Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vegas Recap

So as I said in another post, I got to go to Vegas for a leadership conference they were holding for the Southwest and Mountain Plains Regions. It was AMAZING! We stayed in New York New York, there were over 300 people there and we ALL got our own room, can you believe that?? They had an amazing cocktail hour the first night there before an even better award banquet that was black and white themed. The next day was full of guest speakers, which were even more great and followed by some break out sessions. That night a few girls and I went to see the Cirque Du Soleil show "O" and WOW!! I had been to one before but this one was alot of water tricks, it's like a normal show but with specialized divers along with it. So wonderful! After that we followed up with dinner at Bobby Flenn's (not sure if that's if his last name or not, some really famous chef) restaurant called Mesa. The last day we had two great really motivating women speakers that spoke on the twelve steps to career advancement. Emily even drove to visit for a bit from California! We only spent a little bit of time together but it was worth it! And no I didn't win big but man, great first trip spent with the University of Phoenix. Only problem now is that I expect it to be that great every time!!

Me at Caesar's Palace in the main lobby, it's so great in there!!
Infront of the fountain show at the Bellagio, did I spell that right??

Jordan (Training Administrator), Aimee (CEL, Business Development Specialist)
and Me (Marketing Analyst)
We had some great fun!

I ended up having to go into work the morning after I got back (today) but I tell you one thing, it's so much more motivating to go into work after being able to attend on of these. So it wasn't all bad. Now I am just playing catch up on some sleep along with taking care of some things I couldn't do during the week. Wouldn't trade it for the world though!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Pics

My sweet Dad in his James Bond sunglasses
Isn't my hubby hot!?!
Molly and Bella, Jenna and Jason's dogs
My momma!! Making sure the boys weren't cheating in pool volleyball

Jenna and Jason
(on the count of three) AWWWWWWWWWWE
Dad grillin out

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a good! Friday I got to leave work early, we were DEAD and I had worked alot during the first part of the week so I got to start my weekend early! YAY!!! I got home and waited on Dave to get there and we had a really good date night. Went by the adult beverage store :) and Dave stopped to get a movie, "Taken" I highly, let me repeat HIGHLY recommend this movie. It was awesome!!

Saturday being the good wife I am, made my hubby some breakfast and off to the lake we went to hang out with some people from the life group. The weather was nice and boy was it crowded out there! Geez, I didn't realize so many people went camping and stuff on those weekends.

Sunday I made breakfast again, pancakes this time. Please, please no applause. And we spent it lounging around. Watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" another GREAT movie!! Sunday night we met Jenna, her boyfriend Jason, Leslie and Brian all out and it was quite fun! First time that has happened so far, hopefully many more times like that.

Monday was spent at my parents house, WE WERE ALL OFF!!! This never happens, seriously. So it was spent playing volleyball and catch phrase and swimming. All the yummy food I ate gave me an extra couple pounds I believe though. My dad made burgers, hot dogs, and wings and my mom of course made all the yummy desserts and sides. It was great!!! I'll have to post some pics later.

Monday night, I'm sorry I had to blog about this! Anyone watch Jon and Kate plus 8? WOW!!!! Tension much? I think so. If anyone watches that show and caught the season premiere last night all I can say is I sense a little anger and resentment issues on both parties. Geez!! How sad is that? I know we don't know details and the truth but I really think they are both just done. Jon is obviously resentful and Kate thinks of course she is the victim. How sad for those kids. Dave even said last night how jaded those kids will be the older they get after being on tv most of their lives. I guess money and fame aren't really worth it in the long run. It's just so incredibly sad. But you can bet I'll be watching this season to check out what happens, forget the people in pain and dealing with problems I want to be entertained already! :) Just kidding people!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As women, we are beautiful creatures

OK so I admit, Dave and I haven't been to church on Sunday mornings in about 4 weeks. Yes yes I know, I'm a horrible Christian. It's not because we don't want to, honestly it's because we have had so much "stuff" going on we just haven't made it. BUT I will say this, I do catch the Pod casts they put online through the week. Our pastor, WOW! I guess everyone is always biased to their own but this guy just feels like he is always talking directly to me, individuals I mean.

This past week was for women, it was called Beautiful; you can hear it here:

The thing is, not only does he talk about women and all the things we find important but he talks about what we value as women, or better yet, what we find OUR value in. Some examples, our looks, if we have a boyfriend, how clean our house is, how cute our kids are dressed, what our children are involved in (cheer leading, sports, etc. and yes I know I say "we" even though I don't have kids), what kind of clothes we wear, what our hair looks like, how we feel about our bodies, all that stuff. And what's interesting to me, is even though he isn't a female he hits it all right on!

For example, I'll tell you something I find "my" value in. I have always been someone, a woman, who finds my value in my work. How good I am, what my superiors think about me, am I replaceable? Am I the best in the dept. or market? I am a natural competitor when it comes that stuff because my work ethic, integrity, and performance is something I think that is of value.

Things I don't find my value in, friends. I have never looked to my friends for value. I love them, no doubt about it but I don't value the time they spend with me to make me feel important. This might explain why I'm a bit of a loner, I would rather go shopping by myself or hang out alone watching TV. It's not that I DON'T want to hang out with my friends, it's just that my value, what makes me feel important does not come from them, if that makes sense. I guess I find it bothersome at times. I don't find it important to have the latest and greatest stuff all the time, that actually annoys me. Sorry, just being honest. Sometimes things just feel so high school, who has the best clothes, or the coolest car or phone. It's tiring trying to keep up with it and it's fake. So I guess that's why my value doesn't come from that. Of course I think it feels good to have nice things, my house is wonderful to me (I literally thank Dave all the time for providing for me to have a nice house), I have a nice car; we have lots of nice stuff. We have been very blessed.

I guess I feel like my value, (how I feel about myself) comes from my family and my job. If I'm not successful I do feel like I'm letting my husband down, my parents down, and my co-workers down. Although, my pastor addressed this too in the sermon. If we are consistently seeking value from other people, our children & parents & such we will always been disappointed because there will be choices they make that upset us and things they do that we dislike. Which is true. I have NEVER really been the girl who finds her value in men, just wasn't me. Although now that I'm married I find that to has changed quite a bit; of course you want your husband to think your attractive and make you feel good about yourself, what wife wouldn't? My parents are the biggest ones I feel like I place my value in. I want them to be proud of me, to know that I'm a person of moral character and integrity; and this to is wrong. Not that their opinion shouldn't or doesn't matter, but I know parents have certain expectations and hopes for the their children so I can't measure myself on that. I have to know in my own heart I am those things, and I do. It's just nice to hear it from them I guess.

But the real point to this sermon is that God is what we should be putting our value in, the fact that he always provides even when we don't think he does, he always forgives even though we don't understand how, and he always, ALWAYS love us even when we can not understand how he gives us unconditional love when we don't feel worthy of it. And I know this to be true, he does love me, even though I'm not perfect or make wrong decisions at times. And I know that what he promises to me is that my salvation and life after this is evident and true, so while we struggle to place our value and self-worth in the right place, which is with God; it's an ongoing battle.

I really hope you will listen to this sermon; I think it's a great one for women to hear. To know that we are worth so much more than we think and while we feel we aren't worthy, God thinks we are beautiful no matter how we feel about our looks, our bodies, our children, our social network, our status at work, whatever it might be. God thinks we are beautiful because we, as women, are beautiful creatures.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Highlight of my Monday

This was in my mail box today, I was totally stoked!
I have been waiting for it, totally made my day!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

So this weekend was a special one for us! I managed to get Friday off and Dave worked a half day so we left that afternoon toward Oklahoma! That's right, good ole' Oklahoma. My parents were nice enough to watch Buddy for us and the neighbors checked on C'mere over the weekend, no dogs allowed. So it was just the two of us until we met Leslie and her boyfriend Brian up at the cabin in Broken Bow, OK. Brian got a cabin for the weekend to celebrate Leslie's birthday and invited us. This (I think) is the first time the four of us actually got to do something together, different work schedules and everything make it hard for us to get to hang out. The weekend was full of sleeping, some adult beverages :), finding a lake that wasn't flooded (all the lakes almost were closed because they had gotten SO much rain, no joke), eating, relaxing in the hot tub. It was a much needed relaxing out of the norm weekend we were craving! Thanks Brian and Leslie for inviting us!!! We look forward to next time!

Here Dave and I are on the porch of the cabin:
The cabin was called "The Hickernut" hahaha! It was EXTREMELY nice! The town was cute and it was a secluded cabin in the woods.
Here Brian and Dave are celebrating they finally killed the "white bat" that wouldn't leave us alone while we were on the porch. At first we literally thought it was a white bat, that thing was HUGE! But turned out to be an abnormally large white moth, anywho they finally killed it and it was the funniest thing I have probably EVER seen. We laughed and laughed.

Dave and I after the hot tub, we played catch phrase all weekend long. It became a competition between Leslie and I, I think Brian and Dave got sick of it after awhile, we kept making them keep score. hahahah!!!

I have to say thank you to my hubby who is always so hard working and I'm reminded of this everytime we do things such as this. He literally worked hard to get the boat ready for the first lake trip of the season and everything was packed and ready to go. I'm a constant worry wart and all I can say is I don't know why I challenge Dave on things, he always knows what is going on. Getting the boat in the water almost didn't happen due to the high water but he did it!! Thank you babe for always making sure things are taken care of and making sure we have a fun time. I couldn't ask for a better husband and a more hard working man, I appreciate all you do for me!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vegas baby!

I found out last week that I was invited to go to Las Vegas for a leadership seminar for work at the end of this month! I am totally stoked! We will be staying at New York, New York for two days. What's really exciting for me is that we all had to be chosen. There were 12 total people from the entire Dallas campus (over 300 employees) and 5 of those people that were chosen are managers. I tell you what, when I got the email I literally thought it was mistake so I wasn't really excited at first because I didn't want to be disappointed. But it was TRUE!

It was the first time in a long time I felt good about the work I was doing. My job isn't always super exciting or anything but to be chosen by the Director team and Regional Director team out of everyone at the Dallas Campus felt good. To me, someone somewhere is noticing something about me; whether it be leadership skills or my attitude (positive of course) or my work ethic. I mean a free trip to Vegas is awesome but really, (and this is the God honest truth) I felt more happy that I was doing well otherwise I wouldn't have been asked.

When I took this job it was simply for the free school, it usually is at UOP. It was a pay cut, different hours and I definitely lost the feeling of control and importance I had with Texas Roadhouse but it paid off. There were many many times I literally had to pray for patience and endurance from the Lord because it can be trying working for less money than your used to to gain something much larger. But he answered those and gave me something so much better.

I'm not sure what the future holds for me, as far as my professional career goes but UOP has been so great to me and for me and I am definitely feeling as though God is blessing me and my family at the moment.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For my Mother on Mother's Day

So another Mother's Day has rolled around and today we celebrate all the wonderful things my Mom does for us all the time. So Mom on Mother's Day this post is dedicated to you, the one who brought me into this world and taught me all she knows. Here are some memories and things I wanted to thank you for through my life:

#1. Your creativity astounds me. You never cease to amaze me at all the creative ideas you come up with whether it be for your Tea, my wedding, decoration for your house, etc. You are the MOST creative person I had ever known.

#2. The energy you have all the time to do all the million things you do is truly inspirational. We should have no excuse to ever to be tired after seeing how much you can fit into one day.

#3. I will never forget nor take for granted all the wonderful things you took us to do growing up. I have so many memories of Wet n' Wild and Six Flags every summer. We traveled more than anyone else I have ever met as children and the trip to DisneyWorld still is one of my favorite trips we have ever taken. Thank you for making it a priority to be able for us to do fun things.

#4. Your ability to take a bad situation into something positive is always a trait I have admired. You turned something horrible into something so wonderful. The Tea you do in memory of Cindy Tamplin is no matter what successful every year. You have done something so great in memory of a great friend you had. God is using you in a powerful way.

#5. CHRISTMAS TIME!!! This has to be my favorite memory growing up, while we may give you a hard time about ALL the decorations you have it made for such a great time. Christmas time was always special, with cinnamon rolls, trees in every room, lights, garland, candles, dishes, you name it. I will ALWAYS remember what Christmas felt like growing up and I hope that I can make the same memories for my children one day

#6. You are such a great cook and baker! I will forever be jealous of how much you can cook or bake. I'm working on it! Maybe one day I'll be as good as you! Thank you for all the wonderful meals and bake goods you have spent time making. If I want a good meal, I know where to go!

THANK YOU TO MY MOTHER FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS YOU DO FOR US! I know we don't always tell you how much we appreciate what you do, I hope today is relaxing for you and I love you!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

My birthday

May 7, 1982 twenty seven years ago I was born, I don't feel that old. And I know it's not old but think about it, 27 years ago my mom was getting ready to welcome twins into the world. All you moms out there think about that, in 27 years your kids will be as old as me. :) Does that make you feel wonderful???

We did the normal stuff we do for birthdays in our family, we met for dinner except this year Jenna didn't make it out. Went to eat at Bobby V's (Leslie and I love that place) and had cake at the parents house. My manager let me leave at noon which was great because Dave was already planning on coming to take me out to lunch so we went to eat at Jason's Deli and then I headed to the house so that I can start reading the book Dave had got me. I'm reading the Left Behind series and was so looking forward to starting the third book.

It was a relaxing day and to top it off The Office was just about the funniest episode EVER! If you don't watch The Office you totally should, it is hiliarious!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

525, 600 MINUTES

This is just a picture I took before I started this blog. I just like it because Dave was reading and there was Buddy just chilling, as he always does.

We took my mom took go see RENT last night, so much F-U-N! For Mother's Day we wanted to do something that was special for her and that involved all of us. It's very rare that all four of us can get together and spend some time together just the girls. As we all know, the older we get time seems to fly by, people get busy, we live further away and it makes it more challenging. We spent some really nice quality time together just talking and filling each other in on all the great things going on in our lives for Mother's Day. Season's of LOOOOOVVVEEEEE!!!!!! LOVE RENT!! It was a great play!
P.S. MY MOTHER IS RETIRING THIS YEAR!!! Yes you read that right. 31 years of teaching and she is done in just a few weeks!! CONGRATS MOM!!!!! You deserve some time to yourself!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Elizabeth's wedding

Elizabeth's wedding was this weekend and it was so BEAUTIFUL!!! Her color was pink of course, you would have to know her to understand that's so her. She is for sure the typical girlie girl who was a gorgeous bride and Kyle was just as handsome as ever. They are both the sweetest, kindest couple we have had the pleasure to meet and become friends with. Their ceremony was just as sweet and you could just see the love between them. So funny, weddings are so much better to me after being through one, I have a whole new appreciation for them. Here is Dave and I at the reception:

Elizabeth and I after dinner, wasn't she just gorgeous! Very very classy!! Kyle looked just as good too!
Sara, Kristin, me and Elizabeth right before we started the party! By the way I came home with about 3 different center pieces full of flowers so needless to say, they will be great decoration for the next few days!

Here are some things I love about weddings, just thought I would share my favorites:
1. Being able to see two people take vows in front of God, their families, and their friends.
2. Getting dressed up and looking nice
3. Seeing how different each bride is and finding that "one" dress that represents their personality and characteristics.
4. The cakes! Elizabeth's was absolutely beautiful!
5. All the dancing!
6. Watching father and daughter dance and knowing how special that dance is for both. I can only imagine what it will be like to have to marry off one of my kids, especially for a dad.
7. Watching the look on the grooms face when the bride walks down the isle. It's such as special thing and you seem to wait forever for something that last just a few minutes.
One REALLY cool thing they had at their wedding was a photo booth! Everyone could go in and take as many pictures as they wanted and then cut them out and paste them in their wedding book and write something cool. It was so cool!
All in all a great weekend, busy but so good!!