Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No more sweets

So the past two days I decided to take C'mere for a jog, well run is more like it. Dave fixed the bike we have, it's like a classic Schwinn and I thought it would be a great way for C'mere to get some exercise. I swear, I take that dog running and it's still not enough. So I figure if I could take him and actually have him run super fast, maybe just maybe he would get all that hyperness out!

The running part went really well at first and then he began walking around me, stopping every two seconds to take a potty break, and if another dog was out walking around too forget it!! But I think he really enjoys our runs and I like it. It gets me out of the house getting some exercise and spending some time with my beautiful yellow lab. Buddy on the other hand wouldn't last, poor little doggy his little legs just can't hang.

So today is Ash Wednesday, and to be honest we Baptist don't really do the lent thing. But as I went to church tonight that was the topic, why there is a big difference between the religions and why some people believe in it and some don't. Bottom line being that sacrifice is a good thing, going without is a good thing, and temptation is good because it is a time for us to trust in God and know that he will get us through it. So this year I am going to do it, I know it's something I should do. Mine is going to be sweets because I am that girl who loves to have anything sweet after any meal, breakfast dinner it doesn't matter.

Because really it's about why we are doing it and what in our heart it means, and it reminds us of what Jesus did for us. It always just reminds me of the Passion of the Christ. I always picture it in my head, always. Him being beaten repeatedly over and over again and he just kept getting up and taking more, carrying that heavy cross all the way up to that hill, and him stretching out his hands for them to nailed them in, on his own without anyone forcing him too. It's an amazing thing, and I tell you what I was in tears watching that movie because it actually showed what Jesus did for us........I can surely give up sweets for him. But it's like what the pastor said tonight, I'm not sure I want to be around everyone about a week in....the mood might not be so great but that will pass. So I'm interested to see what God has in store for me for the next 40 days, lots of prayer I know that.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our favorite past time

I just had to share the amazing weekend Dave and I had! Dave's friend called Thursday and asked if Dave and I would like to head down to their ranch in Lipan, TX for the weekend so when Dave asked me I immediately said "YES!" (I think he was surprised!) You have to see this ranch to know why it's so incredible to go to......Jared and his wife Addie are very good about inviting his friends out there to hang out and I think I speak for everyone when we say THANK YOU!!

We got down there about 10pm Friday night, starting enjoying some adult cocktails and then took a little ride to check the deer feeders he had set up. Needless to say, that was a late night for everyone involved. Sat. morning we woke up, ate some breakfast and pretty much hung out all day. The boys were building a deer stand while the wives watched and then Dave decided for he and I to go fishing, which I love so I was all about it. Of course, before we went there had to be some drama! Let me just tell you, there were about 6 or 7 labs out there along with Buddy (he was the odd man out) and C'mere always has to be the chief so a fight broke out between C'mere and George (Jared and Addie's dog). All I can say is thank goodness Jodie was there because dogs fighting are way scary. George won, C'mere ended up bleeding with a cut on his nose but he wasn't worried about it. After that, he was ready to start playing again!

We took C'mere fishing with us, BAD IDEA!! I don't know why it didn't cross our minds to leave him there, his love of water came into to play and the fishing trip was anything but peaceful. You should have seen that dog when we got done, covered in mud and dirt.

That night the boys get this great idea to go hunting after the crawfish boil. Anything but deer that is, we started hearing all these funny noises and they had to go check it out. So Addie and I got our gear on and went with, of course we saw nothing until the very end and what did we see, 2 deer; exactly what they couldn't shoot. But it was a good time looking for stuff, very entertaining. The boys were pretty hiliarious, Dave was standing up out of the sunroof (we were in Jared's truck, it was cold outside!) and Jared was in charge of the coyote caller. Great times.

All in all it was a great weekend!! Dave and I really hope one day we can find some land in a good part of Texas to build a house on, maybe get some horses or something. It's just so peaceful to not be surrounded by the hussel and bussel of life in the city. Time seems to go by slower and life just seems more simple. One day, until then we are up for many more good adventures at the Baker Ranch!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

President's Day Rocks

I have started and stopped this blog about three times already. I would write a whole bunch of stuff and then delete it, not really sure why. I think my mind is kind of racing and having a million little thoughts makes it just hard to focus I guess.

You know, life right now is just kind of living. What's the saying
"L-I-V-I-N", I will forever love that movie. Between work, finishing school, and Dave being stressed out because of this huge job he got a work, by the end of the day we are just pooped! But I am really trying to focus on figuring out, career wise, what my next move will be and where it can take me.

This week was a short week for me, Monday was my Dad's birthday (along with President's Day which I got off, thank you) and we all went to eat at Dave and Busters in Arlington and it was fun. I haven't been there in forever and I think now days things are just different. The older we get it just seems more and more challenging to try and fit everything in so it's nice to have those times with the family. I can tell you, I am incredibly proud of how well my parents have taken care of themselves through the years. Both my mom and dad are pretty active, walking or running all the time. Seriously, I'm 26 and I don't even work out as much as I should.....gotta give it to them.

Tuesday was busy with a doctor appt, actually getting my name changed to Brooke Petty (I was so excited but the Social Security office is like a germ fest, ugh gross. So my work week was short, which I needed.

I tell you one thing I love about working for a school, getting holidays off is great! President's Day, come on! I won't be complaining anytime to soon!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I had been hearing from a lady at work talk about this movie called Fireproof all week long and how wonderful it Dave and I were planning on renting it this past weekend but we forgot. Luckily, my brother and sister in law had rented it and so we made a night of it.

I can tell you at first, it was kind of like "ugh, right....." because the acting in it wasn't super great, at first like I said. But as the movie went on you kind of forget your watching normal people act, except for Kirk Cameron that is. The premise of the movie is based around a marriage which is about to end and how they got to that point. I will say, the majority of things they say about women and men in this movie hit dead on. "Women nag all the time and show their husband little respect while men forget that women need romance along security and trust" I think if any person in a relationship period watched this movie there would be something in there you say, yeah I do that or he has said that to me, etc.

By the end of the movie, we were balling because it just showed the amount of change God can do in people's hearts if they allow it happen along with the change in reaction in one's life by giving up the selfish side of us and begin living for those we love. So easy it sounds right as I write it out but actually living it is quite another.

Bottom line, if you haven't seen the movie Fireproof go rent it and watch it with your significant other and be open minded about what the message is. You really will see love in a different light, and maybe be able to fill that person's the loving sense that is.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mean girls, the true meaning.......

So I went my first women's group last night at church. Let me first start off by saying, that was the first time I truly missed Leslie and I doing things like that together, I can now imagine what all the people who don't have twins must have felt like on their first day of school or work or church. Normally I don't really care about doing things independently but I really wished I would have my twin to accompany me.

I found myself sitting alone for a long time without anyone saying hello or introducing themselves to me, but I just try to remember in situations like those people aren't doing it on purpose, everyone is always scared to make the first of course I did.

I have just really felt this need to get involved in a woman's group, I think because it's been so long since I have been apart of one God is really laying it on my heart. So yesterday I made myself go, no excuses (even though American Idol was on and that is a bit of a distraction for me) and this group of women ranged from young to old, there were sinlge women, women with kids, you name it.

The whole premise of the study was revolved around the book of Esther and "It's tough to be a woman" a book that Beth Moore talks about. The lesson was awesome, and Beth Moore said some things that really hit home with me. She began talking about mean girls, how we all have a mean streak in us and as women this streak tends to be worse towards other women. Then she comes out with this "red" book which is women who write answers to her about questions she poses. One of the questions she asked was what as a woman do you feel is the hardest? Women were saying all sorts of things like, having to compare ourselves to other women who are prettier, skinner, funnier, etc. Another was, not feeling as though you are as good of mother as your friend or neighbor but the thing that really hit home was the response Beth Moore gave.

She began to list the characteristics of mean girls, and I can tell you I thought of a time or two where I could qualify as one. The biggest one she began talking about though was "You might be a mean girl if you wear inappropriate clothing around other women's men" and I think that might be a tough pill to swallow for some folks, think about it. I can think of few women I know who do that and had the thought crossed my mind that it bothered me, yes I can honestly say it did. She really just talked about the value of women and how while it's nice to play dress up and wear cute clothes, we as Godly Christian women should be doing that in a way that shows we are just that. That we value our bodies to leave some up to imagination and understand that other women around us might not appreciate the clothing we wear around their husbands and boyfriends.

I can only say that it is tough to be a woman in this world, a mean world at that. To always feel the competition between other women, having the best clothes, hair, car, marriage, behaved kids, etc. But she pointed out something else, all of this seems from insecurity. Which I completely agree with, I have friends like that, I'm like that at times. We all feel we need to have the best, appear to have a great life, and in all actuality that's not reality. We all have problems, different problems which we deal with daily. She did suggest that we asked ourselves when those emotions began to rise "what is it about this person I'm threatened by or jealous of" and then to pray about it. To ask God to relieve us of those feelings but it's a consistent battle because if it's not that person, it will be another friend.

I think we can only be thankful for things God has blessed us with and understand the rest are just material things. While I tell myself I wish I had this, or if we had more money I could do that, I know I am very blessed. I have a wonderful home, a loving husband that tells me everyday how much he loves me, two sisters that I wouldn't trade the world for, parents who raised me to understand the value of a dollar and gave me the ability to work for things I have and showed me what true work ethic is all about, a great friend in my sister in law who I thank God for, a Aunt that shares her wisdom of life with me when I need it, great in laws who are very loving towards us, and friends that I cherish greatly......but the most importantly my health. For the time being, God has blessed me with that. So while I may not have the best clothes or car or may not be the most beautiful girl on my block, I am blessed in other more important ways that mean more to me than all that other stuff, which is just that......stuff.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Blog, what! Why?

Well, so I decided to start blogging....for a few reasons but really I was inspired. My friend Jennifer always sends me links to what her mom blogs, all mostly about Talan and for some reason I just really felt moved to start my own. Maybe because of the thought I have so much going on in my life at the moment I really want to cherish this time, and how awesome is it going to be able to look back and relive these moments! So thank you to my dear friend Sharghi for keeping me in the loop with her adorable little boy Talan, and for inspiring me to start my own public journal.

I am at a point in time where things are really starting to come together for me, at the moment anyway. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us so we will see, but for right now the future is bright. I am a newlywed of three months, I am exceling at work, and I am two classes away from finishing my bachelor's degree in Management from the University of Phoenix. Gosh, it seems like a long time coming and as I look back over the time I have spent writing papers, sitting in class, answering discussion questions one thing keeps popping in my mind.

This goal of mine I set out to finish in May of 2007 has almost come to an end and seems so real. And it's something I did on my very own, no one helped me, no one sat up with me while I finished my work, it was my doing. I almost thought it was unreachable. I graduated almost ten years ago from high school and never really got serious about college until then. I have my wonderfully supportive husband to thank for his words of encouragement. When I had told Dave at the time that I wanted to go back to school and finish, from day one he was so supportive, so motivating. During the entire time he would consistently tell me how proud he was of me and what a great job I was doing, even when I had to use the computer night after night with him wanting to check his Fantasy Football scores. He never complained, he was truly the one person that I always found to be interested in what I was accomplishing and supported me from beginning to end. I will never forget the words of encouragement from the man I married while I did this, for myself. He truly showed me what it was like to support the person you love, even if you have sacrifice time and energy for them accomplish their goal. Thank you Dave for giving me that, I only hope I will be able to do that for you one day when you full fill your dream.

Dave and I are in a place honestly where we are still adjusting. Although we have been together for three years there is just something about marriage that changes you, I see a big change in me. I want to be with him, spend time with him, make him happy. I am learning how to be not so independent and more dependent on the person who I promised and vowed to share my life with. Anyone who knows me, understands that statement. Dave once told me that it is great to be independent, especially as a woman, but he doesn't want to feel as though my life could just pick up and move on if something were to happen to us. Which at the time I thought was kind of a blow to my independence but after some thought and time I figured out what he meant. Love is one of the things we each need in our lives to feel complete. Time changes that, I'm sure. You begin finding your own way in church, or work, or with friends but right now I feel it is so incredibly important to lay the foundation of our marriage. Dave needs to feel needed, the same as I do. And I am taking full advantage of the entire newlywed experience and the "newness" of our marriage, because like most people have told me, that wears off and pretty soon the spending time together thing is not so important or likely.

So there you have it, my first blog......I feel as though I have to stop. As I continue writing I feel tears forming so I'll leave it at that.