Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Five

#1. I think I have found my spiritual gift. I never really understood when I was younger why my mother consistently baked/cooked for other people at random times but over the past few months I have really began to grasp the concept of serving. I found myself last night staying up way too late, feeling like my mother years ago making treats for a benefit luncheon this morning. I know we all (or maybe just me) feel insignificant at times because we want to feel more important and as though we played a part but I am slowly learning the "worker bee" is just as important as any other role it takes to successfully accomplish anything. And you know what, I'm okay with being that worker bee.

#2. To the guy at work last night who thought I was is RUDE and IMPOLITE to tell a woman "I thought you were Leslie but I was about to ask how much weight you have gained." Really?! I'm so glad YOUR mother taught you manners. Oh yeah, I noticed you didn't have a wedding ring on, maybe there is a reason for that!

#3. I believe I have a head cold/sinus infection. My plan today has been to get the few things I needed done checked off my to-do list and spend the rest of the day on my couch, heavily medicated. Although, this means I will forgo my daily workout......which does bum me out.

#4. I want to go shopping.

#5. Please say a little prayer for a friend of mine. Her daughter is 16 and is on life support. I haven't gotten an update on her condition but she (Amber) had a kidney transplant awhile back and isn't doing well at all. Last I heard, if they couldn't stop the bleeding in her brain it wouldn't be long before they pronounced her brain dead. I couldn't even imagine. Thank you in advance.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. If you need me, I'll be passed out on my couch with Friends re-runs on all day. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Wish I was spending my day at the most magical place on Earth...........

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Put Me in Coach

We went to the Ranger game last night and let me say it was HOT!
I mean, horribly humid and sticky type of hot. But it sure was fun!

Dave probably lost 10 pounds just sitting out there in the heat. And somehow we missed the free fans they were handing out as we were walking in. Go figure.

Afterward, we walked over to the lawn for
the Stoney Larue concert.

It was packed! Stoney even made the comment that it was the largest crowd they had ever played for. I wonder if he was nervous at all?! We were pooped after. I think it was mainly due to the heat but I had to work this morning and it was a little challenging getting out of bed.

The funny thing was out of everyone that stayed for the concert, we were the only ones who brought chairs and a blanket. Ha!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Babies everywhere!

I went to a baby shower today for a friend I used to work with (my apologies ahead of time for no pictures in this post, I had forgotten my camera) and oh. my. gosh. There were 3 pregnant women there, 1 lady who brought her newborn, and two of the cutest little girls who were such a great help.

I went with a friend and after a little while into the shower she turned and said "This really doesn't make you want a baby?" Hmmmm.

Dave and I get this question alot, and I mean ALOT. I think most married couples do who are a little older and have been married for a bit. It doesn't even bother me, especially when people at work thought (until recently) that I already had kids and they told me "You'll probably a cool mom." I just stared and laughed and politely corrected them.

The truth is, yes we do want children. I would be incredibly happy if we got pregnant today or tomorrow or next week. Although, truth to be told........and it might sound strange to some........I don't want to become obsessed with getting pregnant. I know many women and have read story upon story about women who are dying to get pregnant and just can't. I would rather not. I would rather be optimistic that God has the right timing and knows best for me. I would rather enjoy Dave and the time we have together and continue to let the love between us grow. I would rather let nature take it's toll and roll with the punches.

So, bottom line is I guess we will see what the future holds. Right though, the future holds tickets to the Ranger game tonight and a concert afterwards. Here's to still being able to go out without paying for a babysitter! HA!

Happy Saturday y'all!

Monday, July 19, 2010

35 Years Later...........

My parents are celebrating 35 years of marriage today. I wonder if they thought at my age they would be where they are today................

I have learned so many valuable lessons from the two of you. As we know, there is no "perfect" recipe for a good marriage nor is married life as easy as it seems to some. I have learned that things are never as bad as they may seem, no matter what marriage is not about quitting, and to appreciate the different gifts God has blessed Dave and I with.

I admire both your abilities to keep on keepin' on and hope that 35 years down the road, Dave and I are able to still enjoy each other as you both do. I hope one day my children appreciate the hard work it takes to make a family function and that their parents worked hard to provide a home and a quality life as you did for myself.
Here's to many more years together. I hope you know your children love you very much and we are so happy to say our parents are still married after 35 blissful years!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cheap Date Night

Who wouldn't want to spend a night out on the lake with this sunset?

It's been quite sometime since Dave and I have gone fishing together. One of Dave's oldest friends came over yesterday and we ended up going fishing late last night. I'm glad we did too! It was a very successful fishing trip, we all caught several fish!
Dave decided we were going to catch our own bait this time and might I say, it was quite comical. Took him a bit but he got the hang out of it.

By the end of the night we ran out of bait and there was this little minow swimming by our night light, poor little fishy. Dave reached right down and caught it. Fish was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Successful fishing trip! But a late night. I'm going to have to catch up on my beauty sleep.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday MeMaw!

Can you believe this beautiful woman is 80 today?!

MeMaw is Dave's grandmother who lives in Georgia and is very special to us.
MeMaw, we're sorry we couldn't share today with you celebrating your 80th birthday but we are there in spirit.

Dave and I very much appreciate everything you have done for the family and us. We love you and know that you are having a great day with family! Might I add how gorgeous you look to be turning 80!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Show Us Your Life "Single Boys"

So. I know I'm a little late in posting this but Kelly at Kelly's Korner is doing Show Us Your Life today and is calling us to show all the "single" peeps in our lives. I have one............

Meet my brother-in-law Corey. He is one of my favorite people! Super smart, funny, laid back, witty, and very good looking (yes, I can say that about my BIL).
Corey has a Bachelor's degree in Physics. Yes, PHYSICS! Shows you how smart this guy is. He is now working on his Doctorate at Texas Tech. Get your guns up!

He enjoys watching movies, loves sports (especially soccer), enjoys traveling, nights out with friends, is a great uncle, and is probably the smartest person I know.
If you, or anyone you know, might be interested leave me a comment. I would love to set Corey up with a nice gal!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Me! Monday

It's been quite awhile since I've participated in MckMama's "Not Me! Mondays", why not join in today................

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

It was not me who watch "Bethenny Getting Married" three times because her wedding so beautiful and sweet I just couldn't not re-play it over and over.

It was not me who went to WalMart with my twin sister and came out with the exact same new workout outfit. That often happens when we go shopping together, both of us like the same clothes and instead of finding another outfit we just buy the same thing.

You know when you're in a store shopping and see someone you know, typically you walk over and say "HI!". Well, it wasn't me who saw a friend at one of my favorites stores and ran the other way because I was looking mighty nasty. And by nasty I mean, hadn't taken a shower after my Zumba class, smelly, sweaty, hair all over the place. Just gross.

Lastly, it was not me who went to the gym this morning just to come home and eat a sandwich (100 bread though, yummy BTW) then indulge myself with a Weight Watchers ice cream sandwich. What can I say? I. love. me. some. sweets.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Look who made it back from the groomers!

Doesn't Buddy look "date" ready with his lovely new hair cut? I must add, the new place I took Buddy to is now one of my favorites. And they are cheaper than most! (ok, not by much but saving is saving right?)

So Dave and I gave in and went to see Eclipse.

Maybe it's just me but I really just do not understand the hoopla surrounding this movie. And it probably does have something to do with the fact I haven't read the books. But still. I guess I'm not a huge fan of vampire stuff because I really have no desire to read the books. I'll probably wait for the next movie to come out. Pathetic, I know.

It was better than the second installment though. The acting is getting a little better. Just for the record though, I'm TEAM JACOB. Edward's cute and all but the skinny jeans and pale skin just isn't for me.


I need to say a special Happy Birthday to my favorite little four year old boy Guerin! I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your party buddy! But I know you had a blast!!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Five

#1. I'm going on my fourth week of working out (consistently) and am proud to announce I am down 8 pounds. Score! I don't need to loose (really) anymore weight, just tone up. But it feels good to be back in the gym running.

#2. Bethenny from the Real Housewives of New York got married last night and the wedding was beautiful! Did anyone else see it?!! Why am I addicted to shows like that? I have no clue but does it really matter? It brings me joy.

#3. I'm so craving Mexican food, ew or Italian. That sounds yummy! I think I'll make the hubby take me somewhere tonight. We have been extra good this week. I haven't eaten out at all and Dave only ate out twice this week for lunch and breakfast. That's a freaking record people! I'm so proud of him.

#4. I'm almost caught up on laundry. I swear, I feel like it never ends! I really have no idea how we have so much laundry. I try to be consistent and wash a load every day (if needed) to stay caught up but obviously that hasn't happened this past week.

#5. Buddy finally made it to the groomers today. And we tried a new place, that always makes me nervous. But, the "old" groomers made me angry and irritated last time we went for a visit so I decided it was time for us to part ways. My favorite place is still in Grand Prairie, which is a little far for me to drive to take Buddy. I'll do a report later on after I pick him up. He is going to look so handsome!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Gordo!

Happy Birthday to my Father-in-Law Gordon!!!!

For whatever year you are celebrating, (he likes to claim he is 29 but something tells me that isn't possible) I hope you had a great birthday!!!!

We love you!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our fourth of July weekend

This July 4th was a little different than all the others...................

Dave and I spent the day down at lake all alone. Can you believe that? No one really had anything going on so we packed up the truck and headed down to the lake for a little "R and R"................
I went swimming..........(ok, ok more like laid out if you want to be technical)
Dave, of course, found something to fix while we were there. He was so happy he could actually leave his boat in the dock over night and not have to pull the boat back out.

We went out on the lake to watch all the fireworks last night and the lake we go to is crazy on the fourth of July! I mean, these people spend BIG bucks on those fireworks every year. Dave even stopped to get some.....................
My little pyro. Ah, he loves to pop off fireworks. Don't worry, he didn't burn anything down.
Happy fourth of July!!!

With the "R and R" I got a little present while laying out.......a little sunburn! At least it's evidence I was at the lake this weekend.

Hope everyone had a great three day weekend!


A certain little girl I know spent the fourth of July celebrating her first birthday! Go here to check out my friend Heather's blog and the amazing cake her daughter had. It's gorgeous!