosling

Favorite kind of Music: Country, Christian, Oldies

Favorite TV Show: Friends, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Bethenny Ever After, Real Housewives of Orange County, Sex and the City

Favorite Thing to Do: Work out, shop, tan, fish, watch movies, get my hair done, get my toes beautified

Favorite Place in the World: my bed!

Favorite Hobby: Work out, blog, read

Favorite Type of Animal: Dogs! Mine especially :)

Favorite place to live: Texas. I've never lived anywhere else. If we have to move, I'd hope it would be somewhere at least close enough to come back and visit for the weekend.

Favorite place to vacation: Who cares! If I'm on vacation, I'm happy!

Favorite Restaurant: Anything Mexican really, Hide Out Burger, Texas Roadhouse (of course!)

Favorite food: Mexican

Favorite thing to cook: Anything new and yummy! I enjoy baking as well.

Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper and a Skinny Girl Margarita :)

Favorite chore: I have to pick one? I mean, they are all so much fun! lol

Favorite Make-up: MAC and Prescriptives (they aren't around anymore though :(

Favorite hair products: I LOVE Matrix, but I refuse to spend that much on shampoo and conditioner

Favorite Lotion: Restoration Hardware. It's amazing for dry skin!

Favorite perfume: Angel and CoCo Chanel Mademoiselle

Favorite Blogger: I follow Kelly's Korner mainly (as far as "big" bloggers) but anyone I know in real life too.

Favorite thing to blog about: my husband and family

Favorite books: The Hunger Games series, 90 Minutes in Heaven, Left Behind series (even though it scared the poop out of me!)

Favorite verse: I'll be honest, I don't know if I have a favorite.........

Favorite thing to wear: work out clothes (sad, I know!), dresses, big jewelry, leggings, tall boots, flip flops, jeans, cute tops, scarves

Favorite kind of day: 65 degrees and sunny with a breeze out of the north, cloudy and cool.....both super different I know.

Favorite memory: So far, my honeymoon and wedding are pretty much #1

Friday, March 25, 2011

An Answered Question

Today's blog topic is to answer a question that you get asked often......only one really comes to mind.

"When are you going to start having kids?"

Let me preface first by stating, I don't normally go into great detail about personal things on my blog (mainly because somethings I feel are just not everyone's business) but I am going to answer this question.

I have talked about having kids a little bit before and how I feel when I get asked this question. To be honest, I don't know when we are going to have kids. I honestly feel like it'll happen when God is good and ready for Dave and I to be parents.

One of my biggest fears is that I'll "be ready" to have babies and I won't be able to get pregnant. I know it sounds like I am being pessimistic about something that hasn't even happen yet and truth to be told, I probably read too many blogs about women who desperately want to have children and can't for the life of them get pregnant. I just don't want to become obsessed with getting pregnant where it consumes my life and takes away from all the other blessings God has given me.

I honestly feel as though God gives us challenges in our lives for a reason and the light at the end of the tunnel reveals why we went through those hard times (and sometimes, it doesn't). But, I do know that when we, as women, start comparing our lives to others it begins to demean what we have already been given.

I have friends who have already been married and divorced, fighting over custody with their ex-spouse for their kids, and friends who are having such a hard time finding a husband or getting pregnant. When I talk to them, I just can't help but feel so blessed that God gave me one of the best gifts in my life thus far. My husband.

While kids bring so much joy and happiness, I think about how sad I would be if something happened to Dave and I didn't have a piece of him left. I see my nephew, who is a spitting image of Dave and his brother, and think how sad I would be not to share with that with my husband.

And, part of the reason I'm not putting in tons of effort trying to get pregnant is that the world we live in is scary. My mom told me tonight about how Billy Graham's son said the signs are here for the end of times and that terrifies me. Not in the way where I don't know where I will be going because I am a Christian and was saved several years ago but to think about raising a child in today's times freaks me out. How sad am I?! HA!

I used to get annoyed when people asked me this question. I thought it was rude and intrusive, but now I look at it like most people ask because they care about me and just want to know. People equate being married for awhile equals "time for the next step", even if the step for some may be getting out of debt or enjoying some quality time with my husband before bringing a baby into my marriage.

And I'm also a little scared that when I actually do get pregnant, Dave and I could be in for treat. Since we are both twins, I'm a little afraid our chances of having multiples could be pretty high. I don't want to end up in an octo-mom type of situation! You laugh, but I met a family the other day with quadruplets. The husband was a twin and the wife's mother was a twin. Eek!

Could you imagine if we had that many?! It's a good thing my parents and in-laws live close..............tee hee.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Blog Challenge

So, my sister is participating in a blog challenge and I thought......"hey"....."why not?"

Today's challenge is to write a list "The 16 Ways I Got Through the First Year of Marriage"

This is actually kind of funny because even though Dave and I have only been married two and a half years, it feels so much longer. I think because we dated for almost three before we got married. But then, some days, it feels like it was yesterday. We did have some issues our first year and this is what we learned:

{one} Your husband/wife should come before anyone/anything else. The reason I say this is because they are the ones you are married too. Not your friends, not your job , and not even your family. God is first, your marriage second, everything else last.

{two} Pick your battles.

{three} Try not to take everything so personally.

{four} There is no way you can please both sides of the family. We live close to Dave's parents and mine so holidays are spent with both. It's stressful trying to please everyone and make sure time is spent with both fairly, but let's be honest, it's just not feasible. Dave and I try to decide what we (as a couple) can do and then make our schedule around that.

{five} Spending time alone, with friends or without, is needed to make sure to keep your own identity and sanity. Girls nights are fun, while boys nights are a necessity too.

{six} When arguments turn into name calling and are unproductive, end it until you are both in a place where progress can be made.

{seven} Words stay with people, choose your words wisely.

{eight} Apologize when you're wrong and be gracious when you're right.

{nine} Be truthful.

{ten} Find something you can do together that you both enjoy.

{eleven} Never make the other choose between family and yourself.

{twelve} Make sure you have a spare television. Football and chick flicks don't go together on Sundays.

{thirteen} Laugh. Have fun.

{fourteen} Understand each other's faults and then get over it. No one is going to change everything about themselves you may not like. And remember, you fell in love with them for a reason.

{fifteen} Always say I love you before you leave the house. Even if you are fighting.

{sixteen} When you're having a hard time or a happy time, make sure you pray. Pray for each other, pray for yourself, pray for you both as a couple.

Marriage is hard. But, it's always a blessing. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for my marriage. Dave and I fight, we often go days without speaking. But, I love him with my whole heart and know that he is the only one for me. I hope we have many years together and when we're old and gray are still madly in love, even if we can't see one another or hear what the other is saying! HA!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time for some fishing

My husband is extremely happy now that it's getting warmer and he can go fishing again!

He got the boat out this past weekend to get it in the lake and "ready" for spring. It makes me happy that he has something that brings him such joy and helps relieves some stress. And I can't wait to get it out on the lake and go tubing again. His boat is somewhat small but I actually prefer it opposed to the big boats for tubing and skiing.

It's suppose to be almost 90 this weekend! I may have to lay out a bit and get some sun :) With sunscreen of course!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Rundown


After a long week of work, Dave and I decided to hang out around the house and rest (aka, we needed some time to just chill)


Dave woke up super early to go fishing with his buddy Patrick, while I woke up to go see this little girl play some soccer:

Aren't little kids in uniforms so adorable? They won about 10 to 1 (we lost count after awhile), but they did have twin girls playing on the team and they were SO cute. I had flashbacks of when we played; each one of them kept getting mad when the other scored a goal. Brenna didn't score a goal but she sure did look cute on the field.

Saturday afternoon we met up with the Petty side of the family to celebrate my MIL and brother in law's birthdays. I didn't get a picture (which is really pathetic because I had my camera) but it was a good time for some visiting and seeing the kids is always nice.


We woke up, I made pancakes, and then headed off for some grocery shopping and back to do some cleaning. Super exciting I know. But, after that was over we got a pleasant visit from our neighbors and their sweet little Avery. I love it when kids start remembering who you are and want to see you.

It was time for some dinner shortly after and I had decided to make this:
Chicken Parmesan with Ziti noodles and Italian bread.

I get some great tips from the Food Network and this meal turned out wonderful! I'm loving the new way to make italian bread! I have found Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a cook's best friend.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Award Time

I got a blog award! Love it when I read my comments and find one of those! :)

A BIG thanks to Michelle. Her blog is super cute and I love that one of the quotes she uses is from Sex and the City! We share a love for Carrie Bradshaw.

Here are the rules!

1. Link back and thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 5 recently discovered blogs.
4. Contact them and tell them about their award.

Here are 7 things about me:

{one} Nothing but NCAA basketball has been on our television this whole weekend. I haven't necessarily been watching it (I have my hubby to thank for this) but none the less, I'm over this whole March Madness already.

{two} One of my guilty pleasures is Bethenny Ever After and the Real Housewives of Orange County.

{three} I'm obsessed with the Food Network and have been trying to incorporate recipes I get from Rachel Ray everyday on 30 Minute Meals.

{four} I have the most adorable niece in the entire world. (I know I blog about her often, but hey, it's true :)

{five} One of my most favorite things in the world is clean sheets. Every time I wash my sheets and we get into bed, Dave always says "I know babe, you love clean sheets."

{six} My birthday is less than two months away and I'll be one year away from thirty. Eek!

{seven} I have lost 25 pounds since July. To be honest, I didn't even know I had that to loose but I feel great and really enjoy working out.

And, I'm giving these ladies the Stylish Blog Award too! So, go check out their blogs and leave them some love!

Jenna over at Party of Five

Rachel at The Bug's Life

Heather with Another Ten Miles (btw, she is super crafty with a sewing machine)

Tanya over at Bradshaw Buzz

Happy Blogging!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time for another....

Picture of my beautiful niece Avery!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I Was Here

We live in scary times. Let's face it. With everything that is going on in the world, I would bet that many of us have asked that complex question relating to "Is this it?" Maybe it's just me that's worries about everything that is WAY beyond my control, but I also know that I believe in a God that promised us he would return one day and that all the believers would be taken to heaven with him.

It did make me ponder the other day, while running on the treadmill of all places, what type of impact I will leave. Whether it be touching someone's life I don't know about, spending time reading to children, volunteering, whatever it is...........I do know that we are all called to do something special. And, I'm also learning the older I get, what we think is special isn't necessarily the same thing God thinks is special. Sometimes the most mundane tasks are the most needed.

This is the song that got my mind a workin' a few days ago. Hope you enjoy it and it inspires you in some way too! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend has been busy busy!

Friday night I worked but Saturday was full of fun things!

I went to visit my friend LaChrisha and her new baby boy Holt! He is so tiny, adorable, perfect, cute, lovely........I could go on and on. And, seeing Chrisha as a new Mommy is very special to me. I have known her since the third grade and it's crazy that we are all married and having/thinking about having babies.

Saturday night Dave and I went out to dinner with my parents and this place and it was such a fun time! There was some very funny and interesting conversations about all sorts of stuff. I very much enjoy nights out with them!

Today, Dave and I cleaned out our garage (so exciting I know!), worked out, and made this:

Homemade meatloaf, rosemary roasted potatoes, and rolls! It was delicious!

Now, we are watching Life As We Know It and headed for an early bed time. We are SO exciting!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I decided to join in this week. I have a few things I'm especially lovin' today!

I'm loving this guy who came to see me at work tonight. I LOVE, absolutely LOVE, when he surprises me and shows up to see me unexpectedly!
OMG. I'm madly in love with these new cake pops Starbucks introduced yesterday. They are only $1.50 and so incredibly yummy!

I'm also loving me some Special K fruit and yogurt (kind of funny since I'm also loving a dessert right above this one). HA! I've been on a cereal kick lately and this has become my favorite.

What do you love today? Check out other WILW posts here.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A night out

We went to a local restaurant on the lake last night for a friend's birthday. It was a good time had by all. I find humor in that birthday parties are now scheduled for earlier times and have kiddos running around the restaurants. Ah, how times have changed.

Leslie made an appearance for just a bit. That girl has such a crazy schedule and this was the first I've seen her in like three weeks. She even shared some of her salad with me!
This is my friend Amanda, one of my all time favorite people. Talk about over achiever! She also has the best laugh in the entire world. We kind of matched last night without even knowing it.
Gavan, her son, and Dave had a great time playing fishing games on his phone. Gavan is quite the fisherman in real life too! I'm pretty sure Dave and Gavan talked about fishing almost all night.
And, I got to catch up with my friend Andrea! We had a great conversation about babies, marriage, and life. All while sitting directly next to the music speaker! We were a little deaf when we left last night. HA!

It's always nice to be able to catch up with some old friends! And, to be home in time for Saturday Night Live. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

We're boring. I know.

This week has been pretty boooorrrriiiinnnngggg.

Dave did bring me this on Monday after work:

A yummy marble bundt cake from NothingBundtCakes. One our my favorite treats!! It was so delicious! :)

And, I found the nail polish color I've been dying to get. It's called Stormy. I'm in love.

I also got a new IPhone. Well, it's not new........but it's new to me. We got a sweet deal on it because a guy from Dave's work had it for like a month and then got a work phone.

Those are pretty much the highlights of my week. How pathetic.


Work has taken over Dave's life, along with mine. He has been working super hard on a new part of his job and it's been taking up many hours of his day. But, such a blessing to him, seeing as he is the only one in the company who can do this new task. A little job security is a good thing.

I, on the other hand, have set a goal for myself. I starting working a bit more because Dave and I want to be out of debt completely (cars, house, school loans, everything) as soon as possible. When we get a little overwhelmed because we haven't seen each other in five days, we do our best to remind each other about our goal. It'd be SO nice to actually own our stuff, rather than keep paying on things monthly.

It's definitely something that takes work. And, that my friend's, is something Dave and I know how to do very well.