Wednesday, February 27, 2013

7 Months


You are seven months and 5 days old. 

You are on the move now, which is why your seven months picture are all blurry! You are not crawling yet, thank goodness. Mommy is trying to take it all in and not rush you growing up. 

You are a rollie poley! When we put you on the floor, you will just roll all around. We love to watch you.
You are talking more and more everyday. You've been saying "Mamma" a ton this week, which is music to my ears. Daddy is anxiously awaiting to hear you say "Daddy". 
You still love to hear the ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus Loves Me, and This Little Light of Mine. Singing is one of your favorites things, even Jenn tells me you will sing all the time at daycare.
You are wearing size 2 diapers still, 6-9 months clothes, sleeping consistently thru the night, and eating solids twice a day. You are eating every 3-4 hrs, sometimes you will go five hours during the day without eating. You are just too busy exploring and singing to stop and eat! 
Mommy and Daddy love you so much. We talk about all the wonderful things you did that day together. Sometimes we even argue about who gets to feed you or rock you. Bath time is typically done with Daddy, while Mommy and you spend mornings together. We eat breakfast and then you play while Mommy gets ready for work. 

You aren't quite into anything specific yet, as far as a favorite tv show or toys. Anything that lights up or you can chew on is always a favorite. 


You are officially closer to being a one year old than a baby. I so enjoy watching you grow up. Everyday is something new and I can't wait to go get you in the mornings because your smile is the best thing on the planet. You bring more joy and happiness to my heart than anything else I could ever imagine. I pray for you daily. I pray for safety, I pray that we raise you to be someone of integrity and good character, and I pray that God uses you to do great things. While I can't wait to see all the amazing things you will see and do over the years, right now, Mommy is still excited that you love her and want to cuddle. It's still my most absolute favorite thing to do. 

We love you,

Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our weekend and few other pictures

Ugh, it's Tuesday already. I'm so thankful to be busy at the salon, but I've volunteered the past two days so a day off really hasn't happened yet. My house is a wreck, I barely went to the grocery store, and the laundry.......oh, the laundry. 

But, this past weekend was fun!

How big does she look? 

(These pictures are so out of order. Boo.)

Colbi got a new toy and look! She's standing! I have a feeling this child will breeze passed crawling into  walking. The girl loves to be up. And, thanks to her daddy, she probably thinks she is suppose to be walking as of now. I keep telling him to "Slow it down!".

We went out to eat with my parents and sister Saturday night. Leslie had Colbi laughing and laughing! Colbi is getting more and more interested in what is going on around her. 
Don't you love little hoddies?
Playing at Gigi and Pops' house. 
I love this outfit. That is "suppose" to be a dress, but Colbi is too long for most dresses. They turn into long shirts. HA!

Sunday my day was full with a baby who was running fever, a baby shower in Cleburne, and the Oscar watching party that night. I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of my friend's shower. She looked gorgeous and the house was beautiful. Looked like something straight out of Pinterest so, of course, I was incredibly jealous. 

We had such a fun time watching the Oscars too. Except, this is my blog so I will use my platform to say, was I the ONLY one who thought Michelle Obama's appearance was completely annoying and uncalled for? Can we not have one night without any sort of political figure being involved? So. tired. of. politicians. #OVER IT. #TIRED OF PAYING FOR MICHELLE'S WARDROBE #Hashtags are stupid #why am I still using them

Anywho..........I worked a consignment sale as a volunteer the past two days and got some major wins at the pre-sale event this afternoon. I got a brand new, still wrapped toddler car seat for $20! I almost felt bad though because evidently there was another lady who wanted it too. She came up and asked me if I was buying it as I was buying it? It was awkward. I got several outfits for the summer and a life jacket for $6! Score. 

Now, I'm going to tackle the huge pile of laundry that's calling my name and hopefully watch some bad tv. 

Be jealous. Be very jealous.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has come and gone but I wanted to document it!

I got this incredibly sweet card from my Dad. My parents have given us a little something on Valentine's Day for as long as I can remember. And it's always nice to get something sweet like this from my dad. I just think it's so neat the father/daughter relationship. And now, I have a daughter who is going to have a special bond with her dad as well! Although, my dad is good about picking out stuff for us himself......I think I'll have to help Dave a little. HA! 

Thanks again Dad for the sweet words!

Colbi wore her all pink outfit for her Valentine's Day at Jenn's. 

According to Jenn, she was OVER the V-Day party though. She had the party in the morning before her nap, so she was probably tired. But she was one cute Valentine!

I got flowers from my sweet husband delivered at work. They're beautiful! And it's going on day 4! Worth the money I guess. I got Dave a nice pretty red frame and actually got a picture printed out (I mean, I had to go up to the store and wait!) for his office. It's still sitting at our house..........
And, I've come up with a new rule. Until Colbi can actually eat the stuff she gets sent home with, we will no longer be taking anything home that is sweet. HA! 

This is her loot from Jenn's. Mom made those treats for Colbi and Avery. I've seen a ton of cute treats done this year. I did send some V-Day cards for all the girls.

Another one has come and gone. Even though we aren't huge V-Day people, we still have some fun with it :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Big Weekend

We had a big weekend around here. 

Friday night, Jenna and I went running around taking care of some things for the SURPRISE birthday party we threw my dad Saturday night!

Dad turns the big 60 this week and my mom, sisters, and I decided a party was in order! It turned out really great! 

We had a great turn out and I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time. Dad didn't know what to do when he walked in and everyone said "SURPRISE!" 
 These are all friends of his from high school. They only look a few years older.

 The Hood came so, of course, it was a fun night!
This is Mr. Cook. He worked with my dad at my high school. Yes, my dad was one of the assistant principals at my high school. Thankfully, I wasn't a trouble child. HA!

It was a really fun time and Dad enjoyed visiting with everyone. I didn't get a picture of the cake but my aunt made the most delicious Amaretto Cake for my dad. It's A-MAZING. 

Colbi and I stayed the night at my sister's since Colbi was already asleep. 
Avery was saying bye bye to Colbi.

We loaded up and went over to my parents house for a little bit. We were going to an Open House at a friend's new home in Benbook. It was beautiful! I didn't get to take any pictures, mainly because I didn't remember, but also because my daughter was in a clingy mood.

After that, we went to Campo Verde to celebrate Jenna's birthday (which is today! Shout out Jenna!).

Colbi was way over stimulated when we walked in. I don't remember ever being there so when we walked in, I was a little surprised about all the Christmas stuff everywhere. HA! It took Colbi just a minute to not be scared. 

It was a very fun, busy weekend for everyone. Colbi must be tired because she going on almost a three hour nap! 


Hope you have a great day!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Tell All

We tried puffs last night and Colbi really didn't know what to think. I still think it's a little early. She can pick them up and feed herself, but it makes me a little nervous since she doesn't have any teeth yet. I think as long as we are watching her while she eats them, she will be fine. 

I tried a new recipe last night. It's the Grands Manwich combo I saw on a commercial actually. HA!
It was really good actually. Just brown your meat, add your manwich and let it warm while you take your Grands bisquits out. Flatten them out (like a pancake), lay over a muffin cup tin (they will rise when they bake), scoop in your manwich mix, and top with cheese. 

Because my husband is "vegetable challenged" and we eat the same five things all. the. time.......I get bored and have started to find other things to make. And, I'm trying to get away from the same old potato and corn side dishes. Baby steps with that guy!


I keep Colbi home with me at least one day a week, so this morning we had some play time!
She is getting very interested in Buddy. And she likes to pet him. I think she likes to feel his hair. HA!
And, we watched some cartoons!

She is now napping because this past few nights, she has been waking up just talking to herself all throughout the night. 
Luckily, she is good at putting herself back to sleep. 

On a completely different topic, ever since I've had Colbi, I have the most horrific nightmares. Last night I dreamed I woke up, walked into the living room to see a huge fat mess because someone had broke in. I immediately went to go get Colbi and she was ok, but then ran into the burglar and couldn't scream to save my life. I was holding Colbi and could not managed to run back into our room to wake up Dave. I woke up startled and went into to check and make sure all was was, obviously. But, I hate dreams like that. Too real!! 

I guess it's all apart of parenthood!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Date Night

Shout out to my sister for offering to keep our little munchkin last night!

Dave and I were WAY over due for a date night. We kind of always know when we need sometime just us when we start being pretty snippy with one another. HA! Hey, it happens. Let's be honest. 

It took us some time to think about what to do. We wanted to go eat somewhere super fun, hip, and new but really didn't want to drive very far. We ended up going to Pappadeaux for some seafood and then to have a few drinks at an old favorite place of ours. Although, I will say, at about 10:45 we were spent. We left right as all the young-ins starting pouring in. Oh how life changes the older we become.

Dave gets to eat at Pappadeaux pretty often because of his job, so he told me we had to try the alligator. Um ok? Tastes like chicken, except way more chewy.

I got the chicken (because I'm boring and was saving my calories for my adult beverages!), but it's one of my favorites from there.

Jenna did a great job at sending us updates, which was nice! Dave and I both decided to not text or be on the phone all night, except when Jenna was texting us. I forgot how great it is to just hang out without the distractions of Facebook. HA!
She said Colbi just watched her make dinner and did awesome all night. YAY!!! More sleep overs to come then :)
And I had to include this picture! Crab is Dave's absolute, most favorite food on the planet so he was beyond excited when our food arrived. Love it.

We spent way too much on dinner, enjoyed some awesome alone time, had some conversations that didn't include Colbi, and got some rest. It. Was. Amazing.

Thanks again Jenna and Jason for keeping Colbi!!