Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I am beyond humbled and down right embarrassed about being so upset for Colbi's lack of sleep the past few days.

My daughter has been reverting back to the up every few hours at night time sleep regression I read about. And you know what, I realized yesterday how completely ridiculous it is that I let it frustrate me so.

Colbi is four months old. That's it. She is a perfectly healthy, extremely strong, beautiful little girl and I could not be more thankful for that.

God used a certain sick little boy to remind me that I should be thanking him for this precious little baby I have, instead of complaining and whining about the lack of sleep I'm getting. It's a temporary thing. And she's worth it.

I prayed this prayer today:

"God, forgive me. How selfish and petty I am being. Thank you for my beautiful, perfect daughter. Thank you for always meeting our needs. Thank you for keeping her safe. Please help me to be better and more patient. Help me to be reminded how blessed I am and in my frustration, help me to keep perspective. Forgive me Lord, for I am embarrassed and ashamed."

I know even when God does forgive us, we have to forgive ourselves.

It's funny because I never really understood when women said they felt like they mess up with their children almost daily, but now I do. Just another thing to add to our list of things to feel bad about. I'm thankful for another day to do better. For myself. For my sweet kiddo. With the forgiveness and love of God.


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Monday, November 26, 2012

A recap.

I don't blog nearly as much as I use too. Not because I don't want too, I do. It's because our laptop is probably the most frustrating piece of technology ever. We need a new one. Bad.

Any who, on to a recap! 

The past two weeks have been busy and not...if that makes since. 

I took this picture because I love these beanies. So cute! 
(Side note: I use to really like the paci clips UNTIL today when I accidentally clipped Colbi's skin and she screamed bloody murder! It wasn't under about a half hour later when I saw the imprint changing her I knew. I. felt. horrible. Not to self: double check to make sure it's ONLY clipped to her shirt).


My dad is on the park board for his city so we got some VIP treatment to the Grand Prairie Lights off of Joe Pool. They are really amazing this year. I forgot how awesome Christmas lights can be. Jenna, Jason, Avery, us three, and my parents went together and Avery LOVED it. It's so excited to re-live everything thru a kid's eyes. 
We all took pictures with silly hats. This was the best one my sweet husband got. Photography is not his speciality :-)

Colbi has really grown. She went to the doctor last Monday and let's see:

13.8lbs (50% percentile)
26 inches long (97% percentile)
41 head circumference (50% percentile)

Her pedi said she is long and lean and what woman wouldn't want that?! 
I still need to do her 4 month post. I will. I promise!

We tried out the play station........
 Got interested in Buddy...........
 Jumped in the jump-a-roo..........(LOVES IT!)
 And looked through all the ads for Black Friday!
 We had a very relaxing (except for about 24 hrs. of me not feeling great), chill Thanksgiving this year. Dave really wanted to go stay the night at my parents the night before, which was great! Colbi got to see Gigi and Pops first thing in the morning. We had a great lunch and then Leslie, Mom, and I went to the movie. Breaking Dawn Part 2. Let me say, I'm not a Twlight person, but I did LOVE this one. Mom and I stopped by Macy's to get a pair of boots and headed back their house for another night with them. My mom pointed out this was the first time in 4 years (since we've been married) we actually stayed the night just because. Maybe we will make it a tradition :-) 

The next morning Dave and I went to grab some breakfast and headed home. We weren't gone too long though because a certain little girl was having a birthday party!!!


Avery turned two! I still can't believe it's been two years since Jenna and Jason brought her home on Thanksgiving day. Time flies. 
 Avery is such a sweet, smart little girl. She loves on Colbi and talks to her, gives her hugs and kisses. It's awesome. We never had cousins to play with, so I'll enjoy watching their relationship grow. 

Sophia LOVES babies and Colbi loves her. She just entertains her and talks to her all the time. Colbi will watch her and laugh. It really is sweet. And doesn't Colbi look SO cute? That was Avery's vest we inherited. (p.s. Dave wore his vest to match Colbi :-)


And today, Dave took off and we had a good day together. I made breakfast this morning and we headed off to the movie this afternoon to see Life of Pi. It was good.........different. And more spiritual than anything else. I really enjoyed it. Especially in 3D.

Hope you all had just as great a holiday as we did. I can't believe Christmas is only one month away!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some new favorites

I have a few new favorites as of lately that I thought I would share with you.

First and foremost, my new favorite blog is this one. She is a stylist that does all sorts of fun tutorials and has some great tips as far as make-up and accessories. She's super cute too. 

I have new product that I love too. Kenra (has been around forever but I just starting using it). This line is awesome as far as blow dry spray, hair sprays, and finishing sprays. I haven't used their shampoo or conditioner, but they are more known for their styling products anyway.

I'm also LOVING that it is time for scarves. FINALLY! 

I'm in this funky stage where I'm still loosing weight, but for all you mom's out there, you know how different your body is once you've popped out a kiddo. Your hips are wider, bottom is bigger, and don't even get me started on how differently tops fit, but I find that things like scarves and chunky necklaces help to balance things out. Besides, they're just awesome anyway.

Modern Family is killing it this season. It's actually the one show I try to make sure and watch. TV has kind of become a white noise type of thing. I really don't watch much of it anymore, just keep it on for some back ground noise.

And last but not least, I'm LOVING my job. I was kind of nervous at first to be honest, simply because being self employed is just....well.....nerve racking. The whole thing, not having anyone to give me their opinion about color options or cuts, making sure I stay busy enough to pay my lease and daycare, doing my best in order to make sure I get's scary. I will say this though, God has proven me wrong every. single. week. 

I'm a pretty nervous person. I worry all the time. I try to plan everything down to the cent. It's incredibly hard to do that when you are banking off of what people needs are. Getting your hair done is a luxury, it's not something everyone can afford to (but to be honest, most people will give up eating out before they give up their highlights or covering up their gray). HA! 

With every week that passes and I continue to write my rent check or dropping Colbi off at daycare, God has continue to show me that he will meet my needs. Meet our needs. And I often wonder if this happens because when we follow God's will for our life, he gives us signs to validate what we are doing is the right path. This isn't to say things are always sunshine and roses, but I know that no matter what, God will provide. Trusting in him is hard for control freaks......even though, it's all about faith. Faith in a being that is bigger than we could ever imagine. Faith in a God that continues to love us, even when we consistently deny him. I'm not a church go-er, I'll be honest. I grew up in church, I should go to church. Why don't we? Honestly, laziness. But, that doesn't mean that my relationship is any less real or important than the next person. That doesn't mean that God spends any less time thinking and loving my family than my neighbors. The truth is, I want to go to church. I want Colbi to grow up in church. And more and more, that is becoming important to me. To us. 

Not sure how this has turned into a spiritual posting, but I just felt as though I needed to share that.

And, I did want to share this last thing!

The Cindy Tamplin Memorial Tea is this Saturday at:

Inglewood Baptist Church
1901 S. Carrier Parkway
Grand Prairie, TX 75051

There will be lots of fun auction items and all proceeds going to Brighter Tomorrow Women's Shelter. Come on out if you are free. A cute little girl will be there with me saying hi! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Love Pops

My mom originally made this onesie when Avery was little and Colbi inherited it! 

When I had gone thru all the clothes Jenna sent over and found this one, I intentionally planned to send her over to my parents in it. And then, I had these leopard leggings in there too. Isn't it cute?!

We of course had to have a photo session. :)

Pops loves Colbi so, so much. We went out to dinner last night and Colbi was so good. She just sat in Pops' lap and started getting a little fussy once the food came (of course!). It's like she has a timer for when we are about to eat.......I think all babies are like that. :)

I'm glad this onesie has stuck around. We need to make sure and keep up with it for the next baby..........far, far in the future. Ha!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Anniversary celebration

We got to celebrate our anniversary this past Saturday night thanks to my parents who offered to keep Colbi.....OVER NIGHT! I thought it would be really hard and I'd want to go get her after dinner, but we did good! Honestly, Dave and I needed some time away. We had some good, quality time just the two of us!

We went to one of our favorite places called Mi Dias. It's SO good. It's Mexican, but more cuisine Mexican (aka, not tex -mex). I had the Sea Bass tacos and they were yummy! I don't normally try new things, but I figured why not?!
I woke up Sunday morning pretty early and text my dad telling him we would be there shortly to get her. Evidently, she had a great night and slept 10 hours! Dad said not to rush, she was snoozing, so we went to grab some breakfast at Mimi's. Dave suggested it and I was in shock. 
(This picture reminds me that I need to tan and still have about 10 lbs I'm trying to get rid of! Boo.)

I had the quiche and it was super good. 
Dave had to get one of their muffins to start with, who knew he loved some of this stuff?
And then he ate some pancakes. 

We had SUCH a good time. It reminded us of our "Pre-Colbi" days, although, I was ready to see her after breakfast. And she was super happy when she saw us and talking up a storm!

We got this video as we were sitting down to eat dinner and it made me tear up. Just because I know how much Mom and Dad enjoy spending time with her. 

Thanks again Gigi and Pops for keeping Colbi!! Her parents really appreciate it!
(And Colbi told us when we got in the car how much fun she had!)