Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

Today has been a fun day! 

We started the day out with waffles and fruit, and then headed off to Pump it Up for some jumping fun.

Our attempt at getting all four of us in a picture......
Gigi and Pops even came out to have some jumping fun! 

The girls had a blast. And, how did I not know about the pop-in play jump time? For $6, I'll pay to let Colbi go run around for an hour and a half. She is still a little small, but she and Avery had a great time!

We then headed to go eat lunch.
We had to document that Colbi and Avery wanted to play the Big Buck shooting game. Dave should be so proud.
And, she's out. I think she lasted a whole four minutes in the car before she zonked out. 

Gotta love some good old fashioned physical activity to knock 'em out for a good nap! 

Hope your hump day has been as good as ours so far! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Busy Weekend

We have had a very busy weekend, and it's not even over! 


I worked till about 7pm and then we had an impromptu dinner with Uncle CJ, Aunt Kristen, and Brenna at a local Mexican food place, followed by a late bedtime. 


I was actually off (I may have to take them off more often! It was beautiful outside!) but we had a meeting in the morning for about an hour, so Colbi went to hang out with Brenna and Aunt Kristen for just a tad. I received this picture from Kristen with the caption "First babysitter fail :( Lesson One: no taking naps on the job!". 

Colbi can wear you out! 

Luckily, Colbi was entertained with the Little Mermaid and a microphone. 
Thank you Kristen for watching her! 

Afterward, we left so Colbi could nap and then headed to the mall for a little shopping. I hate the mall. I only go as a last resort, especially on a Saturday afternoon. Blah. 

But, Colbi did ride the carousal and had a blast. Kids are so easily entertained. 

After the mall, we got home and bathed Colbi (did I mention she got sick on the way there and vomited all over my car? Yeah. Gross. Isn't it funny how God gives you a stronger stomach for when your kids get sick? Hallelujah!) which followed another later-than-normal bedtime for her and us. 


We woke up bright and early for family pictures. The WHOLE family. Professional pictures haven't happened since Jenna's wedding......four years ago almost. I think they will be wonderful. I wish the sun had been out, but I'm thankful they got taken.

After pictures, we headed to Glazed in Grand Prairie for some donuts/awesome waffles/breakfast burritos and some good coffee. 

Leslie's collection of drinks. 

We followed breakfast by a quick nap for Colbi, along with her first official "poopie in the potty" (If that's TMI, I apologize but that's a BIG deal people! We aren't totally sure if she knew what was going on, but we made a big hoopla out of it) and then headed off the park. 

I'm in love with this picture!!

We then came home for another nap (still going strong!) and we will grab dinner in a bit. 

This weekend was full of family and fun, both of which I am grateful for everyday! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beautiful weather!

We have had some GORGEOUS weather the past few days and we are taking full advantage. We have been taking some walks and headed to the park today. I wish Texas was like this all the time!

I had to share the last picture because its that awesome. Colbi's new sitter took them for a Valentine's gift for the parents. Its my new favorite!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday with Mommy

This wasn't on the agenda for Monday, but I had to take a picture and share it. 

We have found a new church home and are really excited about it. It's a little bigger than I originally wanted, but we've been attending for about two months now and I know it's where God wants us. Colbi LOVES church, which is awesome because they have an AMAZING (every time I use that word, I think of Kidd Kraddick and how he thought it was totally overused......oh well) children's ministry. 

Any who, this is Colbi's "official" first church art project. The "teachers" in Colbi's class are so sweet. Colbi has now graduated to the "see ya later Mom!" when we drop off her, which is nice. 


On to our Monday! 

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to work on taking one full day out of the week to NOT WORK. Sounds funny. I've been trying to get better about my client scheduling and having actual days that I work and ones I don't. Mondays have become a day that I keep Colbi home with me (for sure) and spend sometime with her! 

Yesterday, we ran errands because let's face it, it's too cold to do anything else. We needed some groceries and I had a few other errands to run, but she makes a great shopping buddy! A little goldfish always help to keep her busy in the store.

She was saying hello to the deli lady.

I hate shopping at Wal-Mart, but to be honest, it's convenient sometimes. I needed an oil change, so why not kill two birds with one stone? 

We finished out the day with a nap, some laundry, and dinner with the family at Chuy's (yumm-o!) for my sister's birthday. 

Hope it's a good day!!!!
(She is 21 plus a few!! )

Monday, February 10, 2014

Donut Monday

It was a MESS, but Colbi loves her some chocolate sprinkle donut holes!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A little trip to Canton

I LOVE going to Canton. And, for anyone who may not have ever heard of it (which is few and far between I'm sure), it's this huge "flea" market (I use that word loosely, because while they do have junk, mostly everything is nice) Canton, TX holds the first Monday of every month. As a child, I wasn't into it AT ALL. I understand why kids aren't stoked about going to Canton and shop all day, but as an adult, I don't want them there anyway with me! HA! 

Colbi did go with me this time and she did pretty well surprisingly. 

Are we excited or what?!

It's a little over an hour from us, so the ride wasn't horrible. It was a girl's trip with Mom, Jenna, and Avery. 

"You're gonna hear me ROAR." Yes. We were listening to Kids Pop Radio. 

After a few hours of shopping, she fell asleep 10 minutes before we left. Go figure!
Your typical ride home with Gigi. The girls love her. She's super entertainment. 

And, back home. Isn't this picture awesome?!

Next time, we will be leaving the kiddos at home but everyone needs to experience the greatness that is Canton. I'm sure they'll grow to love it! :-)