Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 Day Shred

I started the 30 Day Shred yesterday. I have come to realization that going to the gym just isn't in the cards for me at this point in time. Typically, I loathe working out at home. Its not really an environment that is encouraging to me for a work out. I get distracted by laundry, tv, the couch, my bed, the get the idea. But, I'm ready to loose these last ten pounds and its going to take work. I actually REALLY like Jillian Michaels so far. The workout reminds me of my old aerobics class I would attend at the gym.

Its set up for three levels, ten days for each level, and you are suppose to loose 20lbs in 30 days (that takes into account your diet). I'm shooting for 10-12lbs, lets be realistic here :-)

Anyone care to join my challenge?! I will be taking a before photo. Ill post me after 30 days to see a difference. Eek!

After worked out tonight, I realized I had on two different shoes. Silly me. Guess I should buy shoes that are a little more unique! Haha.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clutter, shots, and Ooma

We've had a chill few days around here. 
Colbi is going CRAZY chewing on everything. Her favorite thing as of now are her fingers. I keep waiting to see a little tooth when I get her in the mornings but nothing quite yet. Her pediatrician said she wouldn't be surprised if her two bottom teeth pop in soon. We'll see!

We did go to the doctor today and Colbi is doing awesome. Her current stats are:

Weight: 15lbs 12.5oz (50%)
Height: 27.5in (95%)
Head Cir: 41.5cm (23%)

She got her six months shots and gave us a cry I had not heard yet! She. Was. MAD. And then, she was over it. HA! Tough little cookie. I am glad I'm the one who gets to scoop her up and love on her to make it all better!

We had a visitor last night too! 
Ooma came to keep babysit while I had a dinner. She hasn't kept Colbi so, it was a good time for her! Colbi likes to give people the once over and we are working on familiar faces. It was nice Sherry got some one on one time with Colbi. 

Now, on to the extremely important stuff! This is what my kitchen counters ALWAYS look like:

MAIL EVERYWHERE! I haven't found a great system to keep it all organized and away from my kitchen counters. Ugh. It literally drives me batty. 

Anyone have any suggestions? 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Colbi update

Saturday was a big day for us around here! 

We went to over to my parents' Saturday night for a little bit. My parents, Jason, Dave, and the girls were eating dinner and I was heading to my sister's for some girl time (which was SO much fun btw, lots and lots of laughs!).

Avery loves to hold Colbi. She has Colbi in her lap and baby Colbi beside her. She is such a little mommy too. She was just patting Colbi and talking to her. It was so sweet. I'm wondering how long she will actually be interested in Colbi instead of annoyed by her. HA! For now, she loves her. 

I got home from work Saturday and Colbi was doing this:

Sitting up all by herself! It's another milestone that reminds me that she isn't so little anymore. It's so awesome but makes me a tiny bit sad. I love to see her grow up and learn new things. 

And this was a HUGE milestone.......
Uncle Jason has been itching to get his hands on Colbi for awhile now and she was just. not. having it. I think her "Stranger Danger" phase is getting better. As long as people let her warm up first before ripping her out of our hands, she does pretty good. Why do people do that by the way? I have never been like that with other people's babies, for that reason......I like happy babies, not ones that cry. HA! 

Colbi and I had some great mommy/daughter time today, but this mommy is ready for bed. After a little SAG award action though!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Colbi is 6 months old!


How can it be that you are 6 MONTHS OLD! Where has the time gone?!
Colbi, you are still wearing size 2 diapers and are now in 6-9 month clothing. I'm still not sure how much you weigh, we will find out next week for your 6 month check-up. 

You are almost consistently sleeping thru the night. Sometimes you still wake up wondering where the party is (like last night, you just wanted to hang out with Mommy at about 3AM). You take three naps, maybe four if you're really tired.....but usually three. You wake up for the day anywhere between 6:30-8am and go to sleep anywhere from 7:30pm-8:15pm.

 You love for people to sing the "ABC's" or "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" or "Twinkle, Twinkle" or the "B-i-b-l-e"....really, anything that has a nice tune. You said "Mamma" last night at Gigi and Pops and we were all surprised! Your daddy, Gigi, Pops, and I just all looked at each other like "did she just say that?!" Pops got it on video and Mommy cried. It was so amazing. We will be working on Dada next!

You laugh and laugh with your Daddy. His beard makes you giggle!

You blow raspberries like crazy, squeal all the time, babble and talk to yourself all the time. You are a pretty good eater too. Apples and sweet potatoes are your favorite, but you like peas and carrots, and bananas are ok. We are still switching you over to formula, but you have 5 bottles a day with about 6-8oz per bottle. I think you will have less formula.....

Strangers still kind of scare you but once you warm up to people, it's just fine. You can prop yourself up like a champ but really aren't a fan of rolling over. You're almost sitting up all by yourself, but standing up and jumping is your absolute favorite thing to do. It always makes you happy.

Daddy and I love you so, so much Colbi!

And no, Mommy has not started planning your birthday yet for those who are wondering. HA!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I've had the past few days off and it's been lovely

I needed a few days off just to catch up on stuff around the house and spend time with Dave and Colbi. I've been working a lot (not complaining, it's just hard sometimes) so, it was nice to have a Saturday off and a few days not to be rushed into getting things done. I'm glad I didn't have any clients today and I could stay home and not drive anywhere! It was SUPER icy here.

Mom and Dad came over today to see me Colbi and Mom snapped this picture. Buddy loves Colbi. He literally follows her and sits right by her all the time. I think he gets a little jealous, but for the most part, he is great about her being here. Colbi is just growing so quickly. I can't believe she is about to be six months old. Makes me so happy......and a little sad. I guess that's normal, right?! 

We are starting the switch to formula and that also makes me a little sad. I guess it's more guilty. I'm not sad because I won't be nursing her anymore, to be honest, she doesn't nurse that much except in the mornings. I guess it's the guilt of stopping. From what I hear, it's there no matter when you stop. It's just time. I've become too busy to stop and do it as frequently as I need to. It's been a hard decision and I was even a little sad when she just took her bottle tonight (of formula) without hesitation. But, it makes me happy too. I didn't want the switch to be a horrible one. It's always something isn't it?

 But, it was a nice visit today and Mom is making great progress with her foot. Hopefully, she will be able to put some weight on her foot very soon! 


Last week we all went over to my parents for dinner and Avery got a fun gift from Gigi and Pops:
Avery LOVES Tangled so, Gigi and Pops got her a dress up gown to play with when she is there. So. Much. Fun.

Work has been going very well. I've been really blessed and I am SO thankful. I'm still enjoying my salon and have had some awesome clients. I think working in the restaurant business has really helped me with being self-employed and also, just working with people. Communication is one big key factor when doing hair, and luckily, I've had 12+ years of experience in the customer service industry. I just pray and keep the faith that my business will continue to build and learn as I go. It truly is a blessing to get up every day and go to a job I absolutely love. Praise the Lord for that!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of Pops and his girls. 

(One day, we might get a picture with Avery and Colbi looking at the camera at the same time........maybe!)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend recap

This is how Colbi loves to sleep now. She looks like such a big girl!

Colbi has done really well without the swaddle (although, I'm afraid I just jinxed myself!). She is also sleeping better, usually until about 5:30/6ish. I'm not sure if it's the solids helping or what. We started carrots a few days ago and she loves them! I'm also trying to feed cereal in the morning before we leave for the day. It's hard to try and get her feed, dressed, me showered and ready, and everything in the car and out the door every morning. I don't know how people with 8-5's do it!


Yesterday was my Mom's birthday! Happy Birthday Gigi!
 We had a really nice time and went to eat and then back to their house for presents and cup cakes. I found the best new cupcake place I like. Her cupcakes are beautiful but a little pricey. I think all cup cakes are a little too expensive but they are a great alternative to cake, since no matter what it seems to not ever get all the way eaten. You can check out her website here.

Gigi got to love on Colbi for a bit! 
And, so did Pops! 
(Colbi was watching football. Thank you for that David Samuel!)

We hope you had a great birthday Gigi!!! We love you!


We have just been hanging out doing all the not-so-fun-Sunday-must-do's for the week. You know, laundry, cleaning........organizing. But, Colbi has been playing!

Dave got up and went fishing for a little bit this morning and has been working on his boat since. He is trying to get it ready for the spring. Heather and Whitney, sorry for the annoying loud motor! I had to let him know we had sleeping children around these parts! :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Colbi is 5 whole months (plus a few days!)


You are five months and 12 days old. WOW!

This was your first Christmas. You had a really good time and got lots of goodies because you were such a good girl all five months of your life. 

I'm not sure how much you weigh, I'm guessing about 15lbs. You are wearing 6M onesies or tops and 6-9M pants because you are one long girl. You wear a size 2 diaper and size 2-3 shoe depending on the type. 

You eat every 3-4 hours, still nap about 4 times a day depending on the length of the naps. We started solids but you aren't quite sure how you feel about them. You have only had cereal and peas. I can understand not liking peas (Mommy doesn't like them either!). You go to bed between 7-8pm every night and usually still wake up once to eat (except the past two nights, you slept the WHOLE night)! 
You "talk" all the time, more like squeal all the time. You found a high octave and evidently love it. You respond to your name and are starting to recognize people in your life (besides Mommy and Daddy). Your sitter gets a big smile every morning when Mommy drops you off and so does Avery your cousin. You love Pops and Gigi and even love C'Mere and Buddy. They make you laugh and laugh. Ooma and Papa got to spend some quality time with you over Christmas and think they are pretty awesome too. Ooma loves to rock with you!

Daddy loves you so much. He can make you giggle like no one else. Every Saturday you spend the day with Daddy because Mommy goes to work. It's a special time for you and Daddy to be together and bond. 

You have started rolling from tummy to back pretty consistently and back to front when you really want too. You are this close to being able to sit up on your own. 

You also love bath time. Thank goodness!

We love you so much Colbi Morgan. Thank you for being such a happy, beautiful little girl that brings so much happiness to our lives. 

Mommy and Daddy

(and then it was nap time)