Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Ok, so nothing like waiting till actual Halloween to try and get some good shots of Colbi's first Pumpkin Patch (and by Pumpkin Patch, I mean pumpkin display in the middle of the outside shopping mall). Gigi and Pops came to meet us out, which was nice because we got some pictures with Colbi and the two of them too!

 Oh. My. Goodness. She is one cute baby! 

 Three generations of women!

 Ahhhhhh. They love her SO much!

We may try and go back to get some pictures with Daddy this weekend at some point. 

Happy first Halloween Colbi!!!! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween, a little early

My sister threw a Halloween party last night at their new house for the Hood peeps. It was really fun!

Avery was a vet and Colbi dressed up as a cow. "Moooooo!"

I think this is our first "out of the hospital" family picture. Hmmmm.
Leslie and her new friend Bryan.
Avery really likes Uncle Dave.
Dad and Mom were 'Hood Rats', cute huh! 

I love this picture. Avery was talking to Colbi and Colbi was looking right at her.

Is this the cutest picture or what?!

Colbi did SO good at the party. Everyone got to hold her, which hasn't happened I think ever. She is extremely happy ever since she has been getting some good rest, which makes me feel good. She didn't cry once at Jenna's! 

I love Hood parties. We had a Jack In The Box costume and it was awesome, of course I didn't get a picture. Avery wasn't too sure about it though, it scared her a bit. She is such a funny kid! She sang the ABC's and Bible song for everyone last night too, that's one smart kid! 

It was a good time and my little calf was the cutest one there.
(Do I sound like a proud Mommy or what?!)

Friday, October 26, 2012


Let me preface by saying, Dave and I feel like retards as far as the whole sleeping in the crib thing goes. Like my dad said " and learn." Ha!

Colbi went to the sitters yesterday and after the week we had, I thought for sure she would be really cranky and she'd call me to come get her. Surprisingly, Colbi did great! She even took a two hour nap. Say what?!

I asked her what her secret was and she said "change, feed, swaddle, snuggle, sleep." Hmmmm. Sounds like our routine EXCEPT the swaddle part.

We were told the new way to swaddle was with arms out (per the hospital and whoever is in charge of setting the safety standards for babies. Forgive me, I don't know the official name). And we just followed how they swaddled at the hospital. Well, Colbi didn't really sleep great starting about week 3 in her pack n play, so Dave and I basically put her where ever she would sleep (aka, the bouncy seat and rock n play). She slept well in the rock n play but, this morning she woke up SO happy! Duh, because she got her some really good sleep.

After Jenn told us her routine, we immediately tried it when we got home at bed time. We didn't even have to rock her hardly (although, I probably will still rock her because I love it). Dave put her down, drowsy but still awake, and she fell asleep on her own, IN HER CRIB. How horrible did I feel once we saw that?

Here's hoping she will get some better rest from now on, even at nap time.

And here's hoping I remember to keep trying stuff, even things we have already done, to find what works. This whole first time mom thing is hard!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Unhappy lady

I'm getting MAJOR cabin fever lately. I try to get Colbi out and about, for errands and such, but today I decided we were going to go window shopping at the local outside shopping center. Colbi did okay for the first 20 minutes (she happened to be sleeping). Once she woke up she just started SCREAMING! It was like she was having a nightmare and wasn't fully awake and then when she did open her eyes, she didn't know where she was. We happened to be in Ulta and I, of course, immediately left the store. Funny, when I walked in no one was there to help me open the door with the stroller but as I was leaving, the girl who worked there, opened the door right away. HA! 

This was her after her meltdown. Since it's an outside mall, she would be totally fine when we were outside but anytime I stepped inside a store, she made sure I knew she wasn't happy. 
I did manage to get some yogurt though! Yummy!
And she did fine once I got her out of her car seat. Little toot.

I need to remember to take my sling. I'm sure shopping would be much easier that way.

I'm trying really hard to help her adjust to new places. I don't really know any other way except just to take her places. She'll adjust. At some point. HA! Any pointers would be lovely! 

She did end up screaming all the way home and I ended up stopping at the local soccer field parking lot to feed her. 

Have I mentioned the past two days have been completely exhausting?

She goes back to the babysitter Thursday and Friday and I'm counting down the hours. Okay, not really, but I'm craving some adult time. I miss working everyday. 

And, just an update on the crib transition...........

Dave and I decided to wait until Thanksgiving weekend. To be honest, I just don't feel like I can do it alone. Being up all night with her and being with her all day.....I don't trust myself. The Cry It Out method may work for some but I just can't do it at this point. I know she hates to lay flat and she likes to be rocked to sleep that just laying her in there to go to sleep just isn't going to happen right now. Dave said he would feel better if he could be a part so I don't want to shoot myself. We'll see. I don't want to rush her just because.......but she can't continue to sleep in her rock 'n play forever. 

On a positive note, I set a goal to run at least three times a week no matter what, and I've done it the past two weeks. And it feels awesome. Here's hoping in a few more weeks, I'll be back to where I want to be. Honestly, I was a little under weight when I got pregnant with Colbi so, I really only want to loose about 10-12 more lbs to be happy. And then, I'll want to loose about 5lbs probably.

I have realized I'm a goal orientated person. New challenges make me happy :)

Next challenge? Jenna and I are going to run a 5K in January. It'll be my first. Yay!

Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Month Update

Colbi, you are three whole months old! I can't believe it!

You are getting so big! I'm not completely sure how much you weigh, but I'm guessing you've gained about a pound since your last doctor visit. You will go back in four weeks and we'll see!

You wear a size 2 diaper, 3-6 month clothing depending on the brand. Your 3 month pants are becoming too short.....I think this will be a continual problem thru out life. Ha!

You are still nursing well, thank goodness. You eat 5-6 times a day, about 6ish oz. per feeding (although your nighttime feeding tends to be a little more). No formula yet, I'm hoping we can continue with just breast milk for awhile longer. I don't like specific timelines with you, so we will just play it by ear.

You already have a bit of separation anxiety, which I am hoping going to the babysitters will help. You are okay in new places after about an hour of screaming it out. We need to work on that! Mommy and Daddy get awful embarrassed when you act like "that" baby. We know its just a phase.

You have been sleeping great! Anywhere from 6-8 hour straight, although we started last night the transition to your crib and you HATE it. I know it's the laying flat part, and I don't think you're a fan of your mattress. Last night was ROUGH for Mommy, but that gummy smile can make anything better.

You are grabbing lots of things these days, fingers, your bottle, your paci (you love to pull it out and put it back in, I think you think it's funny!), and are starting to grab my hair. You are also much more interested in stuff, cups, sounds,'s so fun to watch you follow things around the room.

Gigi and Pops still see you at least once a week. It drives Pops crazy you won't sleep on his chest because you are more worried about sitting up. I have a feeling you will sit up way before you roll over. Although, you are a pro at tummy time. You just won't roll over yet! Gigi and Pops love you so much!

Avery is becoming more fun with you. She knows exactly who you are and seems concerned when you cry or are unhappy. I love that y'all will be at the same daycare!

Ooma and Papa also enjoy their time with you and love you. We went down to visit them for a few hours this weekend. You weren't at all sure about your surroundings and it took sometime to adjust. But it was fun for Brenna, Braiden, Aunt Kristen, and Uncle CJ to spend a little time with you too. Braiden thinks you don't like him, you cry when he holds you. Maybe next time you can smile instead? :)

We all love you so much! You are such a funny, independent little lady already and Daddy and Mommy love holding you and loving on you. You like to cuddle and that makes weekends really fun for us.

{I can't help but think this picture is adorably funny....she looks like my Aunt Johnnie without her teeth. HA!}

Colbi, you make us so happy and we feel incredibly lucky God chose us to be your parents!

We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First day success

So, the first day at the babysitters was a success! I managed to catch a picture before we walked in. She literally just woke up before I walked her in.

I wasn't as worried as I thought I would be. Colbi is going to the same lady that watches Avery everyday. She is very warm and I immediately felt great about leaving her there. I was more worried about Colbi screaming her head off and then her telling me it wasn't going to work out. Lol.

She sent me a text with this picture. She said ".....her eyebrows are so expressive! This is her milk happy face!"

She was so happy when I picked her up and Jen said she did awesome. She even napped! And, evidently, Colbi still likes to be swaddled. Go figure! Which is good to know because I'm pretty sure we are trying the transition to her crib tonight........

She goes back next week and I'm so excited for her! I think Avery will like it too! Avery was a little confused when I showed up, she didn't know what to think! Jen said Avery even helped "feed" Colbi. I'm so glad Colbi has a cousin. I think it'll be a special relationship for them both.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Wedding and Colbi news

This past weekend we went to our first wedding! Colbi did pretty well, she had a fit during the ceremony (I'm pretty sure it was due to hunger, poor thing). Trying to plan stuff around her eating schedule is virtually impossible. I've learned to just roll with the punches and go with it, otherwise, we would never go anywhere.

The reception was beautiful! I wish we would have had a babysitter though, they had an open bar! What, what!! Oh well. All the Pecor clan was there, that hasn't happened in awhile.

I love this picture. It's just so sweet.

Anywho, it was a fun night. And Colbi slept pretty well that night too! We ended up leaving at 930 and they still hadn't cut the cake! Boo! Dave and I were bummed. We stopped for a blizzard instead.

I just had to post a few favorite pictures of this week........

Is this bow not ridiculous? I love sticking over-the-top-bigger-than-life bows and flowers on her.

Colbi is going for her first day of daycare tomorrow! Say a little prayer for her and me! I'm actually excited about it. I know it'll be great for her to be around other kids and it will be good for me to have some more free time to be at the salon. Luckily for us, my niece's babysitter said she would watch her part time until my suite is finished and then full time. I feel so much better leaving her with someone that has taken such great care of Avery.

I'm hoping I don't completely loose it though when I drive away. I'm pretty tough but I'm kind of attached to her too! :)

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Life lately

It appears I only blog on Mondays. Oh well. I don't just have a ton to blog about these days. Except for these two awesome people! 

 My daughter looks exactly like her daddy. I mean, spitting image. Especially when he is holding her. We had a nice Sunday around here. Dave slept in a bit because he was working on his truck till super late Saturday night. He had to get up and drive it around and take back some tools Sunday midday. And then my parents came over for a little bit to see us. Colbi is just a bonus for them. HA! Colbi was being a little fussy yesterday. I'm thinking she may have hit her 3 month growth spurt......she has just been fighting naps lately. Boo. As long as she gets one good nap, she is usually ok. 


I was a super tired girl this morning for some reason. Luckily, she woke up at her normal 4:30am so I got some good sleep before that. And then, woke up at 6:30am but, I quickly grabbed her and put her in bed with me until about 8ish. I'm not really a co-sleeping kind of person, but I will stick her in bed with me in the mornings to cheat and get a little more sleep. I don't count that. 

This is typically what our mornings look like. I put her on the body pillow and she just passes out. It's awesome. 

Colbi is doing very well. She is just growing right before our eyes. She is grabbing EVERYTHING, she talks all the time (especially if she feels like people aren't paying attention to her), and is getting passed the laying down while rocking phase and pretty much wants to sit up and rock. My newborn is now a baby. 


In other news, this is what we caught last night!

Ew, gross! Saturday night while I was rocking Colbi before bed, I swore I saw a mouse run across the floor. I told Dave and in the middle of him still working on his truck at 10pm, he wasn't super worried about it. Flash forward to last night, same exact thing happened except this time I ran outside to tell Dave and we caught it. I HATE mice. It makes me feel like my house is dirty because they are just super creepy to me. I know it's because they are building houses by our neighborhood, but I kept asking Dave how it would have gotten in. Anyway, it's now exploring some other place. Thank goodness. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Week at the Salon and Colbi update

It's already October! Oh. My. Goodness. I can't believe it. 

My first week at the salon was a good one! Better than expected, which is always nice, and I'm working a few different ideas to help "build" my business. It's definitely different working for yourself, I've never done it. The freedom to come and go as I please and make my own schedule is something new so, I'm still adjusting. 

I'm also trying to work on not worrying so much. This whole thing is new territory to me. I know what I'm doing as a stylist, but as far as building my business and having faith it'll all work out is something I have to work on daily. I was talking to my sister the other day and she said something very true:

God WANTS to bless us with things that make us happy and full fill us. 

I guess I'm always just waiting for something bad to happen. I'm consistently waiting for the bad news, for things to not work out. I don't really know why. I guess just because by nature I'm a survivor and I'm always planning for things to "live through". Horrible way to live life, I'm the first to admit it. And I know I need to have more faith. To trust God. To know that he will never give me anything too big to handle or that I can't take. It's just hard when you step out on that ledge with hopes that all will be okay and you won't fail. Some people never go through life taking a chance.........doing things different. I have faith it'll all work out, I just have to remind myself that everyday. 

Saturday was a good day though. I was completely booked at the salon and when I got home (after the awesome drive in the monsoon), my chair and mat had arrived! Woohoo! It's funny how excited you get about salon equipment. HA!

On another note, Colbi had a hard weekend. She had some major congestion going on Saturday, which meant Saturday night was fun. It was her first night in her room (she's still sleeping in the rock 'n play) but, she did well. I ended up sleeping on the floor that night, mainly because I was paranoid about her breathing. We did a steamy shower at about 4AM, helped to clean out some of it but the humidifier I bought the next day really helped. Needless to say, she is better.

We went for a walk today because the weather was SO awesome! 

Walks tend to put her to sleep but the big lab we own always wakes her up once we return. SO frustrating. She took another small nap once we settled back in. But that's TWO naps today she has taken IN HER CRIB. Even though they are short naps (about 20ish minutes), it still counts. :)