Monday, September 24, 2012

2 Whole Months!

Colbi Morgan,

You are TWO MONTHS old! I can't believe it. Time really does fly by.
 Let's see, what have you been up to lately?

*You LOVE to be held upright. This has helped with tummy time, since you aren't a fan. You can hold your head up all by yourself. If we don't watch it, you try to pull yourself upright all by yourself. Sneaky girl.

*You are sleeping anywhere from 5-8 hour stretches at night. You still wake up once a night to nurse, which is completely fine with me because I LOVE that time all alone with you.

 *You are wearing 3-6 month clothes depending on the brand. You are in size 1 diapers (which we will have to move to size 2 shortly). You weigh 11lb. 2 oz. (50%) and are 24.5 inches long (97%). You are going to be one tall girl!

*You are beginning to like bath time. We actually had two baths last week without any tears or a pouty lip! Woohoo!

*You take several naps a day (some days, you don't any! Eek!).

*You LOVE your daddy. He makes you laugh and laugh. 

*Gigi and Pops see you at least one day every week. They LOVE you.

*Avery is starting to really take to you. Although, if Gigi is holding you, she does NOT like that. We are working on the "sharing".

*We rock you to sleep and each of us love it. 

*You "talk" a lot. You coo, say ma a lot, and we swear you said "mommy" the other day. Even Daddy heard it! HA! 

*Mommy's FAVORITE time of the day is morning time. Every morning you wake up by 7:30 and spend another 30 mins to an hour in bed with Mommy. I love it. It's our special time and you are SO fun in the mornings. 


Mommy and Daddy love you so much. You bring so much happiness to us everyday. We are simply amazed daily at the new things you do. Mommy thanks God all the time for you. You're absolutely perfect and have completed our family in a way we didn't think possible. We look forward to all the great things you will do!

Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Exciting News!

I'm SO excited to announce that I finalized everything this morning and will for sure be back to work starting Tuesday the 25th! 

I can't wait to be back to work and in the salon. Lucky for us, it has worked out that Colbi won't be in daycare quite yet so, I'll get the best of both worlds. I feel really lucky to be able to follow my dream and stay home with my daughter. Being self-employed is going to be HARD work but, I'm so ready for the challenge!

I'm running new clients specials along with referral specials the entire month of October, so if you're looking to try a new stylist OR know someone who is, send 'em my way! 

I have to say, God has a way of blessing you sometimes in ways you'd never think possible. I feel so blessed at this very moment! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our weekend

Weekends just go by too fast!!! :( I hate Sunday nights simply because that means Dave has to go back to work. Boo.

Friday was a good day. Colbi had a few good naps and was happy the majority of the day. At about 6ish, Dave had gotten home and I was going to leave for a little time with girls. Colbi hadn't cried hardly at all but as soon as I was leaving, she just start crying once I walked out of the room. It was so bizarre. I left quickly because as cute as it is she was upset I was leaving (to her knowledge the room), I don't want to become that mom who can't leave her child.

Dave did JUST fine on his own too. Colbi fell asleep at 730 and was still asleep when I got home at about 1030. Long late naps usually turn out okay, but it's always a crab shoot.

Saturday, we had a pretty relaxing day all day as you can see from the picture below.

It's just my favorite thing when she naps while I'm holding her.

We had a wedding shower Saturday night with the Hood, which is always a good time. I didn't get one single picture as we were preoccupied with making sure Colbi wasn't crying through the whole thing. Ha!

I just love these pj's. So. Stinkin. Cute.

Today we had two birthday celebrations and, of course, the Cowboys played. I even put on a jersey because I felt a little left out since Dave and Colbi had their Cowboy gear on.

Happy birthday to our nephew Braiden! You're getting so big buddy! We love you!!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Uh oh

Well. It happened. My daughter found her thumb.

Last night wasn't the best night. The past two nights, Colbi has been waking herself up and talking a lot. I've tried to NOT get up every time and stick her paci back in her mouth, mainly because I don't want her thinking talking is a bad thing. I actually like listening to her, but her daddy on the other hand has to get up very early and doesn't think it's as cute. Yes, she is still in our room at night in her rock n' play sleeper.

This morning she decided to wake up at 2:30, eat, fuss, go back to sleep for 15 minutes and then to start talking. So, at almost 5, I put her in her crib with her paci. She did okay for about 20 minutes, but by the second time of me getting up and putting it back in, I said enough (I was laying on the floor in her room btw). Dave walked in to her room at 5:50 and said "what are you doing?". It probably was kind of bizarre with me on the floor and staring at the monitor. I just knew if I went and laid back down, she would start crying and I'd have to get back up.

She was being pretty quite and I looked in the monitor..........

That's why. You're sucking your thumb!! I couldn't help but smile because its exactly what I don't want her to do. There's nothing wrong with babies sucking their fingers, it's a self soother. It's even cute to a point. I just worry about when they're older. I can't take away their fingers, I can take away the pacifier. And I know, realistically, I can't jump up out of bed everytime she puts her thumb in her mouth because she's dropped the paci, or go run and pick her up EVERY time she wakes herself to rock her back to sleep (although, I'm not really a cry it out kind of girl until they're older......I think 8weeks is a little young to even understand why you would be crying it out).

So, I guess we will have to see if the thumb sucking continues or not. We are DEFINITELY working on sleeping in the crib though because bottom line: this is one tired momma today.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Pictures! And a little talk.....

I'm adding a few of my favorite pictures from our session with Allison Harp (mainly for our out of town family who reads the blog but never comments :) 
 I'm in love with this picture of Colbi. My little lady is looking more like a baby instead of a newborn. She's getting rolls on her cute little legs. AND, she is sleeping much better. Although, she has days where she just fights that nap with all she's got. Sunday was rough........hardly any naps at all for that one. Don't they know how wonderful it is to just nap away while you can?! Guess Colbi didn't get that memo. 

 Dave loves her so much.
I have loved being home with her these past eight weeks.........but.......I'm looking forward to having adult interaction again. 

Good news is I think I found a salon I'm going to work in and I'll be working for myself so I get to set my own hours! Woohoo! No daycare for awhile, which is kind of what we wanted all along. We will see how it goes. I'm ready to be back and in the salon doing hair and will know for sure tomorrow once I meet with them and work out the details. Here's hoping!

I went to the doctor Friday and was officially cleared to start working out again. Now, question is, when do I find the time to do it? I've been running but it's just not the same as getting in the gym and attending classes. Oh well. Running should be good for now. Thank goodness it's getting cooler too! I can't wait for more 
"fall-ish" weather.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's up

Well. We've been up to the same old stuff around here. Kind of.

Last weekend was opening day for dove season, so Dave went hunting, which meant Colbi and I went to stay the night with my parents. We had our first over night stay, it was quite successful! Although, I will say, packing was fun. Ha! {side note: our dogs got a dose of reality when I DIDN'T take Buddy with me and left them both here........they were still here when I got back, but our backyard was a little tore up :-/ }

We had a great time. It was nice to have Mom walk into our room to at 430 and tell me to go back to bed. She rocked Colbi and when I rolled out of bed at 830, Colbi looked very peaceful with her Gigi. AND, Dad made his awesome pancakes and Mom got us Starbucks Saturday morning. Always nice to go home for a visit! :)

Mom got Colbi the cutest little socks and since her feet were cold, Dad put them on her. She was pulling off her best Ian Kinsler impression. She actually doesn't mind socks, which is good because her feet are usually freezing. This was us headed home.

Dad came over to visit today and I managed to snap a picture of him and Colbi taking a little nap. You're welcome Dad! :) She was so sweet today and smiled a ton. My favorite time is the mornings because she is just super smiley and happy. It's my absolute, best part of any day.

Dave and I are now watching the Cowboy game (yuck! The things we do for our husbands).

I'm actually getting ready for a certain persons birthday tomorrow. His name starts with a D and he just so happens to live in the same house as me.

Happy Hump Day!

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