Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Just thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos from the past week. 

I've been searching high and low for some letter magnets for the fridge and dishwasher for Colbi. She loves to play with the ones at her sitter's house but I couldn't find them anywhere! Gigi to the rescue! Mom found some and Colbi has been obsessed.

This is hair at the end of the day when I pull it back. Crazy hair!
Colbi is in this phase "sorting" and it's hilarious. Friday she took the hangers off the couch and put them back on the couch for a good 30 minutes. Ah, the things that keep kids entertained sometimes!

I am totally loving this age by the way. Colbi is one funny girl and her personality has really started to blossom over the past month. She loves her daddy and wrestling between the two has become a nightly occurrence that I have enjoyed watching. Some of her favorite words are "no-no", "Momma" if she is tired, and "what's that".


We also had a visitor Saturday night! Avery came to spend the night and it was so funny to watch her and Colbi play together. I think sharing might be an issue for both of them as they grow up. HA! Mom and Dad came down and took us all to dinner and then blizzard after. I can't remember what Avery said, but at one point, we were all dying from laughter while stuffing our faces with ice cream.

After Colbi went to sleep, Avery "brushed" my hair for about an hour. It was the first thing she wanted to do when we woke up Sunday morning too. Maybe a future hairdresser in the making? 

On to other news, I am one tired girl!

I've been doing some contract work once a week for an assisted living facility, so my weeks have been FULL lately. It's amazing how God uses certain circumstances to teach us important lessons. Let's just say, working with the elderly is definitely a calling but it truly has been a blessing for me. I've enjoyed the conversations that come with my weekly visit and I must admit, in almost every client I meet, I'm reminded of my own Mimi and Pappaw. This particular demographic are well off enough to pay for a facility like this, but it's still a reminder that it comes down to this special group of people who deserve the care/time of all of us. Every one of them is someone's mother or father, sister/brother, and grandparent (and if we are all lucky enough to live that long, we will be {gulp} old one day. Eek!). God has used this time to show me opportunities for growth and compassion for others in my own life. It's amazing to hear their stories and about their families. 

One of the ladies I met with a few weeks ago past away suddenly and I was actually a little sad. She had served in the military as a nurse in her younger days. She shared stories of her experience in the service and told me all about her daughters and how proud she was of each of them. She appeared truly happy and I'm just thankful for those moments I spent with her. She reminded me that no matter what age, we all still seek  the approval of our parents and want them to be proud of who we are and the choices we make.

In the hussle and bussle of daily life I think it is forgotten that none of us are promised tomorrow
Seize the day. Be kind to others, especially the elderly and people of special needs. Every person you come across have struggles and trials of all different kinds. I feel as though God brought this opportunity to me for a special reason, even if to only bring a little happiness to them through a ministry of beauty! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

This has been floating around....

And, I 100% agree with this statement.

Just thought I'd float it around here too.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Funny faces

Colbi's sitter sent me these pictures with some captions......

"This little piggie went to market..."
"What'd you say about my blankie?"
"Hmmmm.....I think this finger is delicious."
"Why I oughta!"

I just love her. She can bring a smile to my face regardless of what type of day I've had. I think that's why children are such a can literally forget everything you're going through, things that happened that day, or what you have to do tomorrow. 

God is too good to us.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday randoms

We've had a busy weekend {kind of} around here. 

This little girl is busy, busy these days! I'm thinking she may wake up tomorrow walking. She has been on the verge for weeks now (walking everywhere holding our hands, practically runs with her walker, etc). I'm actually looking forward to her walking and I'm not one of those people who hurries their child along. Although, today she spilled three drinks and managed to leave toys in almost every room of the house so, maybe I'll re-think that.

Today, I was watching her play in her room and she managed to get on top of her rocking chair. I helped her sit in it and she had a blast rocking. Doesn't she look so big?!
Our friend Kristen makes these rocking chairs and they are adorable! Best baby shower gifts and she is uber talented.
She wasn't about the naps today either, so this was her at about 6:15pm.
We are officially bottle free!!!! YAY!!!

Colbi transitions pretty well but the bottle to sippy cup was a little difficult for her. We were just patient, I knew she would drop it when she was ready. THANK GOODNESS FOR NO MORE BOTTLE WASHING.

And, last night I got to hang out with a friend of mine from Roadhouse. She actually lives two streets over from me too! 
Horrible and blurry picture but I wanted to document the occasion. She has four kiddos, so getting out for a girl's night is a huge deal. We went up to Roadhouse to see everyone. Dave is beyond over eating up there, I can't blame him. After twelve years of me working there, I'm kind of over it too but it's too good!

I'm exhausted and should be getting ready for bed as we speak. 

One last thing, I finally read Heaven is for real. Have y'all read it? The author states in the beginning that for believers this book is a good reminder of what awaits us after death and I completely agree. This book will make you cry and smile as the little boy shares his experience in heaven. It's an extremely easy read so if you have a few free hours, give it a try! It's also a really good book for people with maybe some reservations about becoming a follower of Christ. It's not super preachy and answers some of the common questions people have about Christianity. 

Happy reading!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pecor Vacation 2013

{I love that I can post a problem on Facebook and receive an answer. I haven't blogged because I couldn't upload anything without Blogger shutting down on me. Thanks to some smart peeps, I am now back to the blogger world. YAY!}

So, we took a family vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama this past week and to be honest, I had a great time. It was so much fun to experience the beach with Colbi and Dave and I haven't been on vacation in a looonngg time, so it was nice to be off work and spend time with family. 

We left really early Monday morning, but Colbi was ready to hit the road. This is what she looked like five minutes into the trip:
(Also, these pictures are totally out of order. Sorry!)
Avery and Colbi did surprisingly well for a 12+ hour car ride. The last hour was rough though both ways, I can't blame them though!
Colbi sits like this all the time now, even in restaurants! 
I could eat her up!!!
Early morning reading sessions with Pops were the norm.
And, nap time! 

I will say, it's hard to share a room with a baby. I give props to all you co-sleepers because we are not the co-sleeping type. I think all three of us move way too much for it. We were happy to be home and have our room back :-)

 Lambert's is the coolest place to eat in Gulf Shores. They throw rolls, have great food, and the restaurant is HUGE. Get there early though, they are pretty much always on a wait because it's that good.
 This was me trying to get a shot of the guy throwing rolls at people.

 Look at the size of that roll! At one point, Colbi just started eating it like an apple. It was pretty hysterical.

 The other REALLY cool place we went to was called Lulu's. She is Jimmy Buffet's sister and the atmosphere was awesome. It was a little stuffy, not going to lie but we all managed to make it through without having a heat stroke. 

 We really did have a great time and I sincerely enjoyed spending time with my family. At the end of the day, family is the most important thing. I'm glad it worked out for everyone to go. I look forward to many more vacations and new experiences with Colbi and the family!

And, we actually unpacked the day after we got home. That's like a record for us! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How did my baby get so big?!

Colbi is starting to look like a toddler instead of a baby to me. It brings joy and a little saddness, but she is growing and learning and so much fun!!

She has started really "talking" lately and communicating with us. I love to see her interacting with the other kiddos at daycare. Its so interesting to watch communication going on without words. I get so much happiness from seeing her learn. But seriously Colbi, stop growing up so quickly. I feel as though time is running away from me! :)

We had a bit of a rough week around here, so I'm excited we will be off next week for vacation!! And very thankful we found a house sitter. Now, if I could blink and be packed with the house cleaned, I'd be ecstatic!