Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Mondays

Oh.....Where. To. Start. I have way to many Not Me moments this past week. Some might be a little TMI for y'alls taste, ah well.
Last week was full of busy days. It was certainly not me who went to mystic tan for the wedding and then didn't get the chance to shower for 24 hours. Yuck. I know! But with work, getting a tad bit of shut eye, and an early morning full of loading, driving, and decorating time for a shower was just not in the agenda. And my sweet husband, he still said I looked and smelled wonderful. Tee hee!
After the wedding it was certainly not me who laid around ALL day Sunday recovering. Catching a little shut eye (I DID shower though :) and cleaning just a bit was pretty much everything I accomplished on Sunday.
And last but not least, it is not me who still hasn't managed to get her kitchen sink fixed. This makes it three weeks since it has been broken. A good wife would "encourage" her husband to take care of this task but not me. I have been too busy to even say a word or guilt her hubby into fixing it. He has been just as busy. But it is me who will make this happen this week. Washing dishes in the sink filled with bath water has been happening long enough! I swear we are much "higher" class than that. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

And here she is, the beautiful bride who is now Mrs. Jason Whitehead. Isn't she just gorgeous? The wedding was very sweet and turned out great, no major issues or catastrophes. Everything started on time, which with Jenna is an enormous feat. Leslie did a beautiful job reading the poem "On Love" and I did do a toast but have absolutely no idea what I said. HA!

Let me just tell you how wonderful the cakes were! Yummy!!! And so beautiful. My mom found this very cool place called The Cake Guys and they just do an extraordinary job. Check them out and the prices are exceptional!! That mom of mine, isn't she a smart lady?

And my very sweet friend Amber. She came out and did almost everyone's make-up in the wedding party. Super quick too! It was so very nice of her. Amber is of my dearest friends and now matter what if I need something she is right there helping. You know who your true friends are when you need help and there isn't any payment for it. Tee hee.
Dave then decided we should get up this morning to go fish. Yikes. Windy? Check. Cold? Check. Choppy water? Check. It wasn't just the pleasant of all days to be on the water but he did catch a fish so I guess it was worth it. And me?
Well, I was pooped from all the weekend festivities so I decided to take a little nap. I'm still not fully rested but my few little naps on the lake did help!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

All about Jenna

Jenna. Remember this picture? The imaginary boyfriend you brought to my wedding? He was super nice and polite. And you thought you would never find your true Prince Charming. And then.....
A few months later you found him! Someone who makes you laugh, loves you unconditionally, and someone who truly "gets" you.
The so-far away idea of being married and spending your life with someone became a reality. On October 19, 2009 you said yes to a future of dinner planning and cooking, a never ending laundry pile, co-decision making, and let's not forget true love. But that doesn't change one thing.....
That you will forever be my sister. And Leslie's sister. Even though your last name will change...

And even though our time together might dwindle a little due to kids, distance, and dare I say "time with the hubby"
You have always been such a funny, smart, witty, beautiful woman. Such a joy to be around.
There is always plenty of laughter when you are around. Plenty of jokes and in-side teasers.
I hope you know how truly happy I am for you and Jason. I hope Saturday is everything you hope it will be. I hope Jason knows how special you are and how lucky he is to marry you. I hope when you walk down the aisle he sees just how beautiful you are inside and out. Married life is one of the most precious things on Earth. Always put your husband first (after God of course), build him up emotionally and mentally, use encouraging words, love him with all your heart, and never, ever leave the house without saying "I love you".

I will forever cherish the times we have had and many more wonderful memories we will have in the future. Best wishes for a wonderful life together! I love you J!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not me Mondays

I found myself this morning looking forward to the Not Me Mondays as I was standing in line at the glorious Walmart waiting, and waiting, and waiting.......
It was not me who found myself counting to ten as the lady in front of me at the check out counter had just about every ad in the Sunday paper. I know, wait let me say "understand" the need to comparison shop and save money but really? Why is it always the lady in front me? Why can't she be behind me? Being one of the most high strung, impatient people alive it's hard to wait on others. But I'm learning. Slowly.
Our kitchen sink has been broken for, well going on two weeks now. Geez. It was surely not me who keeps stuffing everything in the dish washer without pre-rinsing. Might I add it takes two cycles usually to actually get them clean? I'm afraid of my water bill for the upcoming month.
Do you ever just feel incredibly guilty for things you ate over the past few days, knowing (more like feeling) the pounds just adding up? I would never stuff my face with all the delicious, heavenly treats my mom brought to Jenna's party without concern for the fact I am in a wedding in a few days. Oh but it was so worth it. I mean really. Have you had a mini pound cake of hers?
Check out all the "Not me" moments here. Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Almost here! The countdown is on.....

What does every bride-to-be need a week before her wedding? A night out with the girls!

and we can't forget a pink cowboy hat with a pink sash
or her mother and sister (poor Leslie had to work late)

Or her soon-to-be sister and mother in law

or a childhood friend named Brittany

or another old friend named Tanna

AND one of our favorites friends Kate

in a nice place with a good atmosphere and the Pecor women

and of course a good time with great company.
Only 6 more days till she says "I Do". After 30 years of waiting and wondering, my sister found her soul mate. I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I love my life

One of the things I love about fishing is this. When you're out on the water, watching the sun set and imagining the life living under the water below you. It's deep I know. When I am out on the water I just look around finding myself thinking "What an amazing God to have created such beauty." Sometimes my little brain just can not comprehend the extent of God being able to create such an amazing view as the one above.
My other favorite thing! Watching Dave. It fills my cup. He is so happy and content on the lake, fishing, switching poles, looking at the fish finder. It makes me happy that he is happy. And he is pretty good eye candy! HA!!

What does Dave do on a cold, rainy Saturday morning? Well he messes with all his fishing gear of course! I never worry about Dave finding some to "tinker" in because between his fishing stuff, hunting gear, and the boat he always has something to do. Can you believe this weather? First day of spring? More like last day of winter!

And what do two sisters do on a cold, rainy Saturday morning? Well we get Jenna's hair done, that's what! I didn't get an after picture but I will tonight at her party! Hollar!!! We did have a fun filled morning that consisted of Starbucks, donuts, fun stories, and some good girl talk! And a beautiful bride-to-be with new highlights!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Five

#1: After a long week full of work, a broken fence (which Dave fixed), a broken kitchen sink (on the agenda to be fixed) and little sleep here I am waiting on the love of my life to get home so we can go fish tonight. Poor Dave, he has had one busy week! So we are "taking the night off" and going to the lake. Isn't it funny the older you get how the things that used to relax you just don't hit the spot anymore? Before we probably would have chosen a night out on the town. Those days are long gone.

#2: Jenna's bachelorette party is tomorrow. WOOHOO! Should be a fun night out with the girls and hopefully a bride-to-be who survives. Muah, muah, muah!

#3: Can I just tell you how much I love Charming Charlies? OMG. I have blogged about how much I love this store but was reminded today as I found myself arriving there this afternoon, it was not on the agenda for today. But I did find the best candles. Circle E Candles and my new favorite fragrance, Ambrosia. Yummy!

#4: Got my hair done yesterday, one of my absolute favorite things to do. It's back blonde. My hair lady is the best too! Her name is Miss Amy Faust at McKenzie Studios in Mansfield so if anyone is looking for a new hair stylist go see her!! She is phenomeonal.

#5: I enjoyed a great lunch today sitting at Bakery on the Hill in Uptown Village. All alone, just me myself and I. Although who would of thought a salad and "individual" quiche (which was the lunch special) would have cost $12? It was good but not $12 good. Ah well, they have the most delicious pasteries, cookies, and cakes there. I decided to opt out of any calorie hogging treats today, I'll save those calories for another day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A day on the boat

Remember this? Our boat? The one I hadn't been out on since we drove all the way to Wichita Falls to get??
Well I finally got the chance (and time) to spend an afternoon out on the lake with my handsome fisherman! The weather has been just beautiful! So with my flip flops and sunglasses on Dave and I spent a relaxing, joyous Saturday afternoon napping fishing. Yes I admit it, I took a little nap while we were out there but it was just what we needed.

I mean, who wouldn't want to fish with this handsome guy?! Dave only caught one fish that day, evidently the bass aren't "spawning" yet. Ah well, I'm sure there will be many fish in Dave's future.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday's List: Bucket Lists

Not only am I excited that it's Tuesday (because you know I love to participate in the "Tuesday's List" that love from Texas does every week) but Dave and I have been without Internet for four days so it's nice to feel "connected" again. Although it was inconvenient nice to have a little break. On to my bucket list! These are a few things I would love to do at some point in my life!
  • Take a trip to Europe, especially Germany and Normandy.
  • Build our dream house
  • Buy a ton of land with a nice little pond so we can fish
  • Take Dave to Las Vegas (he has never been)
  • Hold a Disciple Now at my house with a group of teenage girls (this was SO fun when I was a teenager)
  • Have a girls trip with my mom and sisters/and a separate one with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law
  • Attend one Packer Game in Wisconsin
  • Visit New York at Christmas
  • Go on a cruise
  • Meet Dave Matthews (this I know is crazy! But hey you never know)
  • Stand outside in the crowd during the taping of the Today Show
  • Perform one unselfish deed for someone in need and not tell anyone about it
  • Have a little mini-Dave and maybe a little Brooke ;)
  • Have my house decorated by a professional decorator
  • Send Dave on a "guys" trip to Alaska for him to hunt and fish
  • Visit Emily in California
  • Own my own tanning salon (for some reason I have always wanted to own a tanning salon, go figure!)

I'm sure there are many more things I want to do/accomplish before my time on Earth is up. For now I'll leave you with those! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Not a lot going on here!

Nothing but a ton of work going on this week. Mainly just doing housework, working, sleeping, watching a little TV. Crazy exciting huh? I managed to make some perfect pancakes this morning, yummy!

I also tried a new salmon patty recipe. Believe it or not, Dave actually likes salmon patties. So I did find a recipe I wanted to try out before making them for Dave. Although I believe I cooked them a little too long. But they were good. And along with some steamed veggies and green beans lunch was wonderful!!

On another note, did anyone catch the Real Housewives of OC Reunion? I still love Vicki. I hope she comes back next season, how scary would the show be with just Gretchen, Alexis, and Lynn? Ugh.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuesday's List: Wish List

I love Tuesday's Lists. It's just fun to me. Today's list consists of our "Wish List" so it's all the fun things we wish for. Ah to be rich and have lots of money (and time) to spend it!

One of the things I told Dave when we were on our honeymoon (in Disney World) was that I wished we had enough money to go back at all the "big" year anniversaries, just the two of us, to "re-kindle" our romance. We had such a great time on our honeymoon. It's very hard to not to be happy at the happiest place on Earth. Plus, Disney World is one of those places where it stays the same but is always better every time you go back. I have been lucky to have been three times. Unless we win the lottery, I do not foresee us being able to go back as much I liked too.
Toyota Forerunner. I miss driving around in a vehicle that sits up high. And if I get my way (which is highly doubtful) when my Accord dies, several years from now, I'll be able to buy my dream car. Anything really but I like Toyota and have always liked the Forerunner.

I love long hair. I SO wish I could grow mine out. I just simply can't get passed that awkward shoulder length hair phase. I usually always cut mine off because it drives me bananas. I love the long hair and bang look although there is no way I would do bangs. That is one look I know doesn't look good on me.

Have you seen the new Mac Notebooks? Holy Molly! These things are cool. Except they are just way too expensive. I mean, beyond anything I would actually pay for a computer. Maybe when the price comes down some and I sell a kidney I'll be able to buy it. HA!!

This is my number one pick. If I could wish for anything, right this very second I would wish for brand new leather furniture for my living room. I can't tell you how much I need it. This will be our next "big" purchase at some point but I am way to practical and until I can justify another monthly payment we won't be purchasing it any time soon. It's on our list of things to get though.

You can go here to check out all the other Wish Lists. Isn't it fun just to look and not buy? (insert sarcasm).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A few of my favorites......

Sitting here watching the 82nd Academy Awards and can I just say WOW!! It's insane how many actresses actually look normal and beautiful. To me it's either one or the other. The dresses this year are just gorgeous. So I thought I would share a few of my favorite dresses along with the actresses who wore them!

Sandra Bullock. I love her. She just seems so normal. I hope she wins for Best Actress but I am predicting the girl from Precious will which would be okay too. At least it's a performance worthy win for either of them. We'll see if my prediction comes true!
Zoe Saldana. I love her, ever since I saw Center Stage. She, to me, is one of the prettiest people in Hollywood. And you don't hear much from her either. Wasn't her dress just beautiful??

Diane Kruger. I'll be honest, I recognize this actress but not to familiar. I just love how her dress fits her and the color/pattern. This is something (if I could afford it and had some place to wear it) I would buy. I love pink and black.

Sarah Jessica Parker. Geez, this lady is just too stylish. She always looks so tan and every color looks amazing on her. I also always love her hair. Whoever her hair stylist is knows what looks great on her.
And my favorite! Demi Moore. The color alone matches her skin tone almost to a tee and WOW. I sincerely hope I look that good when I'm her age (I guess I should start working out then huh!). She has such beautiful shoulders to be wearing a strapless dress. I also love the way the guy in the background looks like he is staring at her tush. HA!!
What were some of your favorites?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Tradition

Dave and I have a new tradition with two of our friends. All the new 3D movies that are showing in theaters we make a date and go see together!

This is Jared and Addie. Jared and Dave have been friends for a long time, since elementary school. They are our "movie" buddies if you will. The only picture I have of them is from our rehearsal dinner. Jared was dressed up as Wayne from "Wayne's World" and Addie was Juno. It took me a minute to figure out who she was. Funny thing is she is now 8 1/2 months pregnant and let me just say, the girl is gorgeous. Cutest pregnant lady ever! They are due at the beginning of April and are having a boy. Still haven't shared the name though, it's a secret. Dave and I are dying to know.
Ah Tim Burton.......he is a quirky one! This Alice in Wonderland was like the original but not. His own spin on it you know. I liked it, two thumbs up from me (if that matters to any of you wonderful peeps). And Johnny Deep was awesome, as always.
I think I would catch the matinee though. We always seem to go on Friday night with all the young-ins. Except at least this time they didn't talk through out the whole movie!