Saturday, November 26, 2016

Guess who's back......back again.......

Testing, this thing on?

I haven't updated this blog in over a year. And what a year we have had.....

We moved into our new house, took a trip to Steamboat Springs, got pregnant, Colbi turned four (say what?!!), had a baby (end of October) and are settling into a family of four. How's that for a quick recap? 

Landri Anne Petty made us a family of four on October 25, 2016 at 4:17pm weighing in at 8lb 12oz and 21 inches long. It's been quite the month but we love her so! She is such a sweet girl! And, Colbi ADORES her. I am so thankful for that! We have only had one incident of "you like Landri better than me" but ten minutes later she had changed her tune. 

I'll be updating much more. I don't want my first blog post back to be an overload. HA!

We had a great Thanksgiving and are *hopefully* getting down Christmas decor today and getting the tree up. It'll be a few day process I'm sure. 

Feels good to be back. By the way, hi Dad! 
(He is probably the only one who stills checks this thing) 

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