Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Funday

Today was an extra fun day. I was off work and got to see this cutie!

My parents kept Avery last night so Jenna and Jason could have a night full of adult fun and conversation. Aren't they sweet?

Then, we headed to the Ranger game! It was the last home regular season game and Dave scored us some awesome seats. Besides the fact that we were sweating our booties off the first half of the game, it turned out to be a great time!

It was Fan Appreciation week so we all got free t-shirts on the way in. Thank goodness! I wore a blue Ranger shirt and they gave us a white one, so it was kind of a life saver. Once the sun went down a bit and we were in the shade, it wasn't bad at all!
After the game we headed to go visit our neighbors/friends at the hospital because Heston joined the world last night!
We had to get a picture with our other neighbor/friend Heather and Landon. Landon is such a good baby, just hangs out and looks around. And he looks just like his daddy!

Hope your Sunday was as fun as mine! I'm looking forward to a shower and an early bedtime. Have a great week all!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The past week

Oh Lord. I would blog if there was something exciting to blog about but there isn't. Just between school and work, I pretty much don't do anything that exciting. Lol. But..............................

I did give my handsome hubby a haircut..........................

And, I made dinner twice this week. Yes, a pat on the back would be lovely since I hadn't made dinner in forever.

But, most important news....................
I won 'Star Student' for the month of August! We have four phases to go through to finish school and each time we "phase up", they give out awards to a few of the selected students. To be honest, I was really excited. Mainly because all the teachers vote on just a few people, so I must be doing something right! :)

And now, we are enjoying the Must See Thursday line-up. Ah, I've missed Parks and Recreation and the Office. I haven't seen Modern Family yet, that is on my list of things to do. But did anyone see the THS of Bethenny Frankel? I watched it asap when I got home from school today and it was heaven. I just love that lady!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh, Fantasy will be the death of me.

A few reasons I know it's football season:

1) My husband is glued to his computer and the tv, watching his stats.

2) Football is playing almost every day at my house.

3) No matter where I'm at, I can literally hear my husband yelling at his fantasy players on tv.

4) The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back
(Ok, this one doesn't have to do with football season but they do bring it back when it's fall). Just sayin'

I am now a football widow. Blah.

Monday, September 12, 2011

It's been a busy weekend

These pictures are from last weekend but for Labor Day we stopped by our friend's house to visit.

This is Graci and her sister Gabi was taking our picture. They have the most beautiful, long hair. It's crazy. And, they are just so sweet.


Since my director at school is an Air Force Veteran, we had a special ceremony at school on Friday for 9/11. They asked all the students at school for names of people in their family who are/have served in the Military. It was a very nice ceremony. She pinned us and they announced who served and in what branch.

We had several Firefighters and Police officers who came too, along with two veterans whose grand kids attend our school.

And this is Nikki. She is in my class and serves in the National Guard for the state of Mississippi. She's a hoot!

I had a wedding to attend Saturday night dateless because Dave was out hunting all weekend. Boo. But I did tag along with a great looking couple who gave birth to me. So, I wasn't totally dateless.

I usually always take a picture (when I'm home by myself) to see how I look before I leave. Give me a break, I need to buy a full length mirror. HA!
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Eddlemon
The cake was beautiful!!!
Kelly's favorite dessert is brownies and ice cream so, that's what the groom's "cake" was. Creative!
Our friend Jay and his son Case. He is the cutest thing! Very content with anyone holding him, until he sees his Mamma.
And this is Stephanie! Isn't she just gorgeous? They live out in the country but always manage to come out to all the big events.


Now, I'm going to cut my hubby's hair. He is finally letting me near his hair with some shears :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I was reminded over the past few days just how good my life is. I don't mean monetarily, I mean lucky like, God really is taking care of me even when I think he forgets.

After we got back from Winstar the other day, I told Dave the thought kept crossing my mind at Babe's that the last time we had eaten there with my parents, it was to share news that we were pregnant. I had a few moments of sadness but quickly realized it's just a part of life. Although, I had received some news from a friend that she was having surgery today to remove two large cysts from her ovaries and may possibly have to get her ovaries removed too. My heart sunk. Any surgery is scary, but the thought of loosing your ovaries?

I prayed very hard last night. I text my mom this morning and asked her to pray for my friend too. I called my friend's mom this afternoon and as of now, things look good. The chance of them having to remove her ovaries are slim, at the moment, and I almost lost it on the phone. I was so thankful for her. And for me.

Sometimes things in life just happen when you need a reminder of who is in charge. I'm thankful that while I still ache at times for my loss, I still have the ability (hopefully) to get pregnant again. And I'm thankful my friend of over 16 years still has a chance too. God does some amazing things.

Monday, September 5, 2011


So, my super handsome husband turns 32 tomorrow. Can you believe that?! Time flies when you're having fun, and we had a great weekend celebrating.

Saturday, we had dinner with his parents and watched the Oregon/LSU game. Sunday, we got up semi-early and headed to my parents because we were taking a day trip to the casino!! Hollar! But we had to stop and celebrate with a birthday lunch at:

We ate at the one in Sanger and it was gooooood.

We did pretty good. Didn't win a lot, didn't loose a lot. But we had a great time! Thanks to my parents for taking us! Can't wait to do it again!

Today was "our" day to celebrate together. Dave got to choose everything all day. What we did, where we ate, etc. and of course he chose a place we eat at all the time. Ha!


And since our favorite cake place closed, I took Dave to Nothing Bundt Cake this year. Have you been?! It's divine! Only thing I would change is I wish they had tables in there to sit and eat. We were out and about and had to eat our's in the car. Haha.

We're getting ready to head over to our friend's house to celebrate Labor day and me actually being off on a holiday! :)

Happy Labor day everyone!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day one (for me), day three for everyone else

So since there isn't much going on with us except for work and school, I figured I would join in with Katie for her 30 day blog challenge. I did this last year with her but I think she changed up some of the topics. Go check her out!

Day 3: Tell Us About Your Job

Technically, I have two jobs. I go to cosmetology school during the day and work at Texas Roadhouse part-time.

Cosmetology school is very rewarding for me. I'm only 9 weeks in and I love it. It's everything I hoped it would be, plus more. Gives you a taste of what a real salon is like and is teaching me how to build my business. And, I now have a real addiction to buying products. Nail polish, shampoo, hair spray, color,................hey, it's for my growing business. :)

I've worked at Texas Roadhouse for 10 years. Yes, I know. Who works at a restaurant for that long! Texas Roadhouse is a really good company to work for. I started back in high school, continued through college, went into management, went back to being an hourly so I could finish college, left completely, came back in '09. You just can't get away! HA! But I'm hoping to as soon as I graduate. Truth be told, Texas Roadhouse was one of the best/worst things that happened to me. I've worked with some amazing people, eaten lots of free steak, had some major fun, and I've made some good money. Hope you all have at least tried out Texas Roadhouse. If not, GO! And if your service or food is bad, let me know! :)

Link up if you'd like. It's super fun!