Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday with Mommy

Last week we had a big day! 

Dave and I finally found a couch that we both really liked, so I had to go to Macys to place the order. Colbi loves the mall and she really is a good shopper. Before we headed out, we went outside and played with C'mere some....

One of the things she LOVES to do is ride the merry go round at the mall. We use it as a treat and what a great, cheap treat it is! 

I love our Mondays together. Lots of quality time and fun times making memories! (At least, I hope she will remember some of them!). 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Three Years Old

Colbi Morgan,

You are officially three years old and I just can not believe it. I remember getting ready to have you and wondered about the future. I could not have asked for a better little girl to have in our family. 

You are totally into Mickey and Minnie and ask your daddy on the regular if he will take you to DisneyWorld to see them. 

You love to read and will hold up books and read them to anyone. 

Frozen is still your favorite movie. Still

I'm thankful you like to eat. Chocolate milk is your favorite in the mornings and you love salad. If you have a choice between something and salad, you will choose salad every time. 

You are tall and slender, which isn't a horrible problem! HA! 

You are in a big girl bed, but pretty much end up in our bed every night at some point. We are hoping to break that habit, soon. 

Church is one of your favorite things to attend. You love to go to "school" and have some really neat friends there. 

We love you so very much. You bring so much fun to our family. You are my shopping buddy and my walking partner. You love to play around with your daddy and he loves you so much! We are so happy to see you grow into a wonderful girl with such a sweet disposition! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Long time, no blog.

I haven't blog in FOREVER. It's been busy and truth be told, I just haven't really felt the need too lately. Don't judge me. All four of you who still check this. 

We have had such a busy summer. 
We closed on our house and moved out Father's Day weekend. It was bittersweet, but I'm so excited to move to the next chapter. We are staying with my mother in law for a few months, she has been out of town almost the entire month of July and worked out for both of us. 

We did swim lessons......

And, played outside before it hit the really hot part of summer. 

Saw our first movie in the theater (Inside Out). 

Someone turned three!! 

We had Colbi's party at a gymnastics place close to us and it was really easy and not stressful AT ALL. I'm over anything stressful at this point in time. I will do my sappy Colbi post at a later time. She deserves her own special post where I can cry and look back to see how emotional I was. HA! 

So. Last time I blogged, we were building. Yeah well, that didn't work out all that well. We (I) quickly decided building was not something we (I) could do. I'm just not all that patient and the control side of me just couldn't handle it. In all fairness, Dave hit that point the last month when nothing had been done to our lot at all. 

We ended up finding our dream house (seriously) totally by accident. 

Things I said we wouldn't do again.....

-live on a corner (it's a corner lot)
-not have a three car garage (obviously, it's a two)
-get emotional about a house (I fell in love just seeing the entry way)

God has better plans for us than we did. We move at the end of September and I can't wait!! 

Well, that about sums our life up for the past three months. Maybe I'll try to blog again before another three months passes. No promises! :-)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I disappeared for awhile because.....

We have been busy! We took a trip to Colorado with some friends....
Colbi was super excited about it, I promise. 

It was SUCH a fabulous trip. The drive was long, the weather was amazing, our condo was top notch, and the company was the best part. It was a much needed trip! 

We went to see Frozen on Ice with Gigi. I almost cried watching Colbi see it all. She loved it.

We evidently got too cool for mom.....

And, we have hung out with Avery a lot. They love each so much! 

In final news,
We purchased a lot to build a new house! 
This is our biggest news. We started talking about moving a bit ago and finally pulled the trigger. It is going to be fun, stressful, overwhelming, but most of all what we need. We have been in our current house seven years and it's just time. Best news is, we already have two sets of friends in our neighborhood (one of which will be going to daycare with Colbi!). We are really excited about our next journey, minus the stress that comes with building. 

Cheers to some new changes! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow is scary!

Or, that's what my child thinks......

You seriously would have thought I was torturing this kid. I don't know why she is so scared of snow and sand. When we went to the beach, she wouldn't even touch the stuff. 

I hear it's a phase, only time will tell! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Icy weather day

We spent our icy Monday in our pj's, like everyone else! Dave finally got the nerve to grab some fire wood from the store, so he left middle of the day to go get some. We then figured out that Colbi is not too keen on fires. She was scared of it and wouldn't go near our fire place. Or did she want to look at it. She would sit on the couch and put her hand up to block it.

When it was nap time, she finally laid down with Dave to watch Frozen and they both fell asleep. I was cleaning and came out to find them both asleep. I love it. 
It lasted about 20 minutes before Dave woke up and put her in bed, which actually turned into a long nap filled with us watching Gone Girl (Dave hadn't seen it). 
Sidenote: if you like Gillian Flynn books, read Chevy Stevens. They are very similar writing types and stories. Stevens is better with language (but not much). 

We also had a stylist come visit us. After she gave me a good blow dry, it was Daddy's turn. 

We ended the night watching the Voice. I'm not super excited Christina is back because I LOVED Gwen. But, no one asked my opinion. 

I am off to work a little this afternoon. I'm anxious to see REAL snow tomorrow! At least we can drive in snow! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Beautiful weather

We have had some gorgeous weather lately and have spent a lot of time outside. Luckily, we have some really good neighbors and kids all around the same age who like to play together! 

How big does Colbi look? 

I won't be surprised at all if Colbi ends up being pretty good at soccer. Dave loves to kick the ball around with her, and she has pretty mad skills! He can't wait till she can start playing so he can coach. I'm not rushing this age, she is pretty fun!!