Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 brought many great memories for me, for us. We celebrated some great milestones along with experiencing our fair share of challenges. As I sit here and look back on the past year much has happened.........

Jenna and Jason got engaged, October 19, 2009
Dave and I celebrated our one year anniversary. WOOHOO!!!!

Elizabeth and Kyle got married! Dave and I very much enjoyed being a part of their special day!

Went to Vegas for work and we had a blast!!

And I graduated from college!! Besides celebrating our anniversary this to me, is the most special thing that happened in 2009.

I'm very excited to see all the new things we will experience in 2010 and there should be a few I'm sure.

Dave and I have pretty much nothing planned to ring in the new year. As we have done the past few years, we usually just hang out at home and if I know my husband he will want to "lay down" about 10:30 (FYI, he says lay down but it really means fall asleep. He just doesn't like to say that and sound like an old man).

Hope you all have a very safe night ringing in the new year!! And remember to eat your black eyed peas :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday's List: New Year's Resolutions

Today's list is suppose to be "New Year's Resolutions" over at Love From Texas so I thought I would participate. Why not! I'll share with ya'll a few of my thoughts on resolutions for 2010. Time is just flying on by isn't it!?
  • Take the next 365 days and read the bible cover to cover. I do have a one year guide for this and plan on using it. I have tried this before but I plan on praying for diligence and strength to continue and finish. I would love to have read the Lord's full word and look forward to the growth I will take away from it.
  • I plan on attempting to grow out my hair. Sounds silly I know but I have had short hair forever and every time I try and grow it out I give up and cut it.
  • Pay off some debt. We aren't very extravagant people so we do not have a ton it just seems like a huge task when you try for it, does that make sense?
  • To get my house finally decorated and done! I have made a ton of progress over the past year and I love it so far but we still have our bedroom, Dave's "man cave", the guest room (which is partly complete) and a few final touches on my office.

WHEW! I'm tired just thinking about it already. I would really love to have the house decorated before I start teaching in August (which is still just my plan, no official job yet). We'll see if that happens!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

For my readers

For personal reasons I have decided to go private with my blog. So anyone who does follow my blog please just email me at with your email address and I will add you so you can continue to be "apart" of our lives. I hope you will all continue to read my blog and understand this is just a personal choice so please just email me :)

I'll be turning on my private settings as of January 1, 2010. Oh my goodness! 2010 is already almost here!!

Speaking of 2010 has anyone thought about their New Year's Resolutions? I need to give mine a little thought.........

I sincerely hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!! I'm sad that it is already over, only 363 more days until next year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hello and Goodbye Christmas 2009

This is how our Christmas morning started off. After a looongg ride home Christmas Eve due to the inconvenient wonderful Christmas weather we had. We woke up this morning to a blanket of white snow, the sun shining bright and of course my Mom's cinnamon rolls :)

We all got so many goodies! This year Jason and Jenna had the kids so we got to experience Christmas again with kids in the house. They were so funny!! We had a cookie decorating contest, passed out gifts and all must have been very good this year because Santa brought us some very nice presents.
Jordan is such a smart boy. He got lots of games and Lego's from Santa and my parents and immediately went to work to put this together (it was a ship).
Sophia has the prettiest hair of any four year old I know. She is so funny and loves animals! Buddy and Baxter kept her busy :)

This was our feast, I ate WAY to much! We had all the things we like, especially Dave. He told me on the way home how much he appreciates my mother because she cooks all the things he likes (which is almost nothing!) We had ham, turkey, all the fixins' and too many desserts to choose from.
Then it was time to head over to the Petty household for more gifts and fun! We were only missing Chris, Melanie, and Ethan. And the best present of all was having Memaw here visiting us for Christmas!

We are horrible on the Petty side at taking pictures with the adults. We always have pictures of the kids, which is wonderful although like I like to say "we're capturing memories people." We need to have some "memories" of the adults too :) Above is Corey (Dave's little brother), Dave, and CJ (Dave's twin, obviously)

And since Memaw was here we finally took a family photo with all four generations. Memaw is Sherry's mother who lives in Georgia. Above it's (starting from the top left: Bailey, Jenn, Sherry, CJ, Kristen, and Gordon. Memaw in the center, me, Brenna, Braiden, Dave and Corey).
This Christmas I realized two things: the first how much I appreciate my mother/mother-in-law. They both shopped and shopped to get us some of the things we were wanting/needing. I love Christmas, and think I am starting to see the holiday season in a different light the older I get.
The second thing was just how lucky I am. I have two extraordinary families on both sides and we get to see both sides every holiday. I guess there are some benefits to living close to your parents! :)
How 'bout you guys? Was Santa good to you too?!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wild Wednesday

I must say it feels good to be back at Roadhouse. May sound silly to some but to me these past few days have been fun. I have seen many of my old regulars who have come in just to say hello! It's a little out of sorts to say but it just feels like home. I find myself being my old self, does that make sense? The atmosphere, the environment with the music everything about it makes me happy. Texas Roadhouse has such a great culture and these past few days have been especially fun because they have been dress up days. I tried to take pictures of our shirts today but for whatever reason they wouldn't turn out. Today's theme was "My Christmas Wish list" My said:

Front: "Dear Santa"
Back: "I wish for..........#1 Peace on Earth #2 Goodwill toward man #3 MONEY (You pick the most important) LUV, Brooke

Tee hee...........

Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me Mondays

MckMama does these "not me" Mondays so I decided to join in this week because I for sure do not feel like me on this Monday.

It was not me who held a party at my house Saturday night and it was not me who waited to clean up from that party until Sunday night. Nope not me, I would never wait a full day to clean up from a party.

And it was not me who made pancakes yesterday morning to be a good wife and opted to eat some cookies and cake balls from our neighbor instead. What can I say they were yummy!

It was for not me who has waited to do any Christmas shopping until today. Nope not me. I come from a family were my mother shops early on to make sure everyone gets what they want. Not me, I would never wait until three days before Christmas to even start.

And it for sure was not me who slept until 10am this morning, nope not me. I would never sleep that late when I have so much to do today. But shhhhh, don't tell the hubby!

What about you?! What have you not done lately?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ugly Sweater Party

Last night we hosted an "Ugly Sweater" Christmas Party. It was pretty funny to see all the sweaters. Dave's costume BY FAR was the best. He was aiming for Uncle Eddie from Christmas Vacation. He looked way to cute, all he needed was some egg nog and the moose mug!

We are horrible and didn't get a group shot, oh well. But we had fun watching the Cowboy game and playing games. Team two, my team, won thank you very much. It was a good night with lots of laughter.
Can you believe I have done NO Christmas shopping yet. I have bought one gift, oh my goodness! I guess I should really think about starting................I mean it's only 4 days away, I still have plenty of time. Walgreens stays open right?! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


This is how I feel today. Is it the weekend yet??

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Annual Aldridge Christmas

It's Sunday night and I have pretty much been on my couch ALL day long. So pathetic. Although I did manage to get my sub training done so mentally checking that off my list. The online training was long and pretty challenging, I guess it's time for a break so I can rest :)

Last night was the 4th Annual Aldridge Christmas Party. We had such a great time! There were many different people there and of course the night involved eating food, playing some games, eating more food, and lots of laughter. I'm very thankful that we have kept this tradition up, well I'm thankful Amber has kept this tradition up. We just show up with some food, she hosts the party.

And Leslie actually got to come! She never gets to come because she has to work all the time. I think she had a pretty good time too!

And all the girls!! I think we all got a copy of this picture, we took it just about a dozen times with every one's camera. I'm feeling an early bedtime tonight because I'm still not feeling so hot and because I have a BIG week. My last week at UOP and I'm working Mon-Thurs at Roadhouse. YIKES! I'm tired just thinking about it.
Have a great week everyone! Only 12 more days till Christmas, happy shopping!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ah, it's just like old times

So as many of you know I have "talked" a lot about wanting to teach so I guess I should finally share that I am making that an actual reality (in a sense). I put my notice in at the University of Phoenix, December 18th is my last official day and have a date to take my content test along with hopefully being able to start subbing at a couple different districts. I have attended a sub orientation already and have another date set up for all the paperwork!!! I won't be able to start subbing until January so that actually works out great for me because........

............since they actually want you to pay for your house and utilities the other thing I will be doing to help bring in the dough for the household is working at Roadhouse! Yes, that's right. I'm back! But the major difference this time is that I will be working for Leslie. I usually only get to see her at Roadhouse so now at least I'll be getting paid for it :)

It feels kind of the same but not really. Different people, different regulars, and I'm older and have a vision. Before I didn't know what my plan was but this time I'm working toward my goal of gaining teaching experience and observation hours.

I'll be working Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thursdays so if you're in the area come see me!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Santa.......

I know Christmas is 18 days away so I want to get my Christmas Wish list to you in enough time for you to make them all happen, I have been SUCH a good girl this year! :)

I am wanting my family to have the best Christmas we have ever had. Our family has gone through many changes, we all miss Mimi and Pappaw especially Mom and Angie. I wish for us all the spend good time together and enjoy the holidays even though we have a void in our hearts without two very important people there. I also wish for our new addition to the family (Sophia and Jordan) to get all the goodies they want, I know they will!

I wish for my best friend Emily to have a Merry Christmas. As you know, Emily is out in California and can't come home for the holidays. She will be super lonely, please take her something extra special!

For all my friends, I wish for them to all have safe and happy holidays. I also wish that at some point during the holiday season I get to spend a few moments with each one.

And these four cuties!!! All these cute little ones have been so good this year and so special to me. I wish for you Santa to make sure and visit each one and bring them whatever they want! Even if what they want take some extra Mommy and Daddy time to put together, we know you need some help every now and then Santa.

As for me, I am wanting some new decorations for my house. Don't worry I have already shown Mom everything so just make sure to ask her for specifics!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Special Saturday Night

Tonight I got to spend some time with my "work" friends. I hate to call them that but I did meet them at work AND spend the majority of my time with them at work. All three of these ladies are so special to me in their own different way. I am kind of the young-in if you will, as these ladies have been with the company for many years and have all been friends for quite some time. We all got together for dinner to celebrate Aimee's birthday. Aimee is VERY special to me as she was the one from my first day at UOP was always trying to get to know me and so, so kind. We celebrated her "25th" birthday (wink, wink) at a really nice restaurant at the Crescent Hotel. Not really where I tend to go to eat but it was VERY nice.

Me, Vivian, Aimee, and Suzanne. Vivian is from Brazil and has the strongest accent! I love listening to her talk to people and sometimes you can hear her speak Portuguese when she is talking to her family over the phone.
Me and the birthday girl! Aimee was recently promoted to National Training Manager for the Corporate Education Department and is an AWESOME trainer. She will do great things and has always had a very tactful and sincere way of helping you be better at your job.
So Aimee decided that on HER birthday she would get US gifts. Who ever heard of that!?! She got us all scarfs from New York & Company. I LOVE mine!! Really it was just a thank you to all three of us for our friendships. Aimee is BIG time now so seeing her will be far and in between.

You know I have read many times in my daily devotionals about friendships and how special each and every friendship is at different points of our lives. I think this to be true, mainly because life is busy and change is constantly happening all around us so friends come and go. But today I am thankful for these ladies, each one took me under their wing and help shaped me to be successful at UOP (even before I got promoted).
Suzanne, you are sincere, kind, and such a woman of the Lord. Thank you for your positivity and kind words.
Vivian, you make me laugh like no other with all your stories and conversations you happen to have at work. You give such great advice and I admire your honesty. "Word"
Aimee, thank you for all the times you listened to me and for the guidance. You are very much are a unique woman with such great qualities. You can relate to people in every situation and your ability to listen compares to no one else.
Thank you ladies for a wonderful evening and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIMEE!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prayer Request

I hope anyone and everyone who might read my blog will to pray for my friend Tanna's sister in law. Brittany Horton has been fighting cancer for the past year and there is not much more the doctors can do. Please, please pray for her and her family. I am a firm believer in prayer. Right now, right this very second please just say a small prayer for this family as they endure this. Thank you in advance.....