Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A few firsts.......

Things around here are getting a little easier. We have been getting out and about lately, mainly because being in this house all the time drives. me. crazy. I have to give props to stay-at-home-moms, I couldn't do it seven days a week for an indefinite period of time. Whew! 

 Colbi watched her first official cartoon Sunday morning. Daddy picked the movie, Puss and Boots.

 Dave and Colbi had some quality time last weekend while I did hair. He must have tired her out because when I got home, she fell asleep while Dave was burping her. Pretty funny.

And I wasn't sure if I had mentioned that my mom made Colbi's one month outfit we had her pictures taken in, she's so talented.
We've been throwing a bit more fits lately and been fussy, especially at night time before bed. I don't what it is, at about 7ish, this girl changes into a completely different baby. Once we get her calm, she is ok and is usually in bed between 9-10pm. Have I mentioned that she absolutely, positively, without a doubt, HATES bath time. I mean, kick and scream at the top of her lungs the entire time hate it. If anyone has any pointers, I'm all ears. Last night I tried feeding her first instead of after and she didn't cry for the first few minutes (I secretly think she had a delayed reaction to what was actually happening). 

She is "talking" more and more everyday. I took her last week to get a shot and she had gained one full pound! I'm guessing she is well over ten pounds by now. She's in 0-3 month clothes, size 1 diapers, and is eating about 4-5oz for feedings. We are working on the transition to naps in her crib because since she LOVES to be sitting up right, we have been challenged with laying flat in the crib for naps. Oy vay. I pray for lots of patience while doing this because my daughter is one strong willed, know-what-she-wants type of gal. 

I'll tell ya what, my mom can whip out a bow in like 2.5 seconds. Gigi and Pops watched her for a bit yesterday morning and I got a text with this picture and the caption "Playing dress up at Gigi's". She's so pretty. 

*Mommy also had a first this week.......I'm officially back in the saddle with running. My first run felt so much different post partum. I can't wait to run and not jiggle everywhere. Something to work towards I guess :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just a little preview

We had our pictures made by the AWESOME Allison Jean Harp this past weekend. Just thought I'd share a few of the preview pictures she had sent. They are amazing and I can't wait to see the rest! 

I still can't believe she is ours............parenthood is WAY better than I thought it'd be. 

P.S. I promise one of these days my life will be filled with more than just Colbi and I'll have something else to blog about every now and then. HA!

Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm one month old!


You turned one month old yesterday! I can't believe it. Time really does go quickly (although, I will say, some of this month has been such a blur!).

Gigi made this outfit for you and Mommy LOVES it! Let's see, what are you up to lately............

You smile all. the. time. Especially at your daddy but I can get some smiles out of you too. You seriously are one strong little girl. You hold your head up by yourself and love to be held upright. You are very alert lately, which makes playtime fun.

You have been sleeping very well at night (I hate to mention that in fear that I may ruin it). Pretty much you sleep in one long 6-7 hour stretch and then another 2-3 hour stretch. Bath time has also become more fun since the purchase of our sponge bath helper.

Our sound machine has also been a life saver. It doesn't put you to sleep, but it does help to calm and soothe you. Daddy and you "dance" at bedtime almost every night in the hopes you'll slip into never land.

I'm so glad I've gotten to spend the past four weeks with you, regardless of how stressed or exhausted I've been.

You also have huge fans called Gigi and Pops. They see you weekly and just love to love on you. Mommy and daddy even left you for a bit to have a date night this past weekend with them and they just love to have you come visit.

Ooma and Papa have come to visit too! Ooma loves to rock you to sleep.

Daddy and I can't wait to see what you will be doing in another four weeks. We love you so much Colbi!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Weekend

As you know, we aren't up to much around here since we aren't suppose to really be out and about yet with Colbi (yes I know, usually only FTM's actually keep their newborns away from public places until their shots). I'm not going to lie, I get cabin fever for sure. But, oh well. It's part of it.

This weekend we did some of this (Colbi mainly):

And, we found a new favorite paci. Isn't it just adorable when they're little and just suck away!

Avery, Jenna, and Jason came to visit. Avery found it especially fun to play dress up in Dave's boots. Uncle Dave is super fun. I fear though, we will be paid back for all the horrible toys and junk food we have given our nieces and nephews over the years. Yikes!


Avery even checked out Colbi again. She was a little more responsive this time around than last. But really, she wanted to stare at C'mere and play. And she immediately asked where Buddy was when she walked in (he was at the groomers for a much needed visit!).

Yesterday, I loaded up the car and went to my parents for the day. It was a big outting! I even got to take a nap and they took care of her. It was the best two hours of interrupted sleep I've had in awhile. Aren't parents the best?! Thanks Mom and Dad!

After both our naps, Colbi sat with Pops and watched some tv. I tell you what, I see one spoiled little girl in the future. But aren't grandparents suppose to that? :)

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Colbi's stats

I know I've become one of those mothers who only blogs about their baby but hey, guess what? I can't leave the house just yet so I don't have anything else to talk about. HA! Besides, she's pretty cool and I love her so I want to blog about her. 


Daddy gives you baths most of the time, mainly because he is just too good at it. You aren't sure if you like bath time quite yet, sometimes you cry and sometimes you don't. You love your daddy! He makes you laugh and thinks you're just the most awesome thing around. If you are sleeping when he gets home, he anxiously waits for you to wake up to play with you. It's pretty sweet.
 He also does a good job at dressing you. This is his favorite onesie. He definitely looks forward to the day you will go sit in the deer blind with him (trust me, it's actually'll like it). 

 This is your favorite place to sleep. You sleep on daddy's chest a lot, and when I'm lucky, you'll sleep on mine (usually after nursing or when we burp you). We just can't get enough of you! I know you won't be this little for too long so I don't care if we hold you a lot. It's worth every. single. second.
Your daddy and I love you so, so very much. You make us both so happy! 


Mom went with me to take Colbi to her second doctor's appointment today. I'm glad she did. There is just so much to carry! Ha! And, I enjoy her going. Dave has to work and misses out, I like to have someone else there to hear what they are saying. Besides, Gigi is always helpful and enjoys Colbi time.

Weight: 8 lb 15.5 oz
Height: 22.5 inches

Colbi, you've gained a pound and half in two weeks and grew a inch and half! That's crazy. You're in the 95th percentile for height and the 60th percentile in weight. The good news is the doctor said I don't have to worry about feeding you every 3-4 hours because you eat so well (maybe that means more sleep for me, selfish I know but still). 

You are three weeks old today and I can't believe it. I think you will be in size 1 diapers before long. It's just going by so quickly!

We love you Colbi Morgan!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First week

Our first week without Daddy went pretty well I think! It's definitely been an adjustment, but we have managed to survive. We have somewhat gotten into a routine, which is nice. I told my mom today though that weekends have a whole new meaning to me since it means Dave will be home for two full days. Woohoo! Maybe this Momma will get a little extra sleep?

Colbi, you are officially 15 days old. I can't believe it. It goes by so quickly! The days seem long but short.

You are growing pretty quick too it seems. You hold your head up like a champ! We have done some tummy time, but to be honest, we can hold you on our chest and you pull your head back for minutes at a time. It's surprising!

You sleep for about 3 hours during the day and go 4ish hours at night before you're hungry. We are nursing pretty well, which I'm
SO thankful for. Although, at 2am, Mommy is almost asleep still when she is feeding you.

You are a mover! You move
around like crazy, especially when you sleep. There have been several times we caught you almost rolling over on your own. It's insane! Everyone says you're super strong.

Mommy is having lots of fun with you everyday. Gigi and Pops have been over several times this week to hang out with you, even let Mommy leave the house a bit! Yay! Thank you Gigi and Pops! Oma came to visit you one afternoon too, that was a nice surprise!

Since I was going to be among the living while Gigi and Pops had Colbi, I actually showered and put on REAL clothes (I've been living in comfy pants and tops).

I had to go get new pump parts, so one stop I made was to Babies r us.

And Colbi needed these two color accessories so I stopped in at Hobby Lobby.

It wouldn't be a day out without a stop at Starbucks. I also got gas and ran thru the car wash. Big time out huh?! :)

Today, mom and I took Colbi for her PKU screening test thing. She did well, cried for about five seconds. I completely forgot about it, my mom had to remind me. Oops! They should really call you, there is way to much to remember at first. Ha!

So, now we are waiting for daddy to get home. Happy weekend y'all!

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