Sunday, April 19, 2015

I disappeared for awhile because.....

We have been busy! We took a trip to Colorado with some friends....
Colbi was super excited about it, I promise. 

It was SUCH a fabulous trip. The drive was long, the weather was amazing, our condo was top notch, and the company was the best part. It was a much needed trip! 

We went to see Frozen on Ice with Gigi. I almost cried watching Colbi see it all. She loved it.

We evidently got too cool for mom.....

And, we have hung out with Avery a lot. They love each so much! 

In final news,
We purchased a lot to build a new house! 
This is our biggest news. We started talking about moving a bit ago and finally pulled the trigger. It is going to be fun, stressful, overwhelming, but most of all what we need. We have been in our current house seven years and it's just time. Best news is, we already have two sets of friends in our neighborhood (one of which will be going to daycare with Colbi!). We are really excited about our next journey, minus the stress that comes with building. 

Cheers to some new changes! 

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Tricia Nae said... I was on fb and saw that a friend was asking for hairdresser recommendations, and someone mentioned you! I was like...."I remember doing her blog...wonder if she still blogs". Ha. Hope all is well!!! I can't believe how big your little girl is!!!