Saturday, June 30, 2012

37 Weeks and New furniture

We have had a busy few days. We decided that we finally needed some new furniture, so we've spent the past few days really looking around. I hated to buy new furniture (I'm kind of cheap to be honest) but, it was time. I AM glad that we shopped around though to find something that we really liked and got a good deal on. 

 I'm SO excited about the entertainment center we got. I've NEVER had a nice entertainment center so it was something we knew we wanted, mainly because we needed something with doors that we could keep for a long while. Ours looks like this except we didn't get the top part, our TV is already hung on the wall. 
We got a new couch, loveseat, and recliner. Dave was very specific that he wanted his own chair. Men. HA! All recline and are really nice. Don't Dave and I look great relaxing in this picture? :) I can't wait for it all to be delivered next weekend. I would have LOVED to have it sooner but we are giving our furniture now to my sister, so we needed some time to move it all.


In other news...............

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 37 weeks
Size of baby: About 20 inches long, weighs a little over 6 lbs (hopefully!)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: not even counting anymore J
Maternity Clothes: maternity dresses, jeans, and pants…a mix of regular tops and maternity
Gender: A girl! Colbi Morgan Petty
Movement: All the time! More of a rolling, punching type movement now
Sleep: Pretty much non-existent, I sleep a little each night. I sleep better in the early mornings when Dave has gotten up for work. I’m counting down the days until our new furniture comes because I’ll be sleeping on that until she makes her appearance! :)
What I miss: Feeling normal. All is included in that!
Cravings: nothing particular this week
Symptoms: swollen feet and hands, acid reflex, heartburn, back pain

Best moment this week: Being able to rest! I’ve taken so many naps this week, I feel lazy! But I’m trying to soak it up now and not worry about it.

I CAN"T believe we're this far along. I had several contractions yesterday but nothing super serious. Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Political Rant.

This is a clip from HBO's The Newsroom, IT HAS FOUL LANGUAGE, so if you don't want to watch it because of have fair warning. I just think it's too good not to share, but please listen tp the WHOLE thing.

I do not believe this to be Anti-American. I believe this to be the view of some writer who evidently, has lived thru many major issues in this country over the past few decades. And you know, I do believe most of what he writes to be true. This country isn't the greatest country in the world......but it used to be. And it can be again. I love living here, it's a great nation. But it's exhausting living in a country where we have now become a country of "entitlement" and "I'm owed."

I woke up at 6am this morning and from the time I got up, the Supreme Court decision(s) were the only thing being covered on most major news stations. Obviously, if you watch any news at all, you know how the vote went on Obamacare and the Fast and Furious case with Attorney General Eric Holder. If you do not want to hear my opinion on either of these, I vote you shut down your browser and return later for regularly scheduled programming about "normal" life. I just can't not share my opinion. It's too important. THIS is too important. 

I'm about to have a baby. Do you know how scary it is to know that the Supreme Court, the highest level of authority, just voted that every American must purchase health insurance by 2014 or be taxed? Penalized. Charged for NOT doing something people in power, that WE THE PEOPLE elected, decided for us.............

Let me preface by saying this, I believe every American should have the opportunity for health insurance. My family has it and it is NOT cheap. We pay a pretty penny for it. I'm all for figuring out some type of coverage that is affordable and available for Americans, even when their employers don't offer coverage. What scares me is that by mandating either get insurance or be taxed, we are creating an "entitlement" culture (even worse so than there is now) into MY generation and my DAUGHTER'S generation. Life isn't fair. It never has been. Go back and read history. Was it fair that over 6 million Jews were killed and murdered by a man who clearly was evil? No. Is it fair that 3,000 Americans died in 2001 by territorists? Absolutely not. There is nothing fair about what happens in life. Nothing.

So why is it, we are now trying to "even the playing field" by making everything mandated by the government? I completely agree that insurance companies and the health care field have done this to themselves. They have risen the cost of health care over the years so completely and utterly high that most employers don't want to pay the taxes and coverage for their employees. Insurance companies have made it so incredibly difficult to get coverage if you have a "pre-existing" condition that pregnancy is even considered one. Are you kidding me? Half of this whole problem is their own stupid fault. But the other half............the half that wants coverage for people who don't pay taxes, are here illegally, or just likes the idea of a socialist society..........well........that's just stupidity.

I believe every child in American has the right to health care, regardless if their parents are citizens or not. But at what point do we, as Americans and humans, hold other's accountable? I come from a family of workers. We work. We get up and go to work everyday, regardless of how much we might hate it, regardless of what kind of people we have to deal with daily, regardless of the weather, how sick I am, whatever. Why is it fair that I do what I'm suppose to do while other's choose not to do the right thing? You know's not. Life isn't fair. It's not suppose to be. Why do you think God made us all different with different talents and gifts? BECAUSE THAT'S THE WAY HE WANTED IT.

How boring would life be if we all made the same amount of money, had the same amount of kids, looked the same, lived in the same type of house, wore the same type of clothes............what possible thing would you have to work towards? NOTHING. So why are certain people in office trying to making everything fair?I have my own personal opinion on that, but I won't share it. This nation was set up for capitalistic society with the opportunity for growth. What do you say to my friend's dad who went thru the entire process of becoming an American citizen so many years ago to now find out, he really didn't have to do that. He could have been here the entire time and just "grandfathered" in to become a citizen. The current political party just spit in his face and said "You don't need to do the right's not really important." And you know what, if this health insurance coverage is SO great, why does NO ONE  in government have to participate in it? Why are their children not forced into it? They are all excluded from it. Hmmmmm. Must be nice. But we're suppose to buy that this is for the good of all the American people. Right.

So, at what point does it stop? At what point we say, NO! ENOUGH. 

I don't have the answer, this is way beyond me. But I do know that the only way for me to express my thoughts and opinions is to not be afraid to share it and to VOTE. It's a simple answer. And then, to trust in God for the rest. And pray. Pray for my daughter, pray for my family, pray for our country. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

36 Weeks

(This picture is a little blurry but oh well. You get the idea :)

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 36 weeks
Size of baby: About 20 inches long, weighs a little over 6 lbs (hopefully!)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: not even counting anymore 
Maternity Clothes: maternity dresses, jeans, and pants…a mix of regular tops and maternity
Gender: A girl! Colbi Morgan Petty
Movement: All the time! More of a rolling, punching type movement now
Sleep: Pretty much non-existent, I sleep a little each night. I sleep better in the early mornings when Dave has gotten up for work. I’m up usually by 4am and back to sleep about 7am. Boo.
What I miss: A WALK WITHOUT A WADDLE! Everyone comments on it.
Cravings: sandwiches and chips
Symptoms: swollen feet and hands, acid reflex, heartburn
 Best moment this week: Had the Hood shower Saturday and it was SO fun. My back is finally starting to feel better after having pulled a muscle. Thank goodness

I go back to the doctor Thursday and I'm hoping he will check and see if any progress has been made. I'm assuming no, but we can wish can't we?! We've started a poll in the family for Colbi's arrival, Dad thinks July 10th. 

What's YOUR guess?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Colbi's final shower

We had our last shower last night with the 'Hood', which is always a fun time! The fun thing is that now everyone is starting to have kids, so now all the "kid's" kids come too! There were four little toddlers running around last night and it was SO entertaining.

Our friends Rhonda and Steve hosted the shower along with three other ladies. Rhonda's house is so nice and they live in the same town we do, so it was convenient! 

We had a nice dinner of Eddlemon's (it's awesome BBQ in Grand Prairie), played some games, and opened gifts! 

 Uncle Dave reading to Avery. 

The hosts had a great idea, instead of bringing cards everyone was asked to bring a book with an inscription written inside to start Colbi's book collection. I LOVE that idea! So did the kids! All the kids were playing with the toys and books, especially Avery! She found a "Melmo" book and kept taking it to adults to read.

 The sun is glaring in this picture but their pool is A-MAZING! 

 Avery is the only girl in the group but she sure can hold her own! She is one smart little girl!

All the hood parents, it's a bad picture but the only one I have. We sure do appreciate all they do for us!

I must say, we (Dave and I) feel a little guilty. Colbi has gotten so much stuff. We literally don't have anything else to get for her. Between all the showers, our friends and family have done so much for us. We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives who care and go out of their way to make Colbi's arrival so special. I can't help but be so incredibly grateful without feeling guilty. I know the only way to keep saying thank you is to return the favor for other's in my life. 

I'll leave you with a video of Miss Avery. Enjoy!

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Fisher Man

Dave got to go deep sea fishing this past weekend and he did pretty well!

He caught this 26.5lb red snapper and brought some home so we could eat it! Yum!!! I can't wait!

My mom and I had some quality time together this weekend too! She came to stay with me while Dave was away "just in case". We didn't want me to go into labor alone. Lol. Of course that didn't happen, but it did give us a good excuse for some girl time. Friday we spent the day shopping, Saturday we laid out, and yesterday we spent the day celebrating Father's day. It was a good weekend!

Thanks for coming to stay with me Mom! I enjoyed it! :)

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

I am SO lucky to have married such a great man. We are just weeks away from meeting our little girl and as ready as I am, Dave is even more excited. He is going to be an extraordinary father. 

 My dad always says in every man there is a young boy that never really grows up, and that women should never make that part of them grow up. And you know what, he is right! The ability for my husband to play with kids, find fun in almost anything, and not take like so seriously is something I admire about him. My husband is a great provider, a loyal partner, and an all around great best friend. He is a fabulous son, a terrific son-in-law, and strives daily to love me even when I make it hard. I know WITHOUT a doubt, Colbi will idolize her dad because he is that wonderful.

And lucky for me, I have my own great Dad I get to brag on!

My dad has always been someone you can talk to, or not and just sit with if that helps. He is fun and witty. And the older I get, the more and more I truly enjoying spending time with him and my mom. He has been a loyal partner to my mom, a man of integrity, and someone who's opinion I really value. He loves Avery and she loves him. I can't wait to see him with Colbi. I remember how much I loved my Pappaw and I'm sure Colbi will feel the exact same way about her Pops. 

Thank you Dad for always loving us, being a good role model, and being supportive. Happy Father's Day! We love you!

Dave, Brooke, and Colbi

Monday, June 11, 2012


We had a visitor come stay with us Friday night! 

We went out to dinner with Jenna, Jason, and Avery and on the way to our cars, I asked if Avery could come stay the night with us. Luckily, it is SO easy now to keep kids because we actually have stuff suitable for young kids. And, we got to use the video monitor! 

 We had cereal and muffins for breakfast. That's actually Avery's highchair Jenna gave us so again, it comes in handy!
 I love this picture.

My husband is going to be a great dad. He LOVES kids and it drives him crazy if kids aren't responsive to him. Avery and Dave played and played. He also gave her bath while I took a little nap. She is such a good kid. I mean, the kid is NEVER cranky or cries. She cried one time and that was mainly because she had some issues in the potty department. 
 Avery loves remotes. 

We had a great time and will watch her anytime! I can't wait to see the interaction between her and Colbi. I'm sure they will be trouble makers! :)

And then, last weekend we all went over to my parents to swim! Mom got Avery this life jacket and we couldn't help but laugh because it almost weighed her down. 

She is dare devil for sure. She loves the water, even though it was a little cold still. I think she'll be a fish before long.

Avery, we love you so much and just love the joy to bring to all our lives. Thanks for coming to visit us!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

33 Week Update

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 33 weeks

Size of baby: About 18
inches long, weighs a little over 4 lbs

Total Weight Gain/Loss: not even
counting anymore J

Maternity Clothes: maternity
dresses, jeans, and pants…a mix of regular tops and maternity

Gender: A girl!
Colbi Morgan Petty

Movement: All the
time! Early in the morning, after I eat, late at night

Sleep: Pretty much
non-existent, I sleep a little each night. I sleep better in the early mornings

What I miss: Feeling
normal, life before heartburn and acid reflex, bending down and not having a

Cravings: None really

Symptoms: Nauseous a
lot, fatigue, holy back pain! I can not get rid of this horrific pain in my
lower back

Best moment this week: Went to the doctor this week and everything is looking good. The showers
were great! We got to see some great friends and got some amazing gifts!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nursery preview and Petty Shower

The nursery is not quite done yet, but I thought I would share with you a preview of the progress. I'm LOVING the way it's coming together. 
 Recognize the wreath? Mom made it and Dave made the frame for it. I love it.

 Found that old frame in Canton already painted pink and Mom is making letters for her name we'll hang inside.
 Mom made the valence, which I LOVE. She also made some curtains we'll hang under it, so Colbi can have some shade while she naps. (Sidenote: I should probably learn how to do all these crafty things my Mom does.........I'm feeling a little lazy as I type this. HA!)
 We just have a few more things to get before the nursery is completely done. I'll make sure to post a picture  for the finished project.


We had the Petty side baby shower yesterday afternoon. It was nice! My MIL and SIL's hosted and everything was wonderful. We got to see some of Dave's friends we haven't seen in awhile and all their kiddos. Makes you feel so old when you haven't seen kids in awhile and they are big and growing up. The kids had a great time playing with each other. I wish I would have gotten a picture. C'Mere appreciated them coming too, because he got quite the work out!

 MeMaw is in town visiting and we got to spend some time with her. It's always nice when MeMaw visits, but it makes me miss my grandparents. My Pappaw would have LOVED to be here and play with these great grand babies. He would have a field day with Avery. And my Mimi would be pitching those little marsh mellows all. day. long. :(
 My friend and neighbor Heather dropped by and made us this! (I was secretly hoping she was going to make us one :) Thanks Heather for coming! I know you had a SUPER busy day yesterday! 
P.S. She is opening up an Etsy shop soon and she has some great stuff if you're interested!
And our other friend Traci made this! It has Colbi's name and the other heart is for her arrival date. The tree has the lyrics to Trace Adkins' song "Just Fishin", have you heard it? It reminds me of Dave. We were in Cotton Patch awhile back eating and I just about starting crying when it came on..........silly pregnancy hormones! 

It's been a busy couple of days. Shout out to the BEST mother in the world for coming to help me clean my house for the shower yesterday. Scrubbin' someone else's toilets, that's a mother's love cause Lord knows, I wouldn't be doing that for just anyone. The plan for the day is to go get some sun at the parents and enjoy a day of relaxation. Happy Sunday!