Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer so far

We have been fairly busy around here lately. 

We got a Hawaiian Falls pass last week and met Jenna and Avery up there. It was fun! 

I thought these floaties were going to be too big for Colbi, but they fit! I'm so thankful because she can literally float and kick around without me hanging on to her. She was thrilled!! I think we will be out there a lot this summer. I hate to complain about the rain this week because we need it so bad, but I was hoping to go at least one day this week. Oh well! 
I got a fresh cut last week and I always love that! 

I'm also working on loosing about ten more pounds before the end of August. I'd love to really loose about 5lbs within the next three weeks........I see lots of cardio in my future. 

How big does my little girl look????

Saturday after work, we went over to my parents for some swimming! Believe it or not, it was kind of cool! Colbi was shivering after we got out, dang over cast weather! 
She makes this face all the time when you take her picture, so I joined in! Silly girl. 

We have VBS this week, so I foresee one tired girl once this week is over. I'm so excited though that Colbi is getting old enough to know what church is. She loves going to church and I think she will really like Vacation Bible School, even though she doesn't have a lesson or anything. It's about being there. I'm the "storyteller" for the week, pray for me!!! :-)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap and Father's Day

This weekend we had a lot going on! 

I decided to have a garage sale Saturday, which always sounds like a good idea but in theory, isn't. HA! I actually got rid of most everything I wanted and made some money. But, dang it's starting to get hot outside. 

My parents offered to keep Colbi Friday night for us so we wouldn't have to deal with her too. We love that!

Here she is waving to us through Gigi's camera!
After we got done, I went to go get her. But not before we had a little Nutella with a spoon! 
We headed home so I could rest a little bit before I had to get ready for the 5K I ran that night. 
It's actually pretty cool that this group has formed and everyone wants to keep doing them together. I had a PR of 30:00! I was digging it.
This race was a little different. #1. Because it was a night, so it's just a different vibe. #2. It wasn't officially timed (we timed ourselves). This race was to help raise money for abused children, so it was more for participation than anything. I may stick to races that are timed though, mainly because there was about 2,000 people there and it's really hard to actually run with that many people around walking.

Sunday, we got up and made our daddy pancakes because it was Father's Day! YAY! 

We love our daddy for many reasons, but mainly we love him because of how he loves us. He is so fun and loving. Dave is the best daddy around!!!! We love you!

We then went over my parent's for some yummy baked spaghetti, salad, and dessert! 

I know Colbi thinks her dad is the best, but I'd have to say my dad gives Dave a run for his money. Dad is the best Pops and really knows how to love the women around him. 
Colbi says "Happy Father's Day!!" We love you Pops!!!

Today, we woke up and spent the day at Hawaiian Falls. It was fun! 

She slept for a total of about 10 minutes and was then up the rest of the day (really, my fault since I had to go by the salon after we left. Boooooo).

Needless to say, she had a very early bed time because Mommy couldn't take it anymore! 

I'm debating on heading back out there tomorrow...........I just can't stand being home for too long. I start going a little bonkers! :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Last Thursday on my run, I found this little car on the curb and asked the owner if it was broken or if I could have it (they were throwing it away!). He said his kids had just grown out of it and to take it. Colbi was already asleep, so Friday after work, we were planning on eating dinner with my parents and took it with us. Colbi had the biggest fit because we were not very smart parents and loaded the thing before she even got to sit in it. It was a lovely, whiny ride to my parent's house. 

Needless to say, she is OBSESSED with her car. She watches TV in it, eats snacks in it, drives all around the house, it's crazy. Who would have known a free find would make her so happy!

Saturday, I worked a little, did a little grocery shopping, and cleaned some. Dave took his nephew fishing. It has been quite a few Saturdays since we have had almost a full day to get stuff done that wasn't a Sunday. I need to get better about working so long on Saturdays. 

Sunday was church. How cute does Colbi look in this dress?! Gigi got it for her. 
I love that her teachers in Sunday School talk so good about her. I work the 3 year old room, so sometimes I can sneak a peek and watch her. She really is a good kid, and that's every parent's dream

Today, I'm working for a few hours and it's pouring outside, but I thought we needed to be fancy!
They are blurry because she's just too busy to stop and pose. Silly kid!

This week will consist of a little work, a possible garage sale Friday and Saturday (gag me!), a 5K Saturday night, and Father's Day! Let's get it started!

Happy Monday folks!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zoo Day!

We went to the zoo the other day with a friend from work and her little boy. I've been wanting to take Colbi for a few weeks now but, it just never worked out. The weather was pretty nice, until a little after lunch, and we had such a good time!

I know I've said this before, but I'm LOVING this age right now. She is so much fun. She is forming sentences, "pretending" to talk to everyone all the time, and really coming into her own little personality. Colbi is one of the sweetest, most polite little girls I know. I think it's just part of who she is to be honest. We try to teach her about manners, but she pretty much does that on her own. We got lucky!! 

And you know what that means......our next kid will probably be the complete opposite! Ha ha.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Funday