Sunday, December 21, 2014

Catch Up

Life has been busy around here. We've have a few new things going on.

The first being:

Saying goodbye to my Honda. It was time. I was really trying to drive my accord for as long as possible (it was paid for!), but it had a ton of miles on it and frankly, starting to need some major work. With a small kid, my husband (and parents) said, "time for a new car!". I'm not kidding, I cried. Sounds silly, but that was the first major purchase Dave and I made together and Colbi was brought home in that car. It was emotional for me! 

Although, this makes up for it!

I love it. It's super nice and new! HA! 

Then, the next day after my big purchase, we had Dave's Christmas party. It's always at Bob's Steakhouse and it's yummy!! I always eat too much, but it's worth it! 

Today after church, we all went to eat at Campo Verde. I think it's becoming a new tradition. Have you been?!

It's always decorated with lights and has a Christmas theme, but around Christmas it's EXTRA decorated. Christmas basically throws up inside. It's pretty awesome. 

This is becoming what our family pictures are becoming. Colbi is in the terrible two's hitting the horrible three stage. Everything (with us) is no, kicking and screaming, or flat out not listening. I'm over it. I know it's a stage, but for real, if she and I are friends at the end of this season I'd be surprised. Any pointers would be helpful. End rant.

How cute is this?

This afternoon we headed to church and then to our church's playground. Colbi LOVES church. She loves the playground. She loves it all. And, everyone in our children's department loves her. 

At least that's something we doing right. 

Only a few more days until Christmas, and I couldn't be more ready! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Just some randoms

As I was scrolling through my phone, I just had to share a few of these. 
How grown up does she look here?!

She LOVES babies and diapers.

Leslie invited me to her company Christmas party this past Monday, and it was fun! We met at their hotel and then went to eat at Trulucks in Dallas. Oh my goodness, the food is A-MAZ-ING!!!! I was so full by the time dessert came around, but had to try some. Leslie and I both ordered some different so we could try each other's (Yes, Dad. Women do this, I know). Leslie ordered the King Crab and I ordered the scallions, and Leslie added a side of crab mac 'n cheese. Holy Moly. It may have been the best meal I've ever eaten. 

Dave's favorite food is King Crab, so I was nice and sent him a picture of it. HA!

We ended the night with Creme brulee, key lime pie, and some chocolate cake that was at least 12 inches high (I'm not making that up either!). So, so yummy. 

The next morning, Colbi was home with me all day so I made breakfast. 

And, here we are getting ready to run a few errands. She is such a little toot, but I love it. She is the sweetest, most polite kid I know (but a little sassy!). 

We are gearing up for a good weekend! What do you guys have going on this weekend?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Country kind of weekend

How was your Thanksgiving?! 

We had a good Thanksgiving, full of food and family. We split the day up and headed to both sides. Lots of yummy food and some good rest time. 

Tuesday night, Dave's friend called and asked if we wanted to come spend some time at their ranch in west Texas. We, of course, said yes. Jared is always so nice to invite us out there (same family we went to Florida with this summer). Mr. and Mrs. B were out there too. The most fun thing though, was seeing Colbi and their son playing together. They are about a year apart and very sweet together. 

Colbi LOVED being outside! After we got settled, we headed out on the mules to go check out the trails and let the boys shoot their guns. Before anyone freaks out, yes the kids were with us, no they were no where close to them shooting. We stayed in the mules while the boys set up further away to scope their guns. Trust me, we are SUPER safe. 

That's Boss, Mr. B's horse.

She loved it. We took a long ride and Dave let her "drive" the mule. She was obsessed! We also got to feed their horses, sit by the fire, and sleep in bunk beds! Colbi was in heaven. 

I LOVE being out there. Time slows down, it's relaxing, and we always have a good time with our friends. It makes me want to buy some land to visit every few weeks to get away from it all in the city. At some point, that just may end up happening! 

P.S. I broke my aviators. I almost cried. If you see any awesome ones anywhere, let me know!